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Location : 120 km from Udaipur, 175 km from Ahmedabad
Popular As : The City of Hills
What To See : Juna Mahal, Gaib Sagar Lake, Udai Bilas Palace
When To Visit : September-March

Udaivilas Palace
The Udai Bilas Palace

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Dungarpur - The Land of Varied Wonders

Nestled in idyllic splendour, with the blue waters of Gaibsagar lake at its heart, travel to the rural town of Dungarpur which is an excitement in itself. Once a Bhil stronghold, this fertile region was created into a state in the 13th century when Rawal Veer Singh took over this part of the state from Bhil Chieftain Dungaria. Beside beholding a magnificent contrast of wild and rugged terrain in the northeast to fertile plains of alluvial soil in the southwest, you can also visit the local gold and silver craftsmen creating magic in their courtyards. Take a travel excursion from Udaipur to enjoy the Dungarpur village attractions.

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Open The Untouched Lock To Explore The Charms

Walk along the treacherous terrain to meet the splendid 13th century seven-storied structure of Juna Mahal. Though it was originally meant to be a leisure palace, it also served as a sentinel to slow down enemy. Touch the crenulated walls, bent your head to enter through slender entrances and try to find out the royal secrets in its voluminous corridors that run straight from the regal aura to a tourist's heart. Enter the pleasure alcoves of yore, and you will be amazed to see beautiful frescoes, miniature paintings and glass and mirror work, embellishing the walls of the room. Remember to get a prior permission from the resident royal family who still stay in this palace. Your next stop in the Dungarpur rural tourism itinerary should be on the banks of Gaib Sagar Lake, an exquisite gift to the people by naure. Wash your hands and feet before entering into the famous shrine of Shrinathji roosting on the banks of this lake. The location is surely awe-inspiring with the main shrine contoured by several exquisitely built temples of yore.

If you want to fill your holidays with fun and recreation, and that too at a scenic location, plan a stay in the famous Udai Bilas Palace, a heritage hotel with a modern outlook, thi sis the main attractions of Dungarpur. The history of Udai Bilas Palace, traces its pedigree to the mid-19th century, when Maharawal Udai Singhji-II, a great patron of art and architecture, built a wing of bluish grey local stone "Pareva" overlooking the cobalt blue waters of the lake. Enter the 'Ek Thambia Mahal', and you can't stop your jaw falling apart with the grand vista of intricately intricate sculptured pillars and panels, that bedeck the colosseum. Look anywhere and you can see multiple magic of craftsmenship - balustrades, bracketed windows, arches and frieze of marble carvings - creating a true marvel in marble. Only one thing remains the same. The beauty. Enjoy the unhurried hospitality and the royal grandeur, that naturally floats in the air of this palace. Enjoy a wildlife cruise through the forests, meet the tribes dwelling here from time immemorial and in the enjoy the evenings with hand in hand, standing on the ornate balconies and gazing at the shimmering waters of the Lake.

Deo Somnath Temple
Deo Somnath Temple

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Drive Around For Fun

Drive 41 km by road from Dungarpur village, to visit Baroda village, once the capital of Vagad, now an indispensable part of the Aspur tehsil. The trivial town once had the privilege of being known for its religious importance - Saivism and Jainism - which swelled much during the medieval period. Now, this serene and untouched pad of Rajasthan, stands mute with its numerous ruins of splendid Rajput architecture. When in Dungarpur, take a travel excursion from Udaipur and don't miss the opportunity to visit Deo Somnath, situated at 24 km from the downtown. No doubt you will be fascinated to behold the magnificent 12th century temple of Lord Shiva, that stands straight, with its white stone head held high. The brilliant juxtaposition of huge stone slabs to create this impressive edifice epitomizes the craftsmanship of a magnificent era.

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Routes To Leisure

You can fly upto Udaipur (120 km) or Ahmedabad Airport (175 km), and then hire a taxi to reach the leisure destination of Dungarpur. However you can also disembark at the local junction if you change your course at Udaipur and get the 9643 Express (Himatnagar-Dungarpur-Udaipur); Mewarpass Express (Himatnagar-Dungarpur-Udaipur). It is a much convenient option, because you can visit Udaipur and then move towards Dungarpur. One can also get into the Rajasthan State Transport Corporation buses, that carry out a satisfactory service throughout the district. Once you are in Dungarpur, you can use rickshaws or tongas for local commutation.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Dungarpur

Juna mahal - Dungarpur

The Beauty of Rural Rajasthan
If you are interested in beholding the raw beauty of Rajasthan, a visit to see Dungarpur village attractions can satiate your appetite. Walk through the rugged and rocky terrain before soothing your eyes with the cool waters of the picturesque lake, nestling in the heart of the town.

The Palace of Pleasures
While enjoying Dungarpur tourism, walk into the seven-storied structure of Juna Mahal, reverberating with the pulse of history. Look at the beautiful frescoes, miniature paintings and glass and mirror work, embellishing the walls of the palace, and you can't stop yourself wondering about the regal life of that time.

Enjoy A Royal Stay
While on a holiday trip to Dungarpur, reserve a suite in the famous Udai Bilas Palace. Originally the abode of Rajput kings, this palace has been converted into a magnificent heritage hotel. Enjoy chilled beers and varied mouthwatering dishes while enjoying hassle-free holiday afternoons, with your loved ones.

Try The Rural Flavour
Enjoy Dungarpur rural tourism to try a plate of fresh bread, baked on woodfire along with the traditional 'gatte ki sabzi', savour the taste of fresh butter churned out in front of you, and you will cherish the taste and the memories throughout your life.

See A Tribal Dance
Plan a trip to Bhuvaneshwar, situted at 9 km from Dungarpur during the famous Holi festival. A grand fair is held on the fifth day after the festival of colours in front of the famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Remember to see a mindblowing Gair dance performance by the Bhil tribes of this region.

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