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Location : 34kms. from Bharatpur in Rajasthan, India.
Founded By : A Jat named Chuhru in 1620 AD
Famous For : Magnificent mansions of Jain merchants
Other Highlights : Salasar Temple, Talchhapar Sanctuary, Sandalwood carvings

Roller in Grasses - Churu
Roller in Grasses - Churu

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Churu - The Village Of Illustrious Havelis Painted In Grace

Churu Village is like an oasis, shielding from the blistering heat of Rajasthan, but simultaneously arranging a date with the shifting golden sand dunes of Thar. There are other things also which a tourist should keep in mind before overlooking this trivial town, while planning for a perfect holiday vacation in India. Churu tourism will reveal to you a semi-arid sandy plain watered only by the Katli River in the northeast, but politically the administrative capital of Bikaner district. However it is usually included in a discussion because of the beautiful havelis, made of lime and brick, and flavoured with the best of the frescoes known at that time. The town is apparantly a living mural that has expressed itself on the painted walls of the magnificent mansions, colourful fantasies of the wealthy merchants.

The Eternal Panoramic Vista Wapped In Thousand Folds - Rural Attractions of Churu

One can feel the enchantment of Churu's history while walking through the muddy cobble stone pathways, lined either sides by the largest havelis in the area. Walk along the slender lanes of the main bazaar, snaking past the bus stand, to reach the Malji-ka-Kamra - a marvelous edifice trimmed with pale blue stucco and couched on green pillars, like some convoluted replica of a wedding cake - an ancient chapter of glory, now a freaking joint of pigeons and rubbish grazing cows. The Surajmal Banthia Haveli, a farther 100m to the north-west, is an excellent warehouse of uncanny artifacts. Best known for its infamous portrait of Christ with a cigar, incongruously impinging on two British ladies, the colossal mansion also houses a series of paintings of naked men fondling rabbits, a thing completely anomalous in Rajasthan. When on a vacation trip to Rajasthan, don't forget to pay a visit to the famous Balaji Temple (Hanumanji) at Salasar, situated on NH 65 in Churu District. Every year two large fairs are held on Chaitra(April) and Ashwin Purnimas(October) and the people get a reason to celebrate their hearts out. Lacs of devotees from every pocket of the country and abroad come and offer their wish before the Lord, with a true belief that Lord Balaji fulfills all desires if pledged with a true heart.

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

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Get Along With The Prismatic Lure Around Churu

Spend one of your holiday afternoons amidst the greens of Talchhapar Sanctuary, situated at 95 km south-west of Churu. The main attractions of Churu lies in the small patch of grass land boasts of a healthy population of the endangered black bucks, carefully preserved along with a high number of 'chinkara' (Indian Gazelle) and smaller mammals such as the desert fox. Earlier the hunting grounds of the erstwhile Maharaja of Bikaner, Talchhapar was declared as a reserved area for the protection of wild animals and birds in the year 1962. Tourists can wander in the northern corners of the town looking for some splendid memorial domes, placards of the magnanimosity of the rich traders of the area. A must visit is the 'Aath Khambh Chhatri (Eight Pillared Dome), west of the vegetable market, built on a Rajput s cremation site. Its base has been virtually buried by windblown sand but the interiors still display exquisite murals, one depicting an early European mercenary on foot with a musket.

Take Home The Sandalwood Beauty - Shopping in Churu

Take a tour of the rural town of Churu to have a rendezvous with the beautiful sandalwood carvings, produced with such adroitness that it is hard to believe without seeing. The craftsmen usually make sandalwood almonds, hinged in wood, which when opened reveal a tiny piece of deity that evokes more adulation than devotion. Shopping enthusiasts can also look for intricate objects such as lockets, flowering plants with hidden cells that open to reveal sandalwood gods or a village scenes. Rural attraction in Churu is endless.

Get Going - How to Reach Churu

The State Roadways bus stand is half a km south of the private bus stand. There are regular bus services operated by R.S.R.T.C that links to all major destinations in Rajasthan. One can even hire a private cab and drive 320 Km from Delhi, while stopping at Jhunjhunu, Pilani and Bhiwani for mild refreshments. The train head is 100m north of the private bus stand. It takes around 4? hours to reach Bikaner and 7 hr to reach the National Capital. Tourists can avail cycle-rickshaws for local commutation within the town. For more tourist related information one can approach RTDC Information and Bookings Office, in Bikaner House at Pandara Road, New Delhi.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Churu

Churu - Rajasthan

The Village Tour
Enjoy Churu tourism to experience the real rustic essence of Rajasthan. Wander around leisurely looking foe simple modes of entertainment and living, as is done by the local villagers.

Magnificent Residences of Glory
The small town of Churu is dotted with attractions in form of numerous opulent residences of the Rajput merchants. These ornate residences display a fine work of artistry in forms of colourful murals and beautiful frescoes.

Temple Charisma
Visit the famous Sri Balaji Temple at Salasar. Plan your holiday trip during Chaitra (April) and Ashwin Purnimas (October), to be a part of two large fairs, which give the people of Churu, a reason to celebrate their hearts out.

Go Wild With The Greens
Situated at 95 km south-west of Churu, the Talchhapar Sanctuary boasts of a healthy population of the endangered black bucks, carefully preserved along with a high number of 'chinkara' (Indian Gazelle)

Buy The Sandalwood Beauty
Get a few of those alluring sandwood crafts for your near and dear ones, when on a holiday tour to Churu. The best ones have hidden cells that open to reveal sandalwood gods or a village scenes.

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