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Celebrated in : Late February and Early March
Rejoiced in Memory of : Ancient Rome and Greece
Celebrated As : Red and Black Dance
Other Attractions : The float Parades

Goa Carnival - Goa Is Calling! Where Are You?

Goa Carnival
Goa Carnival

Originated in : 18th Century.
Major Venue : Panaji.
Major Attractions : Fancy dress parade, red and black dance, distribution of prizes by king Momo.
Activities : Songs are sung that praise and embrace their ancestors, feni is consumed in great quantity. Grand balls are held in the evening.
Don't Miss : The mock battles, where people fight with bags of sawdust.
Must Enjoy : The colorful processions that are held for three days and nights.
Inside Tip : There is a huge rush during this Festival, so better Book your accommodation well in advance.
Keep in Mind : In Villages, the Carnival is referred as 'Intruz'.

Despite centuries of alien incumbency, Goa's cultural traditions have displayed amazing resilience. The symbiosis of Portuguese and local strains has created an eclectic cultural fusion which is different from the rest of India. And yes, the best part is that you can mingle in the colour of that fusion too. Celebrated just before Lent in February/March, the Carnival can simply be defined as the festival of fun. Change the course of your holiday vacation with the colourful parades of music and lavish floats, that gifts the sun kisssed sands of Goa a new life for three days. There must be something that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, an inescapable aroma of solace. Come, splurge in...

Walking Down The Memory Lane

Dictionaries endorse that the roots of the word 'Carnival' is derived from Latin 'Carne' (meat) and 'Vale' which carries the essence of 'good bye'. Ask the locales and they will define it with a light heart. They say it is related to 'Carnislevamen' ('the pleasures of meat'), a last burst of revelry on meat after which Catholics are expected to fast and pray. Another school of thought suggests that the word originated from 'Carrus Navalis', the horse-drawn, boat-shaped carriage that was once an inexorable part of the Roman festival Saturnalia, consecrated in honor of Saturn. You can still see elated men and women, adorned in fancy dresses and colourful masks, dancing to the tunes of bygone melody, that once put the Romans on their feet.

People Celebrating Goa Carnival , Goa
People Celebrating Goa Carnival

Hey! Is This Called Life?

In Goa's towns, Carnival is a colourful affair. Wake up in the morning to the ringing of cymbals and euphony of bagpipes. Peep through your balcony only to see an amazing parade, a highly organised pursuit embellished alluring floats, that makes its way down the main street. If you happen to be in Panjim, you can have the pleasure to behold a whole new world. Huge masquerades are organized with live performances of bands and dances all night long on the streets of the state capital. Grand balls are held in the evenings. Believe us, you will be drowned in minutes of overwhelming fun. Don't miss the last moment festivities at 'Clube Nacional' that winds up the Carnival with the exquisite Red and Black dance.

Drive to the coconut graced villages of Goa, and you will see a completely different demeanor of the Carnival. In some parts of Goa like Banda on the Margao-Betul Road, the 'mell', a group of village youth dances in front of the main cross of the vaddo. They dance to the beat of drummers around an oil lamp and sing songs in praise of their generic ancestors. The tempo of the drumming is stepped up and some get into a trance. Gradually, the pleasure augments with liberal doses of feni.

The people of Goa start their preparations for the grand Carnival from the end of December. They compose and rehearse short plays of history to be enacted during the carnival. The plays are generally enacted by men, dressed in bright colourful attires and uncanny headgears, who perform the roles of women as well.

Drive Your Way

The Goa Carnival was an integral part of the Portuguese celebration, and has now became a rich heritage of the state. The festival epitomizes the fun-loving culture that is a signature of Goa in all seasons. The festival today has no religious undertones and has come to be a cultural highlight of the state, rather than of the sanctimony. The government affords special tour packages to major destinations and it is indeed a memorable moment to enjoy during your vacation.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit The Goa Carnival

Kathakali Dance Kerala

Carnival - A Reason To Celebrate
The original reason for the carnival was to celebrate the arrival of spring and today it has evolved as three days of revelry and fun. The event is opened by the arrival of king Momo who makes a traditional decree ordering his subjects to forget their worries and have a good time.

Even The Name Asks For A Party
Many believe that the name asks for a last burst of revelry on meat after which Catholics are expected to fast and pray during Lent. With a solid reason like this, how the Carnival cannot spring up to appetite.

Unwind Yourself For The Merry
The Carnival offers many moods to savour for every tourists. Plan a trip to Panaji, the capital, where the festivity centres around a procession of colourful floats. People dance and sing their hearts out with King Momo who precedes the parade.

A Rural Way To Celebrate
Drive to the virgin villages of Goa and you can behold a completely different carnival spirit. The whole ambience pulsates to the beats of 'mell'; a group of folk dancers swirling with the sounds of drum around an oil lamp.

Dressed As A King
Another interesting feature of the Carnival is the enactment of historic plays and popular legends. The plays are generally enacted by men, dressed in bright colourful attires and uncanny headgears, who perform the roles of women as well.

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