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Location : Jodhpur district
Earlier Known As : Bahadamer or "The Hill Fort of Bahada"
Popular For : Antique art & crafts
Other Charms : Kiradu Temples, Someshwara Temple at the Indo-Pakistan border

Barmar  Art & Craft
Barmer Weaver making traditional Shawls

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Barmer Village - The Shopping Mall of Rajasthan

If you want to visit a place where you will get the entire Rajasthan in your palms, Barmer village is an ideal destination to spend a day of your holiday tour. Barmer is one of the most famous rural destination in Rajasthan. Situated at 153 km south of Jaisalmer, the small town of Barmer is a huge bag of handicrafts items - wood carving, carpets, embroidery, blockprinting, terracotta, silver filigree and the list is endless. Although being the mirror image of Rajasthan, this sun-bathed town doesnot boast of any colossal fort (and hence the name doesn't end as 'pur'), but here one can experience a completely different taste of this desert state; peaceful, small villages, their mud-walled houses decorated with geometric designs. Take a tour of Barmer to see a rural destination that has been immersed in antiquated colour, warmth and tradition. Barmer derives its name from Bahada Rao (popularly known as a Bar Rao), who founded the district in the 13th century and named it as Bahadamer or "The Hill Fort of Bahada", which forms the majot attraction of the village.

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Rendezvous With The Rural

If one wants to savour Barmer tourism attractions at its core, mount on a camel and leave the rest on the desert engine. Meandering along the mud ways of rural Rajasthan, amid mud-walled houses decorated with delicate folk motifs and floral designs, gazing at colourfully attired people on the way, is indeed an lifetime experience. Look at the wood fired stove where the cooking is done, see how cow-patties are also fed for fuel. See how the orange sands are being kicked up in little puffs as flocks of cattle and sheep come back from grazing..a scene you might have never encountered before. Plan a tour to Barmer in the month of March to be a part of the colourful Barmer festival. Let your hair down when this desert town bursts into a riot of vibrant colours, a sight which is a must see if in Rajasthan.

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Check Your Budget - Barmer Shopping

Barmer travel guide will confrom you with a desolate land with harsh climate and rough topography. Barmer is indeed a shopper's paradise, its narrow lanes lined up with tiny stalls displaying vibrantly coloured and embroidered fabric, embellished with excellent mirror work. If you are out for shopping, don't forget to get an 'ajrak' (scarf) in dark shades of red and blue, decorated with geometric patterns, for protection against the blistering sun of Rajasthan. Visit the Sadar Bazaar for anything related to embroidery and block-printing, whereas visit the Station Road if one is interested in getting some wooden memorabilia. The clustered stalls will also provide you with the opportunity to buy some of those traditional rugs, blankets, shawls, carpets, and the famous'Pattius' Dari in typical Barmer colours.

Chill Out At Barmer - Other Attractions

Drive just 35 kms from Barmer, to reach a group of five temples, Kiradu Temples, each unique in its own way, exquisitely carved in a style of architecture known as Solanki. The inscriptions dating back to 1161 A.D. reveals that the place was once called Kiratkoop and was earlier the capital of Punwars. These temples offer some very fine sculpture along with the picturesque surroundings. A must see is the Someshwara Temple with a multi tier spire. Since the temples are located close to Pakistan border, foreigners visiting it should obtain a prior permission form the District Collector or the Police Superintendent. Climb the rocky hill that poses as a hooligan to the old fort at the summit. The fort houses a magnificent shrine dedicated to Balark or the Sun God. There are also three Jain temples nearby, which date back to 1295 AD, bedecked with ornate pillars and exquisite doorways.

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Getting There And Away

Hire a rickshaw to reach the rail station of Barmer. Get into a bus that frequently connect tourists to Jodhpur (4 hrs). If one is coming from Jaisalmer, he will be dropped at the main bus stand, around 1 km north of the rail junction. However, you can also catch the Barmer Express (4808) connecting Barmer to Jodhpur.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Barmer

Barmer - Rajasthan

Take The Whole of Rajasthan Along With You
Take a tour of Barmer, a miniature replica of Rajasthan stuffed with all types of artifacts this colourful state is famous for. One can choose from a wide range of handicrafts - wood carving, carpets, embroidery, blockprinting, terracotta, silver filigree .

Décor Yourself With The Beauty of Barmer
Buy a piece or two of the famous ajrak (embroidered scarves), dangling from the racks of numerous stalls clustered like a handful of pebbles on the riverside. Don't forget to pick up some colourful glass bangles for your near and dear ones, that are imortant handicraft items.

The Heritage Sites
While on Barmer tour visit the Kiradu temples, which dates back to the 12th century, while in Barmer, displaying great works of art in exquisitely carved pillars and magnificently decorated ceilings.

The Line of Division
Savor BArmer tourism but don't forget to visit the Indo-Pakistan border when in Barmer. But get a special permission beforehand to enjoy a hassle free holiday vacation amidst the sands.

On A Camel's Back
If one wants to know Barmer to its core, hire a camel and leave the rest on the desert engine. Meandering along the mud ways of rural Rajasthan, amid mud-walled houses decorated with delicate folk motifs and floral designs, gazing at colourfully attired people on the way, is indeed an lifetime experience to enjoy.

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