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Shubhyatra >> Madhya Pradesh Yatra >> Kanha National Park


District : Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh
Location : 175-kms from Jabalpur
Famous For : Barasingha Deer, Tigers
Most Famous Activity : Elephant Safari
Wild Animals Seen in Kanha National Park
Wild Animals Seen in Kanha National Park

Extinct Rhinoceros in Assam

To See : Tigers, Barasingha, Varieties of Deers, Sloth Bears, Spotted Dears, Jackals and Wild Indian DogsCattle Egret, Pond Heron, Black Ibis, Common Peafowl, Crested Serpent, Racket Tailed Drongo, Hawk Eagle.
Best Time To Visit : October – June (Closed 1 July-31 October).
Park Timings : Oct. 1 - Feb. 15 – 6 am to 12 pm, 3 pm to 5 : 30 pm.
Feb. 16 - Apr. 15 – 5 : 30 to am12 pm., 4 pm to 6 pm.
Apr. 16 - Jun. 30 – 5: 00 am to 11 am., 4 pm to 6 : 30.
What To Do : Tiger Spotting on Elephant, Visiting the Kanha Museum, Sight Seeing at Bamni Dadr (Sunset Piont).
Must Visit : The Kanha Museum that Provides Immense Information on Topography and Environmental Aspect of the Forest.
Inside Tip : Maintain silence while exploring the park and make use of your Binoculars to have a clearer view of the animals.
Getting Around : Koshi - Kanha (9-kms), Kishi - Katia (4-kms), Kishi - Mukki (32-kms).
Don't Miss : One of the best locations to enjoy that bounty is Bammi Dadar, also known as the sunset point.
Important Distances : Jabalpur – 175 kms, Khajuraho – 445kms, Nagpur – 266kms, Raipur – 219kms, Bilaspur – 182 kms.
Safari : Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari.
Safari Timings : Nov 15 - Feb15 – 6 am to 12 pm, 3 pm to 5 : 30 pm.
Feb. 16 - Apr 15 – 5 : 30 to am12 pm., 4 pm to 6 pm.
Apr. 16 - Jun. 30 – 5: 00 am to 11 am., 4 : 30 pm to 6 : 30.
Staying Options : Krishna Jungle Resort, The Wild Chalet Resort, Tuli Tiger Resort, Royal Tiger Resort.
Getting There : Air - Khajuraho is the nearest airport available, from where the Bandhavgarh park is a five hour drive (273kms) through the Ken river and Panna town.
Rail - The Nearest Railway Station from Bandhavgarh is Jabalpur (164kms), Katni (102kms) and Satna (120kms ) and Umaria (35kms). Jeeps are Available for Transfer of the Tourist to the Park
Road - The Park can be Reached from Jabalpur, Satna, Katni, Umaria, Bilaspur and Khajuraho. State Transport Buses are available.

Kanha National Park – From The Pages of Jungle Book

Yes this is exactly the jungle, that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the much loved Jungle book. Don't get amazed when your guide gives you this little piece of information, because this is true. This is indeed the land of Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo and of course the harrowing Sher Khan. The name of the sanctuary is believed to have been derived from the name of a saint who resided here, a long time ago.
This is the most protected wildlife parks in the world and is a very green and dense wooded forest. Located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, it sprawls over an area of 1,940-sq-kms. This is perhaps the best place to sight the tigers. This horseshoe shaped valley is the home to 22 species of mammals the most common ones are tigers, Sloth Bears, Spotted Dears, Jackals and Wild Indian Dogs.the Sal and Bamboo trees adds to the natural splendor.
As far as the history is concerned, Kanha was divided into two sanctuaries in the year in 1930's. However, due to the constant declivity in the number of tigers, it was again declared an absolute sanctuary in 1947 and it officially came into existence in the year 1952. it is also supposed to be the best administered wildlife park in Asia. Today it is an irresistible attraction for all wildlife savvy and a true shelter for its animal and birds population.

Extinct Rhinoceros in Assam

Fauna Amidst the Flora – Kanha's Delight

The intersperse of the Sal with the Bamboo and the Bamboo with the grassland is a very common sight. Deers enjoying their afternoon stroll, or birds sitting proudly on the top of the trees, or even tigers with annihilated look in their eyes as if some treacherous scheme to kill the deer is going in the mind, are not the one – of – a – kind sight. Due to large variety and amount of animals in the park, this national parks marred the common perception of being lucky in a wildlife sanctuary. Home to Barasingha, the exanimate and extinct species of the deer, government has taken impeccable measure to conserve these beings. These deers seem to be wearing a huge crown on their heads. Besides these other varieties of deers like the Chital or Spotted Deer, Chousingha can be easily spotted. Tigers, too are a special attraction of the National park. There are some 112 tigers in the forest and one can easily spot them, though a little patience in required.

