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Location : Rajasthan
Famous Forts : Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort, Chittaurgarh Fort
Famous Palaces : Umaid Bhawan Palace, City Palace, Lake Palace
Golden Fort : Jaisalmer Fort
Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Rajasthan - A Colourful Whirlpool of Amazement

The most obvious reaction of tourists when they see something exquisitely beautiful is to stop in their tracks and stare. They say that if you come across Mona Lisa for the first time in the Louvre in Paris, you will literally freeze. It is just that beautiful objects and colourful people catch our attention for sometime and keep us completely engrossed. But what if you are bestowed with newer enchantments everytime you come across some elements of inspiration? Surely you will move ahead and ahead... But remember, whatever your speed of beholding may be, the edge of amazement will never come in sight in Rajasthan. The places to visit and famous attractions of Rajasthan are unending.

Welcome to the Land of Rajas and Maharajas, the colourful repertoire of India's culture and tradition. It is a land where the morning sun kisses the ramparts of the mighty forts and the full moon sheds its romance on the exquisite carvings of palaces. The tiger lords it over the shifting sands of Rajasthan, realm of the rambling camel. Padharo the land where colours burst through the desert haze and tempers cool with the setting sun.

Towns And Cities of Rajasthan : The Capitals of The Rajput

Take a city tour of Rajasthan to see the major places that you should visit in Rajasthan. The opulent cities of Rajasthan were once the seats of power of the Rajputs, now they are open pages of history. Travel to any 'garh' (a place with a fort) and you will find tales of valour floating silently in the air. Dawn your holiday itinerary in Rajasthan from Sawai Jai Singh's capital, Jaipur, the rosafarbene city (with a tint of Pink), of this multi-hued state. Drenched in the impeccable blend of colourful sandstones which add a unique medley in colour, the bustling cities of Rajasthan surely allures its guests with irrefutable charms as blue pottery in Jaipur, golden hue of Jaisalmer Fort, miniature paintings of Kota, serene hills of Mount Abu, sun-kissed sands of Thar and as the cliche goes, elephant ride, last but not the least, the mouth-watering and much favoured 'daal-baati-churma'.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

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Forts And Palaces of Rajasthan : The Magnificent Mansions of Pleasure

Take a tour of Rajasthan to see everything that is big in Rajasthan. Be it the stone embodied forts, marble incarnated palaces or even the hearts of people who still dwell in these colossal structures. Walk along the sprawling ramparts and feel the grandeur coalesced with these silent parapets of history - tales of blood and blade coloured with saffron and ash. It is only here that mornings were marked by plots and counterplots, afternoons engaged in fierce battles for power, and the nights, moistened in fairytales of love and devotion. Spend some days of your holiday vacation wandering on the ramparts of these magnificent mansions, touch the pristine stones that lay the base of chivalry of this Rajput state. Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan will be the most famous places that will attract you.

A Holiday In Rural Rajasthan

Rajasthan tourism is apparantly, not only about chivalry and luxury. There are still some pads, untouched by the hands of modernity, that harness nature to survive. But still, these virgin patches of Rajasthan are embellished with three things that give them an edge over others and makes them a favourite place to spend a holiday; the rustic charm that they portray, the legends that can be heard and of course a laid back way of life. Spend a few days amidst the village-life of this barren state, to know about the major attractions of these rural destinations. And what you will get for free beside awe-inspiring works of art is a memory that you can cherish for the rest of life.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Adventure On A High

Listen to the pristine calls of the sun-kissed sands of Thar. Tune yourself with the melody of the wilds. Refresh yourself with a fresh rush of adrenaline. If life is an adventure in Rajasthan, it better be huge. Turn the wheels of your car towards the undulating sand dunes of Jaisalmer. See the golden hue of the Sonar Kila from a height in a hot-air balloon. Ride a camel and explore the virgin patches of historic sands at Bikaner, one of the famous palces to visit in Rajasthan. Capture a tiger in your cam, fighting for its own survival at Ranthambhore. See the Siberian Cranes grazing grass, with their head held high. And why not? They have just completed a cross-country race to reach Bharatpur. The wilds of Rajasthan are deep and dark, but it is still a mystery that how it provides such a colourful experience. See, if you can find it!

