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Location : 34 km from Bharatpur in Rajasthan, India.
Built By : Badan Singh in 1722 AD
Famous For : Deeg Fort
Other Highlights : Magnificent Palaces and Mughal Gardens

Deeg Palace - Bharatpur
Deeg Palace - Bharatpur

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Deeg - Town Of Cupid Construction

Welcome to the most popular among the lesser known destinations of Rajasthan, Deeg, 36 km north of Bharatpur, is a small town yet to be explored. Very few travellers ever make it to Deeg, if on a way to the famous sanctuary, but this small town with its exquisite fortifications, impressive palaces and busy market makes an excellent excursion tour, much more interesting than Bharatpur (save the bird park) itself. Take up Deeg Tourism in Bharatpur which is an easy day trip from Agra, the trivial town of Deeg is best known for its well-preserved palaces and an elegantly manicured Mughal Garden. Visit Deeg during the three-day fair held in the month of September, when the Deeg fort is decorated like a newly wed bride. Enjoy a holiday in the rural destination of Deeg to enjoy the rural culture and heritage

The Deeg Fort - Reflection of History

Famous Deeg fort in Rajasthan is the perfect holiday idea in India. One might want to spend the whole day in the palace, but take out some time to visit the eminent Deeg fort, with massive walls and a shallow wide moat, constructed on a elevated plain on the eastern side of the huge Roop Sagar. See the famous Deeg fort while you wander across the ramparts of history, supported by a couple of bastions, and shielding the past with a huge cannon, mounted at the corner. Walk under the impressive gateway protected with anti-elephant spikes. The largest bastion is towards the north-west corner, known as Lakkha Burj or the principal watch-tower. Climb on this 70-foot-high tower, and look at the green countryside sprawled around. It is said that on a sunny day, one could keep a watch on the neighbouring countryside for as far as 10 km!

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

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Green, Blue And The Touch of White - Deeg Attractions

Visit Deeg to see the moast famous atrcations of this rural destination. The palaces form a captivating quadrangle with strategic water courses , statuesque fountains and a compassionately trimmed garden amidst big shady trees. Built in an impeccable blend of Mughal and Rajput architectural style, the palaces display an excellent state of repair. Walk over to the west side of the square and look for the richly carved cornices, pavilions and eaves of the magnificent Gopal Bhawan. The grey and slightly pinkish sandstone with which these palaces are made, reflects the wisdom and dexterity of the architects employed. Stop and spend a few moments pendulating with the history, the marble swing (believed to have belonged to emperor Jahangir's queen - the Persian beauty, Noor Jehan) will serve as a mode. Visit the "Sawan-Bhadon" palace on either side, which have a hollow ceiling with rolling iron spheres in it; when water is made to flow into the ceiling, these spheres collide with each other and produce a mesmerizing sound of raining clouds. Look at the palace in the golden rays of the evening sun - roofs built in the ancient 'Gajaprastha' style (like an elephant's back) with beautiful spires, jaali-covered arches, intricately carved brackets - built one upon the other - three storeys two of which are immersed in water, make each of these pavilions a nonpareil romantic resort to spend come memorable moments of your holiday vacation.

Village Women at Deeg  Rajasthan
Village Women at Deeg Rajasthan

Hunting Around The Rural Charisma

The most common thing that a visitor explores in Deeg is the addiction of rural relaxation. Not many things to see and do, the time is spent either by exploring the ramparts or listening to the folk lores. You can even visit the Laxmi Mata Mandir, 20 minutes leisurely walk from the palace. A 'mataji' (female priest) takes care of the religious customs of the temple, enshrining images of Durga, Hanuman and Shiva in its alcoves. Deeg, being just an hour's drive from Krishna's Vrindavan, is also the place where the dark god's 'gopis' (milkmaids) had their skirts embroidered. Deeg also has an interesting bazaar, rustic but unique in its own way. Look at those tall good-looking Jat farmers in radiant white turbans and dhotis (an unstitched garment wrapped loosely at the waist) and brightly dressed women in colourful swinging 'ghagras' (skirts). Have some fun in this mediocre town of Rajasthan, where after-work meetings under the banyan trees is an impetus for living. Visit this famous rural town during the Monsoon Festival in August every year. Looking at the 500 fountains spurting colored jets of water is a lifetime experience.

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Getting There And Away

To travel to Deeg, you can take an easy day trip from Bharatpur, Agra, or Delhi by road. It takes around two-and-a-half hour to reach Deeg from Alwar by state transport buses. One can also catch a bus from Bharatpur, which is quite frequent (in every 30 minutes). Catch a cycle-rickshaw and enjoy travelling inside the town.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Deeg Town

Maharaja Palace - deeg

The Rural Relaxation
Take up Deeg tourism to taste the real essence of the virgin villages of Rajasthan. Spend your holiday mornings exploring different chapters of history, while kicking back the afternoons away in leisure.

A Fort In Disguise
Visit the colossal Deeg Fort, constructed on a higher plane along the banks of Roop Sagar. Touch the mud-hard walls and climb the 64 feet high tower to have a great visual vista of the countryside.

The Celestial Palaces
If you are planning a holiday in Deeg then prepare to be awashed in the golden rays of the evening sun, when the reflection of the marble palaces in the still waters of Roop Sagar, presents an almost unreal view of the magic created by artistic hands.

The Temple With A Difference
Visit the famous Laxmi Mata Mandir, a nearby excursion from Deeg, housing beautiful images of Hindu Gods. A 'mataji' is there to take care of the religious rites.

The Flight Paradise
Tourists can also visit the renowned Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, famous for the varied colours of avians dwelling in its green patches. One can also look for the endangered Siberian Cranes during the winters.

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