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Shubhyatra >> Uttaranchal Yatra >> Art & Crafts


Location : Rural Cities of Uttaranchal
World Famous For : Paintings
Antique Items : Stone Carving, Wall Paintings
Other Charms : Ornament Making

Art of Ornament Making in Uttaranchal
The Famous Art of Uttaranchal, Ornaments on Display

Arts and Crafts of Uttaranchal – Cultural Representation of Uttaranchal

The popular art and Crafts of Uttaranchal are similar to those typically found in hilly areas. The peace and serenity of Uttaranchal has led to the development of paintings and other important arts. Stone and wood carvings also emerged as a famous art form in Uttaranchal. Take up cultural tours of Uttaranchal and see the various forms of arts and Crafts that have been practiced in the various parts of the state, since ages.

Paintings in Uttaranchal – The Art Practiced in Repose

The painting of Garhwal region are famous for their Mughal influence. To see some of the most exquisite Mughta paintings, one should go to University Museum in Srinagar in Uttaranchal. The paintings of Uttaranchal have a sense of freshness and diversity about them. The women folk of Kumaon also practice a different kind of painting called Aipan. In this form of painting, geometrical figures of Gods, Goddess and objects are painted on the walls, paper and pieces of clothes. Another form of wall painting is Peeth, which is one of the oldest of all the form of art practiced in Uttaranchal. Extensive use of geometric shapes are incorporated in these paintings as well.

Wood Art in Uttaranchal
Famous Wood Art on the Windows in Uttaranchal

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Wood Carving – Making Itself Known in Uttaranchal

Take trips of Uttaranchal to see one of the most intense art of wood being performed live in front of you. The Craftsmen of Uttaranchal have attained great mastery over this art that is performed in almost all the parts of the state. Done mostly, on the temples and the doors of the houses, this local culture embellishes almost all the doors of the house. Locally called as Kholi, the embroidery on the doors mark the social status of a family. The main areas where one can see this art being performed are Dehradun and Nainital. Stone carving is also developing as a famous art in Uttaranchal.

Ornaments to Decorate the Uttaranchal People

An important social and economic trademark of the people of Uttaranchal are the Ornaments, that developed as an important form of art since ages. The traditional artists and goldsmiths of Uttaranchal have created a niche for themselves in making conventionally exquisite ornaments. Done mostly on gold, silver and copper, these ornaments are an important representation of Uttaranchal culture.

The Variety of Shopping in Uttaranchal

The diverse culture as well as geographical variations of Uttaranchal has made it an interesting shopping destination as well. The highland mountains are great places to but woollens, wood crafts and many other items. The religious hubs of Uttaranchal that includes Haridwar and Rishikesh are extremely good for picking up some small souvenirs form the markets held at the banks of Ganges.
When in Dehradun, do not forget to pick up the famous Basmati rice which is a specialty of Uttaranchal. There are various government emporiums as well as local markets form where you can but anything you desire.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Art & Crafts

Uttaranchal Painting

The Handicraft World of Uttaranchal
One of the most important facet of Uttaranchal, is the beautiful arts and Crafts of the state that has earned huge recognition all around the world. Be it paintings, wood and Stone carving or the favorite ornaments, Uttaranchal's craft world, offers all.

Embellish Your House With Paintings
An ancient form of painting in Uttaranchal includes Mughal influence. Besides, this there are various other forms of painting that are performed on the walls, paper and pieces of cloth. The tranquil climate and environment of Uttaranchal gives the best chance to excavate one's emotions and thoughts – perfect for making paintings.

Look Out for Wood Carving
Uttaranchal has a history of carving, be it wood carving or stone carving. An important social and economic benchmark, are the various carvings that can be seen in almost all the doors and windows of houses in Uttaranchal. The best place to see the miniature on stone are the various temple attraction.

Uttaranchal's Ornaments Around your Neck
Uttaranchal has a glorious past of ornament making. Traditional goldsmiths and artists of Uttaranchal are famous for their conventional designs and methodology. Look for sliver, gold and copper ornaments that are a huge hit among the tourists.

Cultural Aspects of Uttaranchal Arts & Crafts
Take up tours of Uttaranchal to see the various arts and Crafts of the state that have been the embodiments of Uttaranchal's rich historical influences. The famous art and craft of Uttaranchal has a very clear significance on the cultural practices of the state.

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