The bird population of the Kahna National park is also noteworthy. Around 200 species of birds reside here. Water birds are an added attraction however sighting these birds due to the impenetrable Sal forests is not an easy job. However, on careful ascertainment one can have a look of Cattle Egret, Pond Heron, Black Ibis, Common Peafowl, Crested Serpent, Racket Tailed Drongo, Hawk Eagle and Red – Wattled Lapwing. Various Species of Flycatcher, Woodpecker, Pigeon, Dove, Parakeet, Babbler and Mynah. Indian Roller, White-breasted Kingfisher and Grey Hornbill can also be seen.

Safari Excursions

The Kanha has made the provision of Jeep and elephant safari for its tourist. Though jeeps can be hired for reconnaissance of the remotest corners of the forest, tiger spotting can be best done while sitting on an elephant. Being an open country is the additional boon to explore the forest on elephant's back. Guides of the forest department are available for the tourists. Safari timings hangers on the seasonal effects. Winter timings are different from the summer timings.
Oct. 1 - Feb. 15- Sunrise to 1200 hrs., 1500 hrs. to sunset.Feb.
16 - Apr. 15 - Sunrise to 1200 hrs., 1600 hrs. to sunset.
Apr. 16 - Jun. 30 - Sunrise to 1100 hrs., 1700 hrs. to sunset.

Nature in Kanha National Park
Nature in Kanha National Park

Extinct Rhinoceros in Assam

The Apt Season and The Routes to Take

Monsoon acts as a jinxed period of time for the tourist. Due to heavy rainfall swamps are formed and the park remains closed from 1st of Jult to 1st of October. The duration form February to June is regarded as the best time to visit this park. Visiting times of the park fluctuates during different months. From 15 November to 15 February the timings are from Sunrise to 12 noon and 3 pm to Sunset. 6 February to 30 April the timing ranges from Sunrise to 12 noon and 4 pm to Sunset. Sunrise to 11.00 am and 5 pm to Sunset is the apt timing from 1 May to 30 June.
Kanha National Park is easily accessible from the major cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur is the nearest airport with a distance of 200 kms. Nagpur at 266-kms is another airport. Jabalpur at 175-kms is the most convenient rail head to visit Kanha. Bus services too connect Kanha from other parts of the state. Important distances are Jabalpur 175-kms, Khajuraho 445-kms, Nagpur 266-kms, Raipur 219-kms. Within the park: Koshi - Kanha (9-kms), Kishi - Katia (4-kms), Kishi - Mukki (32-kms).

For Your Sojourn in the Jungle

You can arrange for your stay in the Jungle lodges that offers the provision of cottages. These cottages are very large and airy and also have verandas for you to relax. But you need to book in advance as theydo no take walk – in arrivals.

The Tips to Abide By

Like any other national park, here too there is a code of conduct that one should maintain before you venture in the animal world. Do not in any manner try to attract the animals towards you. Do not wear loud colours, as they tend to attract the animals. As early mornings and evening can be freezing, make sure you carry some woollen along with yourself. Do not indulge into illegal activities and be well informed about your surroundings. Carry warm medication and emergency supplies as the town is very far.

Other Attractions at Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary

Your trip does not end here. For a travel savvy tourist, Kanha has something else to offer. Visit the Bamni Dadar, the famous sunset point of the Kanha National Park. Being on of the most beautiful area of the park the dense forest and the sun setting in the background is a photographer's delight. Ambar, Barking Deer, Gaur and the four horned antelope are some of the animals that are easily sighted from here. Kanha Museum that is located inside the park is also a major tourist attraction. The topography and other environmental aspects of the park can be understood inside this museum.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kanha National Park

Kanha Tourists Watching a Tiger

Mowgli's Sweet Home
This is indeed the land that acted as an aspirant to Rudyard Kipling for writing the very famous and acclaimed book Jungle book. Come to explore the reason that enticed such a prolific writer to become an ardent lover of this forest.

Hub of Mixed Species
The Kanha Nationa Park is the hub for various animals. The tiger being the most popular, sloth bear, and varieties of dear are famous. The presence of humongous varieties of animals within sight makes this an exhilarating journey. Come and experience your part of excitement.

Barasingha – The Rare Deer
This sanctuary is home to the extinct Barasingha, a kind of deer with twelve antlers. Sighting them in this park is not a difficult sight as their numbers have gone up considerably. However, they are not much in existence anywhere else in the country.

Safaris With a Difference
The Elephant safari and the jeep safari of the Kanha National park are one of their kinds in the country. Spotting the tigers on a. elephant back is a pleasurable experience and the jeep safaris will take you to the lonesome areas of the forest.

Other Attractions - Feather on the Hat
Besides the wildlife population there are other attractions as well that drives the tourist towards the park. The Kanha museum is a very informative halt while the Bamni Dadr, is a sunset point. The view of the forest and the animals from here is panoramic.

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