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Major Population : Hindus (90 %)
Religions Followed : Hinduism, Buddhism and Other Minorities
State Language : Hindi and Pahari
Popular Costumes : Kurta, Churidaars and Himachali Caps

Traditional Costume of Himachal
Himachal Women Dolled Up During Festivals

People and Lifestyle of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has a very distinct population that is composed of ethnolinguistic groups of tribals and socials. Scores of ethnic groups have their home in Himachal Pradesh. Most of the natives belong to the Aryan origin while the people of Lahaul and Spiti district are essentially descendants of Mongols. Among all the natives hat reside in the various regions of Himachal Pradesh, you should see the people pf Kinnaur region, who are supposed to be very beautiful and have an extraordinary collection of ornaments.

Himachal Pradesh has an intricately woven number of races, sects and communities. Come to Himachal to experience the real culture of Himachal Pradesh that has been fostered by these discrete people who live harmoniously on the same land.

Local Population of Himachal Pradesh

The people of Himachal Pradesh live a simple life where most of them are engaged in agricultural activities. More than 90% of the population of the state are Hindus while a majority of Buddhists are found in the areas of Dharamshala, McLeodganj and in the areas of Lahaul and Spiti. Amongst the Hindus community the most common ones are Brahmins, Rajputs, Kannets, Rathis and Kolis. All the people in Himachal Pradesh are humble, sensitive and hard working. Chained by their own vedic beliefs, the natives appear to have remained secluded from the modern trends. Their life seems to be revolving around the mountains and valleys which they consider as their home.

The tribal population of Himachal Pradesh constitutes of Gaddis, Kinnars, Gujjars, Pangawals and Lahaulis. You should take a tribal tour of Himachal Pradesh and enjoy a totally different experience.

A Typical Himachali Family
A Typical Himachal Joint Family

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Learn Some Pahari to Interact in this Highland State

Though Hindi is commonly spoken in Himachal Pradesh but another language that one should pay heed to, is Pahari. Even Pahari has various dialects that can be differentiate by the manner in which they are spoken in the various regions of the state. Tracing its origin to the Sanskrit and Prakrit language, Pahari is a language that is largely comprehensible to plain inhabitants. Besides Prakrit and Pahari, another language that can be heard in certain areas of the state in Punjabi, due to proximity of Himachal Pradesh with Punjab.

Traditional Dress of Himachal – Colors Imbibed

The traditional costume of Himachal Pradesh people varies as per the region of their belonging. Scarves and shawls are ubiquitous with the women while the men can be found in various types of Kurtas and the typical Himachal caps.

The Rajputs clan in Himachal Pradesh are perhaps the most distinctly dressed. The Rajput males comprise starch stiffened Kurtas and body hugging 'Churidaars'. The females of this group apparel themselves little conventionally costumes like kurtas (shirt-like oriental blouse), salwars, ghaghri(Indian long skirts), choli (blouses or tops) and Rahide (head scarves decked with golden periphery).

The farmers on the other hand can be recognized by the presence of kurta, a loincloth and a cap – the real have-not of the state.

Cluster of Monks
Crowd of Monks Performing Prayers in Himachal

Himachal Culture – Tourists Friendly People

Take a tour of Himachal Pradesh to understand the famous culture of the Himachal people. This beautiful culture is evident in the various traditional houses that have a very interesting structure. Due to the fact that they have been in isolation, an untouched beauty can be found in the lifestyle of these people. They are simple, honest, god-fearing and firmly rooted in the basics of their past.

When in Himachal Pradesh, do not be surprised if you get offerings for tea from a lot of natives. These people are very hospitable and will take great care of you! While trekking, they will be your perfect companions. The people of Himachal Pradesh will be very friendly and you can assure yourself of being in safe hands.

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Top 5 Highlights of People & Lifestyle

Tibetan Women in Himachal

Himachal Culture – Unique Expression
The unique culture of Himachal Pradesh is most effectively portrayed by the native of the state. The mud houses plastered with images of various gods and goddesses, rituals and even their day to day activity reflects the strong cultural beliefs that is seems to be laden in them, as a bedrock.

Ethnicity of the Varied Race
Tourism in Himachal Pradesh will reveal to you the presence of various castes and tribes of people that have sojourned in this peace of heaven for millennium, and that too very harmoniously. There are tribals, Rajputs, Mongol descendants and various sects of people who home this state.

Highland Language of the Mountain Region
In a state that is perched on such a great height, it become inevitable that the main mode of communication is Pahari language. Besides this Hindi and other regional languages are too spoken with great vigor. You should come to Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the sweet mouth of the people.

Dress Yourself in Some Traditional Costumes
Get into some starched kurta, try to fit in the hugging Churidaars, put the famous Himachal Topi on your head and you are ready for Himachal Pradesh. If you are a women, do not miss the shawls and scarves along with the elaborate jewellery. Himachal Pradesh is waiting for you with open arms.

Hospitality Relinquished
The best part of being in Himachal Pradesh are the hospitable natives that will make you feel at home. Do not get tensed if they try to be friendly – as friendliness is in their blood. Accept the offers of tea and snacks gracefully and enjoy some unwinding time in their company.

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