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Location : Kullu, Lahaul, Chamba
World Famous For : Kullu Shawls and Caps
Antique Items : Pashmina Shawls, Carpets
Other Charms : Thangkas, Wall Paintings

Tibetan Art in Himachal Pradesh
Hand Woven Tibetan Stole

Famous Handicrafts : Carpets, Shawls, Metal Work, Stone Work, Rugs, Wood Crafts, Traditional Jewelry.
Exclusive Handicraft Item : Gudmas, Leather chappals, Namdas (Rug Made of Beaten Wool).
Must See : People Beating the Sheep Wool in Order to Weave the Soft Fleecy Blanket – Namdas (Rug Made of Beaten Wool).
Shop For : Wood Crafts – Chamba, Kalpa, Tisa, Kinnaur and Kullu.
Thangkas and Wall Paintings – McLeodganj and Dharamshala.
Bridal Trousseau – Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur.
Jewellery and Accessories – Kangra, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu.
Carpets and Rugs – Lahaul.
Metal and Mohras – Kullu and Chamba.
Woollens and Garments – Kullu and Shimla.
Stone Work – Mandi, Chamba, Kinnaur and the Shimla Hills.
Where To Shop : Tibetan Market, Tibetan Handicrafts Center and Himachal Hand loom and Crafts Centre in Dalhousie.
Kotwali Bazaar in Dharamshala.
Himachal Handicrafts, Tibetan Handicrafts and Bhutico in Manali.
Himachal Khadi Emporium, and Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan in Kullu.
Tribal Handicrafts : Farahada and Chhiba - Dyed and Printed Fabrics.
Must Experience : See the Stone Statue of Lord Shiva in Kullu – Displayed During the Month of October in Dussehra Festival.
Shopping in Shimla : The Mall – Garment, Textiles, Woollen Materials.
Lakkar Bazaar – Wood Items, Old Treasures, Traditional Artifacts.
Government Emporiums – Himachali Hat, Handicraft and Handloom Items, Woven Carpets, Shawls, Blankets in Traditional Weaves, Handmade Paper and Exquisitely Carved Wooden Table.
Inside Tip : For Those Interested in Learning the Art of Thangka Painting – Can Avail a Course to Learn the Ancient of Thangka Making in Norbulingka Institute at McLeodganj.

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Himachal Arts and Crafts – The Glittery Chromism in the Greens of the Valley

Travel to Himachal which representes its highland culture through it arts and crafts, making it an inevitable destination to sojourn. Due to its topographical distinction from the rest of the country, Himachal Pradesh in India has developed a unique tradition of handicrafts. Look for statues made out of stone and metal, or enjoy buying some hand made wooden dolls. For all those who are interested in accessories, in Himachal you can see the celebrated jewellery and there are woolen garments and the ubiquitous Himachali caps and shawls. Those who think Kashmir is the ultimate destination for carpets and rugs – think again. Himachal too has its own collection to flaunt. Leather craft, embroidery and paintings are some famous handicrafts items that you should see in Himachal Pradesh.

This is the land of beauty and culture heritage and one should visit Himachal Pradesh to see the various arts and crafts that through ages have won the hearts of millions.

The Illustrious Woolen of Himachal - Shawls and Caps

Take up tours of Himachal Pradesh to see the various arts and crafts of Himachal Pradesh where you cannot miss the famous shawls and caps of the state. Wool is considered to be a pious accessory in Himachal. This fact is well proven by the fact that woolen shawls are used during weddings to wrap the bride and groom in the shawls, in order to protect them from evil eyes. The most celebrated craft of the state and also the most important shopping items can be seen in the Himachal caps. These caps, that are omnipresent on the heads of the Himachali people, is a sign of their pride. Notice the intricately embroidered motifs and the hand spun yarns, that emboss Himalayan textiles and Tibetan art.
The most celebrated craft of the state can be seen in the Himachal caps. These caps, that are omnipresent on the heads of the Himachali people, is a sign of their pride. Notice the intricately embroidered motifs and the hand spun yarns, that emboss Himalayan textiles and Tibetan art.

The chill of the region has induced people to indulge into making shawls that are also known as Thapada. These are extensively embroidered and are an exclusive Himachal Pradesh belonging. Made specifically in Kullu you can get a chance to see artists busy in its weaving, while roaming on the labyrinths of Kullu. Another important variety of shawls produced in Himachal Pradesh is the Pashmina that is an expensive item. Available in various colors and designs these shawls are an important representation of the Tibetan and Himachal acculturation of the state. Enjoy a holiday in Himachal Pradesh and indulge in shopping for arts and crafts in Himachal Pradesh.

