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Location : Ballard Pier, Mumbai
Cruise Itinerary : Mumbai-Lakshadweep-Goa-Mumbai
Timeline : Depending on the cruise you pick, could be anywhere between 1-4 nights
What Makes For A Holiday : Open-air jacuzzis, Casinos, Poolside barbeques

Cruising The Arabian Sea - A Sail To A Dreamland

Nothing can be more romantic then watching a sunset with your partner wile sailing on a memorable cruise in Goa with us. Enjoy cruising on the famous boat and ship cruises of Goa that offer luxury accommodations with complete sightseeing tours of Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep, food on board, recreational activities on board and number of tour packages suiting your holidays and budget on the vast Arabian sea of Goa.

Cruise through Arabian Sea , Goa
Cruise through Arabian Sea , Goa

There are many ways to enjoy a holiday at Goa; sun bathing, fishing, wildlife hunting, shopping. But for a special tourist like you, the world's favourite way to holiday is expected - a ship cruise. Far from the bustling shores, a vacation on the blue waters of the Arabian Sea is a dream for many tourists. Travel to the magical time of 'Titanic', enjoy a luxury cruise off the western shores spiked with a touch of moonlight, with the clink of champagne flutes, the sound of sea and the music of yesteryears. Believe us, a return on the opulent ships from the Goan coastline will only add crown to the frolic. So what are you waiting for? Make the cruise on the Arabian Sea a reason to celebrate your holiday in Goa.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise - Jump, Jingle And Luxuriate With The Waves

Goa cruise on the sunken waters of the Arabian Sea will surely add colours to your memory canvas. Although now coming of age, tourists can choose from a wide array of voyage options stringed by a strategic, customer friendly, personal and professional service that enthralls every visitor. Most of these luxury ships sail from the golden coasts of Mumbai to the emerald islands of Lakshadweep, and return via the rocking waves of Goa, making stops at both the places. You are altogether fetched to a dreamworld when the 'Brobdingnagian' (huge) ships set out from the jetty, lit by softened lights as the sun slips into the womb of horizon. The calm harbour waters shimmer in gorgeous blues, as ferries and fishing boats create a constantly changing canvas before the eyes.

Your Dream Home For A Few Days

Wake up the next morning to a salutary breakfast on the deck. Enjoy a leisure walk around the board to get a glimpse of your shipmates - families, teenagers, a few honeymooning couples, 18s and 80s - all having a pleasant time over high seas, sans the continuous shriek of cell phone signals. Keeping in mind that you don't feel aloof, the ships, generally, does not correspond to separate classes on board. Travellers who have paid for a tiny interior cabin use the same dining rooms and decks as those who have paid for a luxury ocean view stateroom. We say, go for the second option. Pleasant, sunny and equipped with ponderous divans, spacious closets and an en suite bathroom, the deluxe alcoves are no less than the rooms of a luxury hotel. special care is taken to provide world class amenities for your comfort from Broadway-style shows to Vegas-style casinos, poolside barbeques to open-air jacuzzis, jogging tracks, internet café, video arcade and sometimes, even a golf driving range! Most of these luxury ships follow the new genre of 'freestyle' cruising; passengers dine whenever they want at wherever they want! Annex a solitary nook to enjoy a shot of chilled martini with your loved ones.

Cruise through Arabian Sea , Goa
Cruise through Arabian Sea , Goa

Take A Break of Fun And Frolic

Rise early in the morning to behold a magnificent sunrise. Behold the enchantment of seeing colours of the sky dissolve in marine oblivion. Next comes the holiday destination, the world looks forward to spend a few days of leisure. Yes, the picture-postcard archipelago of Lakshadweep. Explore a whole new world with a glass-bottomed boat. Snorkel through the coral reefs, scuba dive, wind surf, para sail on the turquoise blue waters of this sea paradise. Relish a mouthwatering palate of prawn curry and local biryani at the open-sided tourist huts that dot the coastline under an intricate canopy of coconut palms.

