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Location : 36 km from Kota and 206 km from Jaipur
Named after : Meena leader Bunda
Famous For : Taragarh Fort and Bundi Palace
Other Highlights : Step-wells, 'Ragamala' and 'Raaslila' paintings.

City Palace - Bundi
City Palace - Bundi

Bundi Tourism - Enjoy the Undiscovered Splendour

"Jeypore Palace may be called the Versailles of India; Udaipur's House of State is dwarfed by the hills round it and the spread of the Pichola Lake; Jodhpur's House of strife, gray towers on red rock, is the work of giants, but the Palace of Bundi, even in broad daylight, is such a palace as men build for themselves in uneasy dreams-- the work of goblins rather than of men."
-- Rudyard Kipling

A tour of Bundi is like riding on a time machine; images scratch the windscreens with such acrimony that it is hard to keep track of the time that flings from modern to medieval. Nestled in the folds of Aravallis, in a narrow encircling gorge, this picturesque and captivating little town of Bundi bristles with medieval enchantment. Termed as the 'Queen of Hadoti', the solitary and independent township of Bundi is like an enchanting fresco, frozen in stone through the ages. Welcome to Bundi, the seat of Rajput legacy and explore the undiscovered splendour of this pristine town with an irresistable charm - embodied in intricate carvings of the Bundi palace, amazing Raslila frescoes and elaborate step-wells.

Forts of Fortune - Attractions of Bundi

Drive through the lapidarian steep hill snaking up to the famous colossal Bundi fort (also known as Taragarh Fort), to reach the gigantic gateway topped by rampant elephants. This rather dilapidated fort, with its overgrown vegetation and amusing monkeys, is a free rollercoaster of history, one of the most famous places to see in Bundi. Look at the aptitude with which the huge reservoirs inside the ramparts are carved out, from a single solid rock. Wander along the erratic ramparts supported by huge bastions - a chef d'oeuvre of the stoneman is Bhim Burj, the largest of the existing battlements mounting a huge cannon at the apex. Spend your holiday afternoons in the fort, so as to experience the magical beauty casted on its facades by the setting sun. These are some of the places to visit in Bundi.

Take a rickshaw ride on the steep cobbled ramp of the north-weatern end of the bazaar to reach the alluring Bundi Palace. Visit the 'Chitrashala' (art room) - a binocular to history - housing the world famous Bundi murals and miniature paintings which bear scenes from the 'Ragamala' and 'Raaslila' of the Radha-Krishna story in its intricately carved brackets . Many of the exquisite artworks are stored in the closed parts of the palace, which can be visited only with special permission from the secretary of the maharajah of Bundi. Visit the shopper's stops nearby; looking for those colourful bangles of Bundi amidst the medieval ambience of the markets.

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Leisurely Hunts - Other Attractions

Try to slot in some time to visit the much-hyped 'baoris' or step-wells of Bundi. Unique to Rajasthan and Gujarat, the step-wells served as water reservoirs for the summers when there was an acute scarcity of drinking water in these desolate corners of Rajasthan. Plan a visit to the impressive Raniji-ki-Baori, a 46 m deep step-well in the heart of the town embellished with exquisitely carved pillars and opulent archways. If lucky, one can even witness the special occasion of drawing water from the well, a quintessential bedlam of the rural womenfolk dressed up in colourful attires. While returning back from the well, stop for a few moments in the slender lanes of the vibrant 'sabji mandi' (vegetable market). Catch a few colourful moments of the market in your handy cam.

Hire a local transport and visit the Jait Sagar Lake, 3kms from Bundi downtown. Encircled by hills, this picturesque lake looks magnificent when illuminated in the evening and during the monsoons, when the lake brims with lotus flowers, the swirling fountain in the middle only adds to the visual delight of the tourists. When on a holiday trip to Bundi, don't miss the chance to visit Bhora-ji-ka-Kund. This 16th century tank located opposite the Abhaynath Temple (one of the oldest temples of Rajasthan), attracts hundreds of migratory birds (after a good monsoon) and double number of birdwatchers from all over the state.

Bundi Festival
Cultural Dance at Bundi Festival

Unveil The Mystic Excursions Nearby - Excursion from Bundi

Bundi India tour has much more to offer! Drive only 4 km from Bundi to feel the religious essence of traditional Rajasthan. Perched majestically on the banks of shimmering Chambal, the temple of Keshoraipatan is nestled in an idyllic location against the backdrop of a cobalt blue sky. Try to plan a visit during the months of January-February to be a part of the bustling event of Kartik Purnima, when Keshoraipatan turns almost into mini-Pushkar for a couple of days. Tourists can enjoy the kaleidoscopic event of floating of lighted diyas (lamps made from flour dough) on the silent waters of sacred Chambal.

A favoured pad for picnickers is the village of Menal, 70 km on the Bundi-Chittaurgarh highway. A place full of natural beauties, Menal is a nice cradle to kick your holiday afternoons away leisurely. One can enjoy a wonderful day, by wandering around the ancient Shiva temples, bathing in the picturesque waterfalls or simply having a trek in the dense jungles, before savouring the sizzling local eateries available nearby. Travellers can also hire a private cab to reach to the Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, about 45kms from Bundi on the Nainwa Road. The forest houses diverse varieties of herbivores including the rare Blackbucks and Indian Gazelle. Don't forget to take a permission from the State Forest Department to pay a visit to the sanctuary.

Cluster with the folks during the Kajli Teej festival, celebrated with great pomp and show during the month of Bhadra (July/August). The eight days of festivity ends on Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and is marked by awe-inspiring cultural performances by the folk artists.

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Get Ready For A Rural Gaiety - How to Reach Bundi

The best way to reach Bundi is by bus. One can enjoy the panoramic vistas sprawled all around when planning a perfect one-day trip from Ajmer or Jaipur, both situated at 5 hour drive from Bundi. Tourists can also reserve a seat in the Agra Fort Passenger, if coming from Agra. The train strategically connects Chittaurgarh and Kota, beside embracing Bundi. Taxis can be hired for local commutation, from the stand near the Raniji-ki-Baori, but the best way to breeze around is to get a bicycle, rented near the old kotwali (police station).

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Bundi

Bundi Boat Race

Feel The Rural Essence
Plan a holiday trip to Bundi to feel the rustic colour of Rajasthan. See the fort, roam around the palaces, try your hands in the step wells and let yourself fly away with the miniature paintings.

The Star Fort
Visit the majestic Taragarh Fort (also known as the 'Star Fort'), a dilapidated construction on the browns, but still carrying a royal ambiance through the ages.

A Well Step
Tourism in Bundi will alloe you to see the much-hyped 'baoris' or step-wells of Bundi. Unique to Rajasthan and Gujarat, the step-wells served as water reservoirs for the blistering summers of Raajasthan.

Temple With A Difference
Chalk out a visit to the temple of Keshoraipatan during the months of January- February to be a part of the bustling festival of Kartik Purnima. Pilgrims from all pockets of the country cluster here to rejoice the auspicious event of religious festivity.

Speaking Sketches
When in Bundi, do not forget to see the famous 'Ragamala' and 'Raaslila' paintings, depicting the Radha-Krishna story in various forms and colour. One can even get a piece or two for near and dear ones.

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