Famous Kullu Caps
A Man Displaying the Popular Kullu Caps of Himachal

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Metal and Stone Work in Himachal – The Craft of the Godly State

Among the famous art and craft of Himachal Pradesh, the metals that are extensively utilised to embellish this art practice are brass, copper, iron, tin and bell metal. This antediluvian craft of the mountainous Himachal and Tibetan artwork incorporates the eminence of veneration in various convoluted pieces of art, divine statues in metal and stone craft.

Enjoy a vacation in Himachal to see these crafts fulfill the ritualistic needs of the Himachal people. Satisfying the religious needs of the people, it becomes an indisputable certainty that the best place where you can see the metal and stone marvels will be in the temples. However, apart from the exquisite statues, other metal crafts include object are bells with artistically designed handles, lamps, incense burners, low settees of silver or brass, vessels and ornate musical instruments. A unique metal art comprise Mohras, which are metal patches representing a deity and can be found in Kullu and Chamba and is centered around Lord Shiva. You should notice the head which is carved in dauntless relief, while the neck and shoulders are more summarily fumed. Each village has its own Mohra and is taken out for processions during the festivals. Take up Himachal tourism and indulge in shopping for the famous arts and crafts in Himachal Pradesh.

Stone work in Himachal is not only confined to temple structures – Thanks to the varieties of stones that are available in the hills. To see some splendid work of stone in Himachal temples then go to Lakshmi Narayan temples of Chamba and the temples of Baijnath and Masrur in the Kangra Valley. However, there are some stone artifacts that you can carry along to your homes. These include traditional stoves (angithi), circular pots for storing (kundi), pestle and mortar (dauri danda) and mill stones (chakki). This art is concentrated in the regions of Mandi, Chamba, Kinnaur and the Shimla Hills.

Carpets and Rugs – Weaving of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal trappings gains its conspicuousness from the rugs and carpets that are one of the most cherished craft of the state. For all those who thought Kashmir to be the world of carpets, its time you change your perspective by coming to Himachal Pradesh. Embroidered with Garudas (Vishnu’s mount, the eagle) perched on flowering trees, dragons, swastikas (auspicious Hindu/Buddhist emblem), flutes (symbolizing happiness) and lotus blooms (signifying purity), these carpets will make you forget your Persian furnishings back home. Go to Lahaul to buy the Pahadi designed carpets. While in Dharamshala you will be surprised to see these objects of décor in every house.

Rugs are the traditional handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh that are made with the unprocessed wool of the reared sheep and goats, that are then woven to produce conventional blankets. You should see the people making Namdas (rug made of beaten wool), while keeping eyes on their cattle, in almost every farm land of Himachal. Another important benignant rug is the soft blanket called 'Gudmas'. The wool of Giangi sheep is used to make this fleecy soft blanket that comes in the color of natural wool. They are usually edged with red or black colour. The variety of furnishings to choose from is great. You can pick thobis (floor coverings), karcha (mattresses), which are made from goat hair, pattoo cloth (like shawls), carpets and yarn made from soft wool, as per your requirements. Some of the most famous handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh also serve as the best items while shopping for arts and crafts in Himachal Pradesh.

Tibetan Jewellwry in Himachal
Tibetan Jewellery Being Displayed for Selling

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Jewellery and Garments – The Artifacts That Add to the Adornments of Himachal Pradesh

Chunky and Eccentric are the words that describe the jewellery made in Himachal Pradesh. With metal and beads dominating the ingredients of this art, there are amulets, pendants, necklaces, daggers and rings. All the same there are options of fine jewellery as well that are crafted out of gold and silver. The best place to see ancient and ethnic designs of these famous artifacts are the once Rajput kingdoms of Kangra, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu. Famous for their enameling skills they recherches pieces of anklets, solid iron-headed bangles, hair ornaments, leaf shaped forehead ornaments, necklaces known as chandanhaars and pendants with motifs of the mother goddess, should be seen. The most famous contemporary accessory is the coin necklaces that is popular among the Pahari women. Other common embellishments are Chokers, Heavy anklets, bangles and silver bracelets. For jewellery with Tibetan influence go to Lahaul and Spiti, where you will find ornaments studded with semi precious stones like coral, turquoise, amber and mother-of-pearl.