Even before you reach the fun paradise on earth, you can smell whiffs of feni, the signature of Goan air. As you will sail into the heart of Goa, don't be startled with the stares and gasps from the harbour. In a locale more used to man o' wars and local canoes, a orotund ship is indeed a novelty! To your amazement, you will be presented with a range of excursions when you disembark at Goa. There are scores of taxis waiting to ferry passengers to town and back. Get conveyed to the pristine sands of Anjuna, referred as a foreigner's paradise and a land of 'imported sadhus'. Put your footmarks on Curlies, the town's hippest beach pub. Gulp down a cool beer with consorted snacks while watching people engaged in merrymaking.

It Is How It Feels Like on A Voyage

Stroll over to the railings only to find that the horizon with its liliputian palm-fringed islets darting away. As far as eyes can see, there is nothing but azure water. And soon, you will find it pleasurable, as your colossal home slices through miles of ocean, in sight of nothing but shoals of flying fish. Look for a couple of dancing dolphins leading the king of the sea. The most alluring thing is perhaps the rolling on ebullient waters, you cannot but dance on the crown of azure waves. Enjoy a revue show with a bottle of chilled beer under the starlit blanket. The whole ship with its fairytale lights indeed creates chapters of Arabian Nights. In the night, you may wake up to nothing but a seamless grey shielding your pleasurable memories. Even the silvery curving rim of the horizon, an ever present companion through the last few days might be obscured by pitch darkness. Brace yourself against the sea breeze, and you can feel the meaning of solitude rising your spine. And you feel that it's an unsurpassable emotion - an essential check on the list of things to do before we die!

Goa Cruises - Tips To Remember

The strategic itinerary of the Goa sea cruise is planned to suit every tourist. Depending on your interests and budget, this could be anywhere between one to four nights. A few of the most popular Goa cruise itineraries are:

· Mumbai-Goa-High Seas-Goa-Mumbai (3 nights)
· Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai (2 nights)
· Mumbai-High Sea-Mumbai (1 night)
· Mumbai-Lakshadweep-Goa-Mumbai (4 nights)
· Mumbai-Lakshadweep-Mumbai (3 nights)

Pack sufficient sunshades and sunglasses to protect yourself from the king of the sky. As far as clothes are concerned, casual is fine. But do keep one set of formals for any formal do on board. Beachwear, of course, is a must.

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Top 5 Highlights of Cruising The Arabian Sea

Cruise in Arabian Sea

Enjoy A High on Seas
Plan a holiday, a cruise on the high waves of Arabian Sea. Travel to a time when women sparkled in chic evening gowns and men wore bowties and dinner jackets. Cruising on the azure waters has always spelt romance and the exotic, and roosting on a realm far removed from the ordinary will surely give you a memorable holiday experience.

Indeed Your Home On Wave Number Nine
Enjoy a few days of your life in sheer luxury over the cruise. Play a round of golf on the sprawling greens and then chill out in an open-air jacuzzi. Lit up your evenings with a magnificent revue show on board before you get a good night kiss by the moonlight and cold breeze of the sea.

Halts That Give Your Journey A Carry on
The ships anchor at Kadmat in Lakshadweep, where you can laze on the beach, try your hand at watersports and savour the tantalizing coastal cuisine. Remember to go for an underwater trip with a scuba dive or snorkel and explore the emerald deep sea mysteries of the Arabian.

The Glorious Goa Gaiety
The cruise ships also spare some time to drop at the chaste white sands of Goan beaches, the land of Carnival. Surfing days, bonfire nights, bright tie-dyed beachwear, flea market treasures, white church weddings, fresh catch from the sea and fried for your supper at a beach shanty, what else can make your holiday?

An Inescapable Feel of Solitude
Wake up at midnight and see the huge ship trespassing its way through the heart of hypnotic Arabian Sea. Brightly lit under the dark canvas of twinkling stars, the ship looks like a beautiful bride, tip-toeing on the foots of solace. Brace yourself against the sea breeze, and you can feel the meaning of solitude rising your spine.

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