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Listen To : Rasiya also Known as Braj
The Dance Performa : Kathak
Famous Institutions : Kathak Academy, Lucknow and Kathak Academy, Delhi.
Best Time To Visit : During Fairs and Festivals (October- March)

Music And Dancing - Euphoria of Uttar Pradesh

Kathak Dance
Kathak Dance

The music that brings life to the dead and entertains the world, the rhythmic steps and the songs that has been praised over the years can be experienced nowhere other than the holy 'Land of Krishna'. Uttar Pradesh being credited with the origin of Kathak Dance has been home to hundreds of world-renowned dancers and the musicians. The magic of these artists has attracted millions of tourists to listen to them and cherish the experience for the lifetime. The most influenced is the western world where from people come in large gatherings to learn the music and dance to make it there career. The songs for each and every occasion accompanied by the music and dance in harmony can lead a person to the colorful world of dreams and relish each and every second of life.

Dance to The Tunes And Rhythm

The Uttar Pradesh has a rich inheritance of folk dance traditions. For every occasion there are unique folk songs and dances to reveal the joy and sorrow of the common folk. Women in the colorful attire are always ready on the sides of their men to sing songs and dance whenever they find an occasion to celebrate. The dances of the state are famous and have invited many foreigners to participate. The Raslila, Ramlila, Khayal, Nautanki and Naqal are the famous dances where along the dances the epic tales are narrated to entertain the viewers.

Kathak Dance - Synchronised Steps With Rhythmic Beats

Kathak Dance
Kathak Dance

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The pride of northern India - Kathak has its origin in Uttar Pradesh and is thought to be the one of the important dances in eight forms of classical dance. This form of dance narrates the epic tales from the Ramayana and Mahabarata through the rhythmic footwork, spectacular spins, and the dramatic representation of the themes with the chimes of the ankle bells. Kathak dance has earned laurels from all over the world.

Watching the live show of Kathak dance may seem as mesmerizing as finding the glacier in the Sahara Desert. The attire and make-up, moves and gestures, the whirlwind spin and the movement of feet, the perfect coordination of these characteristics with the background music creates the ambiance of heaven, where a person feels free from enslavement of this world. Many foreigners have learned and even mastered the art of Kathak, Issabelle Anna from France has learned the art from five years under the guidance of Pandit Jai Kishan Mahraj. If interested you can find some time to learn the art from the masters like Ravi Shankar Mishara and Pandit Briju Mahraj. The institutes where you can get training in this form of classical art are Kathak Academy, Lucknow and Kathak academy, Delhi.

Other Dance Charms

The other important dances that have attracted the attention of tourists - Hurka Baul is a famous dance performed during paddy and maize cultivation. On a fixed day, after the preliminary ritual, the dance is performed in different fields by turns. Rasa dance narrates the story of the early life of the Krishna and is organized on the occasion of Janamashtami. These dance performances with the zealous movements depicts the faith of the people on their gods and how it would be like to see you in such a gathering.

Music That Could Bring Showers

The history of the musical innovation in Uttar Pradesh dates back to Gupta and the Harshvardan's era when it was the major center for musical explorations. Mughal's pioneered the development of the musical instruments and it is said that music flourished in this era. The two musicians of the Mughal emperor Akbar's court, Tansen and Briju Bawara are said to have made a major contribution in the field of music. It is believed that Tansen created the history by melting the marble stone with the charm of his magical hymn.

The Nawabs of Awadh and later the Ustad of gharanas are said to played an important role in flourishing the music. At this time it was introduced in the folklore. The well-known folk music of U.P. is Rasiya, which celebrates the divine love of Radha and Lord Krishna.

Heritage Exhibited In Cultural Performances

The dance and musical events is a real opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of India in various dance festivals organized held by the tourism department of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow Mahaotsav held in Lucknow on the 4th week of November and first week of December, Sheroadotsav held in the month of December at Agra and Taj Mahaotsav also held at Agra in the month of February are the festivals offering rear opportunities not to be missed by any one. The performance of the India's renowned dancers and musicians is the unique feature apart from the other cultural activities.

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Top 5 Highlights of Music And Dance

Kathak Dance

Music To Ears, Dance For Soul
Welcome to the land of Gurus where you can achieve the spiritual heights by simply listening to music and watching the magical steps of dancers, come and share this mesmerizing experience with the masters of this art.

Uttar Pradesh - Birthplace of Kathak
It is believed that Kathak the classical form of dance has emerged in the state in 18th century and was patronized by Nawabs in the city of Lucknow. The bright costume with the heavy makeup makes the artists look superhuman and the ambiance of these dance concerts is a breath taking experience.

Makes It All Yourself
If you are interested in making your career in the profession of dancing, watch the masters perform and pursue one that enthralls you the most. Kathak Academy is the best option where you can learn the art from the trained artists.

Music That Cheers
What ever you are looking for every thing is stored in this part of the country. Listen to the traditional music of Uttar Pradesh you will feel hypnotized. Such is the soothing effect of the music will be a lifetime experience for you.

Uttar Pradesh Festivals Calling
Plan your trip according to the fairs and festivals of the state and you will witness the reflection of rich historical era of the state with the splendid music blended with the rhythmic beats of the musical instruments. Visit during Agra Mahaotsav in the month of February and watch the legends perform in live concerts, you will relish the memory throughout the lifetime.

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