As far as garments are concerned the major highlight are the dyed and printed fabrics that are made by Farahada and Chhiba people. The famous bridal trousseau and dresses for special occasions are made by the highlanders of Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur. Another item that is synonymous with Himachal Pradesh are the Himali Jooties that is made of dried Himalayan grass and left over wool. People wear these shoes on socks that you would never have seen anywhere. Brilliantly knitted and brightly colored, these socks is a striking sight in the various Bazaars of Himachal Pradesh.

Thangkas and Wall Paintings in Himachal – See the Artists At Their Best

As already illustrated Himachal Pradesh is a mix of Himachal and Tibetan culture making it an inevitable reason for a tourist to see the paintings and the revered thangkas, that are produced in the state. The areas with largest Tibetan concentration are the places where you will see the thangkas. Basically, they are paintings that through paintings depict the episodes of Buddha's life and are unveiled during the monastic festivals. You should know that vegetable and mineral colors are used in these scroll paintings. More than this if desired you can even learn the ancient art of making thangkas in the Norbulingka Institute at McLeodganj.

The popular wall paintings in Himachal Pradesh are as celebrated as the thangkas. These are essential in the house of the highland people. Mainly performed by the women folk, this art requires walls that have been treated with clay, lime and golu. To see more of these wall paintings, you should go to the various temples in the different regions where wall paintings are a common sight. Enjoy a holiday in Himachal Pradesh to know more about the art and craft of Himachal Pradesh.

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Wood Craft of Himachal
Crafter Making Carvings on Wood

Wood Craft in Timberland of Himachal

Crafting wood in various items of use is an art form that has been practiced in Himachal since times immemorial, making it one of the most famous handicrafts items in Himachal Pradesh. The use of Bamboo for making household articles by the Dom tribe is popular. They manufacture boxes, sofas, chairs, baskets, racks and several articles that come of use in daily life. Bamboo basket making in itself is a unique art that is to satisfy the fiscal needs of the poor. You should be aware of the fact that these are Eco friendly products that are made from the bamboo waste.

Wood carving is a living tradition of Himachal Pradesh, where Pahari artisans use it to make complex jalis, trellis work or perforated reliefs that allows light to filter through, altering the interiors of a building with the dramatic composition of light and shade. The major places in Himachal Pradesh those are renowned for wood crafts are Chamba, Kalpa, Tisa, Kinnaur and Kullu.

Other Crafts that Depicts the Folkie Culture of Himachal

These are not all. While on Himachal Pradesh tourism remember that a new art is being crafted in one of the houses, that is sure to lure your eyes. Doll making is also one of the main craft of the region besides leather work. Leather chappals adorned with various designs and colors are a must watch. Like the wall paintings, the floor paintings of Himachal Pradesh is equally noted. The only difference between both of them is that floor paintings are white, done with rice paste, while wall paintings are colourful.

The credit for the beautiful paintings of the region goes to the various school of paintings that emerged here in the 16th century and has found their foot prints in today's world as well. For miniature paintings you should go to the various museums and art galleries. But the joy of seeing a ritual paintings can be savored only in the village houses.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Arts & Crafts

Artist in Himachal

Art & Craft of Himachal Pradesh – Godly Creations
You should come to Himachal Pradesh exclusively to enjoy the arts and crafts of the region. This upland state with its metal and stone work along with wood crafts and weaving, has created a name for itself in the world.

Enjoy the Warmth of Himachali Shawls & Caps
Come to see the weaving and embroidery that is done on the famous Kullu shawls and caps. Besides these you should see the intricately embroidered motifs and the hand spun yarns, that emboss Himalayan textiles and Tibetan art.

Lay Your Eyes on the Rugs & Carpets
Carpets and Rugs are the most delightful beings of the art and craft world of Himachal Pradesh. Go to Lahaul to buy the Pahadi designed carpets. Besides the carpets you can also see the rugs that are made of unprocessed wool of the sheep and goats. Buy the ones that has retain the natural color of the fleece of the animal.

Get Some Woodie Delight in Himachal
Bamboo artifacts have created a unique status for themselves in the contemporary world. A sight of people indulged in weaving of the beautiful bamboo baskets is something that you should enjoy. These moments of wonderment are the routine work of these people.

Feel the Beaded Jewelery In Your Hands
The idealistic and funkie jewelery tops the list of the most fascination handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh. Made of metal and beads you should appreciate the skills involved in crafting these items that are the embellishing possessions of the Pahari women.

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