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In A Holy Spirit

India is all about sect, devotion and religion. Rajasthan is no exception. Caressing a brotherhood of secularity, the Land of Maharajas whole-heartedly encourages myriad religious creeds that maintain a system of synergy among themselves. And so, as a fruit of such endeavour, we get many pilgrimage destinations all over the state that are a must visit : the only Brahma temple in the world nestling on the banks of Pushkar, the Mecca of south-east Asia at Ajmer and the world renowned Dilwara Jain Temples perching high on Mount Abu.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Exclusive Rajasthan

You might never get a chance again to experience luxury at its extremes. Walk over to Rajasthan on a red carpet. The most famous attractions in Rajasthan is this royal train.Reserve a suite in the Palace on Wheels, one of the 10 most luxurious trains in the world for a exclusive Rajasthan tour. Relax on the ponderous divans, refresh yourself over a cup of hot herbal tea together with the euphony of a soothing piped music, push the gauzy curtains and see the rustic countryside whizzing past outside the window. And what does that countryside has to offer? A memorable camel ride on the sun-kissed dunes of the Thar. A rendezvous with an animal which is ubiquitous in Rajasthan, but exclusive to this desert city. What about a fine dinner in a rustic ambiance especially created for you? Surely you are going to enjoy Choki Dani! Walk along the mud streets, amidst the bustling ambiance of the rural arena. Ride a pony, colour your palms with henna, get a glass of chilled lassi (buttermilk) and sit on the traditional hand made jute beds to enjoy the grand dance performances (kalbeliya) by the snake charming communities. Imagine a journey through the rugged terrain of Jaipur straight to Amber Fort, and that too on an elephant. Oh! What an experience it would be!

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Rajasthan

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur
Plan a holiday tour to Sawai Jai Singh's capital and savour the true essence of Rajasthan in a nutshell. Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Sanganeri garments, Elephant ride, Polo match, Blue pottery..and the list of monumental heritage in Rajasthan is endless. The Pink City of Rajasthan surely holds anything and everything to enchant its visitors.

The Golden City of Jaisalmer
Plan a holiday trip to Jaisalmer and you will be amazed to see the genesis of gold in stone. Made up of yellow sandstone, the Jaisalmer fort radiates a golden hue in the evening. Enjoy dinner with delicious barbecue, accompanied by music from the folk musicians, creating melodies with their 'dholaks' and 'sarangis'. Sip a beer and chill down under the vast canopy of stars at Sam Sand dunes.

The Lake City of Udaipur
Plan a holiday vacation trip to Udaipur, also known as the ‘Venice of the East’, and you will find yourself wrapped in surprises. This is one of major places to see in Rajasthan. Visit the fairytale Lake palace that nestles along the banks of Lake Pichola amidst sandy terrain and green forested hills, creating an alluring crossboard of colours

Rural or Regal ?
Spend one of your holiday evenings in a village of Rajasthan, iluminated by lamps, chatting with the old folks and listening to their legends of the chivalry anjd romance. Thses are the famous travel attractions where you should try a plate of fresh bread, baked on woodfire along with the traditional 'gatte ki sabzi', savour the taste of fresh butter churned out in front of you, and you will cherish the taste and the memories throughout your life.

It Is So Wild..
Take up a Rajasthan vacation to see the most famous places to visit in Rajasthan India and explore the diverse facades of the wildlife, be it floral or animals. Shoot a tiger with your handycam, see them hunt in broad daylight at Ranthambhore, chase a Siberian Crane at Bharatpur or enjoy a spine-chilling experience of night stay at Sariska.

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Taj Mahal , agra A memorable journey to the Monument of Love through the pristine sands and beautiful gateways of Rajasthan.
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» Heritage Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan Welcome A journey to the heart of Rajasthan. Heritages that are equally antique and interesting will take you to the forgotten chapters of hisory.
Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
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» Wildlife Safari Tour

Wildlife - Rajasthan An exotic safari to the dark jungles of India, where you can have a spine-chilling experience of seeing tigers hunt before your peeled eyes!
Duration: 16 Days / 15 Nights
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