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Original Abode Of : Kols or Mundas and Aryans
Known As : Land of Deva Bhoomi
Major Rulers : Rajputs
Foreign Influences : Mughals, British

Colonial Monument
Representing Heritage History of Himachal - Visceral Lodge

Himachal History – The Story of the 'Land of the Gods'

The history of Himachal Pradesh is reflective of the accumulation of the varied culture that evolved as well as flourished here. This was the 'Deva Bhoomi' – land of Gods, since earlier times. There are evidences that confirm the existence of pre historic humans in this region. Historians even claim this land to be inhabited by the people belonging to the Indus Valley period. Himachal Pradesh has also find its place in the various Vedas (Hindu Literature) and Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana too have referred Himachal Pradesh, to play a significant role in history. Various legends and mythological depiction also have appraised this state with varied names.

Though Kols or Mundas are believed to be the original migrants to the hills of present day Himachal, this land also saw the confluence of the Mongols and the then flourishing dynasties. However, the credit for lading the base of the history of this state goes to the Aryan who left their homes in Central Asia, and settled in these areas, on whom is based the great cultural life of the people living among these hills. These pre historic men are believed to have settled around the Bangana valley of Kangra, Sirsa valley of Nalagarh and Markanda valley of Sirmour.

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Apart from the Mauryans, who practically reigned over all of the north India, this land also saw its rulers in the Guptas that ruled the state in the 7th century. In the 1043 AD, Himachal Pradesh fell into the hands of the Rajput rulers and then began the plunder from the various parts of the world. Due to the hills and rough terrains, this land saw the rise of different leaders in the different parts of the state.

During the medieval period, Mughal influence grew in Himachal Pradesh. But due to certain restraints, they were unable to rule the hills, giving it to Sansar Chand, who then ruled over the area. Till then it lied concealed amidst the snowy mountains, until during the early 19th century, when the British made their presence felt. During the Gorkha war, the treaty of Lahore practically gave Himachal in the British lap, who ruled here until the day of independence. After India became a free country collective 31 Punjab hill states were integrated into a single, centrally administered unit under the charge of a chief commissioner, and it was then that this collective hilly areas were named as Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh Temples
Historically Renowned Ambika Devi Temple in Kangra

History's Influence on Himachal Culture

Himachal Pradesh has seen a lot historic influences that has helped in making this state, a truly vibrant region. In the different parts of the state, you will find people practicing different rites and rituals. Somewhere, the Rajput influence is at is maxim while in other parts, the Tibetan effect on the cuisine in visible. Himachal Pradesh is said to be the least urbanized state in the country, and this is the reason why one can see the untouched simplicity of people who seem to live in their own confined world.

The art and crafts of the region as well as the famous music and dance practiced in the state are not free from foreign effects. The Rajputs who lived on the land, have gifted Himachal Pradesh with their colorful culture that is reflective in the various festivals that when celebrated in Himachal spreads floods of colors on the white landscape of Himalayas.

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Top 5 Highlights of HP History

Keoladeo National Park

HP – The Land of Highland History
Himachal Pradesh is a spiritual land so it is an inevitable fact that the history of the state will revolve around the gods and goddess that are believed to have left their impact in the form of rivers and festivals. Come to the land which is called as the 'Deva Bhoomi' and experience the religious history of the state.

Ancient History of Himachal
The ancient history of Himachal Pradesh is very interesting. Tracing its significance in the Vedas and religious epic of Mahabharata, the earliest inhabitant of Himachal were Kols or Mundas. However, its also saw the confluence on different cultures from all over the world.

The State of Plunders
Himachal Pradesh was such a scenic land that it always attracted rulers, who were desperately looking for a cool resort. Thus, it goes without saying that Himachal was also in the eyes of the Mongols, who were looting various parts India at that time in history. See the land that melted the hearts of even the ruthless Mongols.

The Medieval Rule in Himachal Pradesh
Rajput have had a great impact on the cultural as well as religious life of the people of Himachal Pradesh. Besides the Rajputs there has been Mughal influence on the land as well. Come to Himachal Pradesh to know more about the myriad cultural influences that shape the Himachal of today.

History Has Its Influence on Himachal Culture
All the rulers who homed this state during the times in history has left a deep and profound impact on the lives of the people. One can find impinges of Rajput, Mughal and Tibetan culture on the arts and crafts, music & dance and cuisine of regions. Experience a unique stay among the many cultures of Himachal Pradesh.

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