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Highlights : Promoted as Village Tourism by Government of Rajasthan
Location : Interior Regions of Rajasthan
Rural Destination : Churu, Barmer, Dausa, Dundlod, Nathadwara, Shekhawati
Experience : Cultural Rural Heritage of India

Rajasthan Village Life
Rajasthan Village

Famous Village Attractions : Surajmal Banthia Haveli in Churu, Bundi Fort, Pratap Mahal in Dausa, Deeg Fort, Shergarh Fort of Dholpur, Juna Mahal of Dungarpur, Galta Temple, Shrinathji Temple - Nathdwara.
Must Experience : Day to Day Activities of Village Life and Interaction with Locals. Staying in a Village home with Village Family. Shekhawati - for its Magnificent Frescoes, Wall Paintings and Havelis, Dungarpur - Palaces and Temples.
What to Do : Watching Sunset on Camel Safari, Taking Village Cart Safari, Visit to Rural Farms, Enjoy Juicy Watermelons.
Staying Options : Camp Accommodation, Hut Accommodation, Stay in Havelis, Village Stay.
Distances : Churu - 34 km from Bharatpur, Barmer - 224 km from Jodhpur, Dausa - 54 km Jaipur, Dundlod - 160 km Sikar, Nathadwara - 48 kms Udaipur, Shekhawati - 185 km from Jaipur.
Getting There : The Villages are connected by Road and so you can hire Car or a Bus from the Airport or Railway Station. Galta - 10 km Jaipur, Shekhawati - NH 11 to Sikar from Jaipur, NH -12 to Bundi from Jaipur, NH- 8 from Jaipur to Nathdwara and Dungarpur.
Inside Tip : While on your Village Trail, respect the culture and heritage of the villagers. Do not unnecessarily interfere in their life-style for you may annoy them by doing so.

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Explore With Village Tourism - A Gateway To Rural Life

Take up rural tourism of Rajasthan to see the villages of Rajasthan that are no bizarre. They still portray a modest form of civilization; its landscape dotted with heaps of hamlets, rugged tree thickets, herds of cattle and smoke from kilns being the only indication that there is a settlement in close proximity. Cluster of huts that are circular, and have thatched roofs, mud walls are covered with a plaster of clay, cow dung and hay, making a rustic facade that blends in with the sands of the desert around it.

For those wishing to get close to the pulse of the barren desert, wishing to taste the real essence of Rajasthan, how these dwellers strive to squeeze the best of the desert, holidaying these forsaken tourist destinations is a great idea. It is amazing to know that for many of its residents, these homes are the only cosmos they know. But it is when they step out, occassionally to visit pilgrimages or to be a part of the fairs held, they actually add colour to carnivals; turbans bob past in saffron and red, swirling skirts wave beneath robes that veil the faces of their women. Into the austere, torrid climate of the desert, the people breath life that is unambiguous, carrying light-hearted walks, with a slight savour of spirit that is their destiny.

Welcome to Rajasthani Village tourism to explore the unexplored rural life, unsung and far from modernisation and enjoy a soul-touching experience like never before.

The Bucolic and the Beautiful

While moving towards major tourist destinations, where fun is always at hand, just drive off the highway to have a glimpse of the way of life, off the beaten track. Look out for the smoke still curling out from the kitchen window - modern gas lit stoves have still not got an opportunity to enter into the lives of the people. These are some of the famous Rajasthan village attractions. Dusks are illuminated by twinkling lights of kerosene lamps. There was a time, few decades ago, when villagers would sing of rain to children because it was a rare visitor. Seems as if this is an excerpt taken from some chapter of a fairy tale book? Indeed it is, with the exception that these lines truly reflect the lives of the village people. But a part of it has changed. Children are no longer surprised to see a motorised transport. They are beginning to forget the fierce desert storms that would shift entire sand dunes overnight and snuff out everything in their way. Travel to the rural citites of Rajasthan and thanks the Government of Rajasthan who has taken intrepid measures to promote these virgin villages into the hands of modernity. Now they have network of roads that connect nearby villages, they have televisions in their huts, something they can rejoice when there is electricity, channels to harvest rain water and electricity-fed tubewells to moisten the fields.

