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World Famous Festival : Hampi Festival
Major Festivals : Dussehra in Mysore
Destinations : Mysore, Bangalore, Rural Destinations
Main Highlight : Procession, Decorated Elephants
Murugan Festival, Hampi
Murugan FestivalCelebrated in Hampi

Religious Festivals : Dussehra in Mysore – October, Yugadi (Kannada New Year) – Late March or early April, Karaga in Darmaraya Temple in Bangalore – March or April.
State Festivals : Rajyotsava Day (Day Karnataka was Formed) - 1st of November.
Heritage Festivals : Hampi Festival (also called as Vijaya Utsav) – 1st week of November, Mahamastakabhisheka (Shravanabelagola) – Once in 12 years, next will be held in 2018 now.
Famous Fairs : Sri Vithappa Fair – September to October, Yellamma devi Fair – November-December, Banashankari Devi Fair – January, Godachi Fair – November.
Festive Activities : Shopping for Local Handicrafts, Cultural Programmes.
Don't Miss : Watching the Royal Throne of the Woodeyar kings in the Mysore palace during the Dussehra Festival.
Taking Holy dips in river Cauvery during the Tula Sankramana held on 17th October.
Festive Magic : Decorated elephants, Soldiers in their ceremonial dress, Dancers performing and scintillating tableaux.

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Festivals of Karnataka – Displaying Colours of Life

Energy and enthusiasm are the key ingredients that make Karnataka festivals a unparalleled occasion of fun and celebrations. Almost all through the year some festive celebration is going on in some part of Karnataka. With several ancient temples, multi religious population and a rich cultural background, the unique festivals of Karnataka are the way to explore the colourful facet of Karnataka people.

Be it the famous Dussehra festival of Mysore, the religious festival of Janamashtami or the state festival of Rajyotsava day, the fervency and eloquence in the people during Karnataka festivals is unmatched.

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Elephant Procession, Mucharen Festival
Elephant Procession During Mucharen Festival

Dussehra Festival in Mysore – Illuminated Grandeur

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The Dussehra festival of Mysore is famous all over the world for its unique charm and the various religious activities that forms an integral part of it. This is a famous Hindu festival that goes on for ten days. Weaved by different legends the main highlight of this festival is the illumination of the majestic Mysore palace, that is a treat to the eyes. A grand procession that starts from the premises of Mysore Palace and ends at Bani Mantap is an added delight. During this festival the royal throne of the Woodeyar kings is also displayed inside the palace. Decorated elephants, soldiers in their ceremonial dress, dancers performing and scintillating tableaux make this hugely colorful event, a memorable experience.

Jain Festival, at Shravanabelagola
Jain Festival at Shravanabelagola

Other Festivals in Karnataka – Joy of Endless Celebrations

Festive events of Karnataka are a great delight to be part of. Tourists are advised not to miss the famous Mahamastakabhisheka (Shravanabelagola), which is one of the most reverend event. The festival is dedicated to Lord Bahubali in which monks bathe the world's largest monolithic statue with water and milk, sugarcane juice, and saffron paste along with showering of gold and silver flowers. The most awaited festival of Karnataka is the Tula Sankarama celebrated on the 17th of October. Taking bath in the holy waters of Cauvery, that claims to purify the souls, is the most important activity of this festival. The Hampi festival held in the world heritage site of Hampi is a tribute to the performing arts in Karnataka.

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Dassera festival in Mysore
Dussehra festival in Mysore

Fairs of Karnataka – Adding to the Exultation

Like the festivals, the fairs of Karnataka are also religious and folk in nature and belief. To honour Vithappa, the deity of the village Vithappa, a grand fair is held in the village. It is a three day festival where around 7 to 8 thousand people gather. Another popular fair is the Godachi Fair, held in the honour of Shri Veerabhadra and it is organized by the government of Karnataka.
Shri Yellamma fari is held 5 times between the months of October to February at Saundatti. An annual fair held at the heritage destination of Badami called Banashankari Devi fair is of equal importance. Lasting for 10 – 12 days, this fair is held in the month of January and here tourists can als

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Top 5 Reasons To Enjoy Fairs & Festivals
Mysore Dussera, Mysore

Karnataka is the place for all those who want to be part of the festive celebrations of India. Be it religious festivals, heritage festivals or local festivals, the charm of being a witness to these colorful celebration is a memorable experience. The fairs of Karnataka are also the apt time and destination to indulge in shopping for local handicrafts.

Be a part of the world famous Dussehra festival in Mysore. The processions and various rituals that are carried out during this festival is amazing. You should also not miss seeing the royal throne of the Woodeyar kings that are displayed in the Mysore palace during this festival.

The famous Hampi festival, that is held in the world heritage site of Hampi should be not missed. The main festive attractions include the various traditional dance form of Karnataka.

Tourists are suggested to be a part of the revered Mahamastakabhisheka (Shravanabelagola) festival, held once in 12 years. The festival is dedicated to Lord Bahubali in which monks bathe the world's largest monolithic statue with water and milk and saffron paste.

Karnataka was formed on 1st November, and this day is celebrated with pomp and show every year. This is also the only state festival of Karnataka.

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