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Location : At a distance of 113 km from Bharatpur
Popular As : The City of Brutal Wars
Major Attractions : Shergarh Fort and Muchchhkund
Other Charms : Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, Ram Sagar Sanctuary, Talab Shahi

Dholpur Fort , Rajasthan
Dholpur Fort , Rajasthan

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Dholpur Tourism - A Golden Bridge Between Mughal And Deccan

Travel to Dholapur situated almost midway between Agra and Gwalior, Dholpur is an easy destination for a single day freak out amidst the rustic greens of Rajasthan. The old historic pad of Dholpur, was originally named as Dhawalpuri, after Dhawal Deo, a Tomara Rajput chieftain, who established the city in the 11th century. This trivial town was, ironically, a witness to a very turbulent history. Its strategic location on the main route linking Kabul and Delhi to Deccan, and its close proximity to major capitals like Gwalior and Agra, attracted attention of many rulers, in and around the state. It was near here that Dara Shikoh, eldest and most beloved son of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, was defeated by his younger brother, Aurangzeb. After around 50 years, history repeated itself when Aurangazeb's sons fought a pitched battle for royal succession.

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Dig Deep Into Dholpur

Take a tour of Dholapur and drive towards the south of Dholpur town, to visit the colossal Shergarh fort. Dholapur Village attraction comprise this monument, which was built by Sher Shah Suri on the site of an earlier Hindu fortress. The aura of mystery around this famous fort will arouse your curiosity from the moment you will have its first glance. Though dilapidated externally, this old fort still holds the stamina to sing the glory of the bygone era like a child. Don't get petrified to see tall men with ferocious mustaches and guns slung across their shoulders. It is not unusual that these robust men trace their line of heredity to the dacoit dynasty, many of whom who have surrendered by now. From the Shergarh fort, one can move to Muchchhkund, situated at about 8 kms. from the downtown of Dholpur. Named after Raja Muchchhkund, the twenty fourth king of the Suryavansh clan (the solar race), Muchchhkund, is now famous site of Hindu pilgrimage. Wander around the large tank encircled by the temples all around, and enjoy the picturesque view it creates.

Gel With The Gems Around - Dholapur Attractions

The first attraction to be visited after you move out from Dholpur, rural destination, is the Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, a good 19 km uphill drive from Dholpur. The serenity here is, indeed, inviting. Spend some of your holiday moments clicking photographs and capturing innocent herbivores such as sambhar, chital, blue bull and slothbears in your cams. Not far from Van Vihar is the Ram Sagar wildlife sanctuary (8 km), so named because of the picturesque lake which is said to be inhabited by crocodiles and a variety of species of fishes and vicious snakes. Next on your itinerary should be the Talab Shahi (40 km) as the road from the Van Vihar Sanctuary leads straight to this place. The 13 km stretch is dotted with villages, one of which had all walls painted in blue, apparantly reminding you of the pink constructions of Jaipur.

Pack Your Bags - Way to Reach Dholapur

Dholpur, located on NH 3, is most easily reached from either Agra (55 km) or Gwalior (60 km). One can even catch a train from Dausa. Travellers can even halt at Hodal (90 km), at the Haryana Tourism motel Dabchick for a light refreshment, when driving from Delhi.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Dholpur

Damoh Waterfall - Dholpur

An Excellent Stopover On Your Wildlife Hunt
If you are out to explore the wildlife reserves of Rajasthan, travel to Dholpur. This tiny destination is a splendid refreshment break while moving from Bharatpur to Ranthambhore

Beauty of The Heartless Land
Visit the stained grounds of Dholpur in Rajasthan and have a recapitulation of the bygone era. Listen to the whispering of the otherwise trivial town, and explore the unanswered questions of mortality and immorality.

The Tiger Fort
Drive upto the summit of the picturesque hill until you reach the colossal gates of the famous Shergarh Fort. Established by Sher Shah Suri, this magnificent attarction of Dholapur still sungs the glory of the medieval era.

The Temple By The Lake
Dholapur Village attraction in Rajasthan comprise the sacred Muchchhkund, a famous site of Hindu pilgrimage, near Dholpur in Rajasthan. Spare some time to walk around the large tank encircled by the alluring temples all around with a cobalt blue sky at the backdrop

Walk With The Nature
Take a Dholpur holiday and visit the famous Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, a good 19 km uphill drive from Dholpur. Get a cam beforehand because you might miss a wild sight or two, and remorse the rest of your life.

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