Rural Enchantments

Rajasthan Farmer in the Fields
Farmer in the Fields

Take a village tours of Rajasthan. Travel on a camel's back amidst the wind-swept, sand farms, see the men with rings in their ears and their feet in gaily embroidered shoes and quench your thirst with red and sweet watermelons. Wow! A lifetime experience. During your Rajasthan rural tours you will fing that Rajasthan's settlements don't have oasis that are typical of their foreign counterparts. Water is stored in man-made ponds and huge vessels for daily use. Since water is so crucial to their survival, wells are often splendidly decorated, and have tall pillars that would indicate their presence to travellers on long journeys through the desert. The stove where cooking is done is wood-fired in which cow-dung patties are also fed as fuel. Over this stove, earthen pots are placed for cooking. Try a glass full of hot tea along with freshly baked bread. It tastes good, isn't it? Try out churning of some fresh butter from the brimmed milk pot, absolutely a thrilling experience. Taste it, and if you like it, ask for more. Tourists are usually amazed to see how they wash their utensils. They mud their plates until they are clean, and then rub them with a piece of cloth. Marriages are occasions for the entire village to come together people dress up colourfully to welcome the wedding procession, and the 'dholis' (drummers) lead the party to the bride's house. Look at those men working in the fields, slender with an erect posture. Their better halves, milking the cattles and the still younger ones playing with the sands.

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Rural Towns Treasure Trove

Take a tour of the famous rural destinations of Rajasthan. Visit to the unexplored land of Deeg, a small rural town and the former summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur. A magnificent example of Jat architecture, the Deeg Palace boasts of highly decorated coloured fountains and soul-soothing pleasure pavilions. Make a trip to Barmer during your holiday vacations in Rajasthan, a small settlement, shimmering with the simple cultural life. Experience the splendid wood and stone carvings, or move to Sanganer, 16 km from Pink City of Jaipur, to get some finest souvenirs of hand-printed textiles, exported and admired round the world.

The major attractions of these rural villages lies in the fact that despite their mediocre way of living, the people of this barren land of Rajasthan, presents some magnificent way of art, in one form or another. Unequivocal dexterity reflects in every part of their life, be it in the designs women paint in the courtyards with coloured chalk powder (rangoli) or the filigree that the tall ropy men with robust moustaches, carve out from silver.

Know the Lesser Known

Rural tourism in Rajasthan will bring to you the famous attractions that make these rural cities a favorite of tourists. The Government of Rajasthan has taken adequate measures to promote these rural corners of the state under the name of Village Tourism. For example, the research work for documentation awarded by Ministry Of Art & Culture, Government Of India, to develop complete restoration and conservation package for Shekhawati haveli's has been completed. These villages have so much to explore that they can truthfully be addressed as the ' trump cards' of Rajasthan and a perfect holiday destination for any traveller. Plan a vacation trip to any of the village retreats and be overwhelmed with the austere pleasures of life, self-abnegation and the voice of 'Atithi Devo Bhabo' (Guest is God), that echoes in each and every heart.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Rural Villages

Bhenswara, village - rajasthan

Give a Rural Touch to Your Vacation
Spend your holiday vacations in the arms of rural Rajasthan, and discover the true essence of the state in the lives of people. Stay in one of those mud houses with thatched roofs, painted elegantly with chalk powder and experience a life completely devoid of modern amenities.

The Beautiful Villages of Rajasthan
Take a rural tourism of Rajasthan and spend the days of your holiday vacation witnessing the day to day activities of the folk men, how they yeild their fields and women cleaning their houses. Enjoy the evenings, illuminated by lamps, chatting with the old folks and listening to their legends of the chivalry and romance.

The Village Cuisine
Travel to the rural cities in Rajasthan and try a plate of fresh bread, baked on woodfire along with the traditional 'gatte ki sabzi' sitting in their own kitchen. Savour the taste of fresh butter churned out in front of you, and you will cherish the taste and the memories throughout your life.

Let Your Bag Memorize the Rest
Get some fine examples of intrinsic craftsmanship in the interiors of Rajasthan. Buy yourself a brilliantly embroidered 'odhni', reflecting taste of Rajasthan, knitted by the next-door lady and get it embroidered for free. Take up village tours of Rajasthan.

The Beauty of the Night
To know more about the famous Rajasthan village attractions enjoy a superb folk dinner along with the melodious tunes of Rajasthani village musicians. Dance to their rhythms and paint the evening in blue while on a rural trip to Rajasthan, India.

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