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Location : Sam Sand Dunes, 42 km from Jaisalmer
Other Places of Stay : Kurri Sand Dunes, Lodhruva, Damodara, Kuldhara
What To Do : Camel Safari, Sand Bashing, Hot Air Ballooning
When To Go : November-February
Desert Camp - Bikaner
Desert Camp - Bikaner

The Place : Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Khimsar and Osian in Rajasthan.
Must See : The Special Culture Performances Held in the Camps set up for Travellers.
Make it Incredible : The Best Place to Enjoy the Camel Safari are the Areas around the Aravalli Regions, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. A Mind Blowing Experience can be Gathered at the Rann of Kutch (in Gujarat - Bordering Rajasthan).
Best Season : November to March.
Don't Miss : Cultural Performances on Sand Dunes, Rajasthani Meals, Picturesque Hamlets with Amiable Folks, Camping on the Dunes.
Important Gears : Warm Sweaters and Jackets, Warm Sleeping Bag (For Nights). During the Day, carry a Hat, a Pair of Sun Glasses and Sun Block Lotion.
Inside Tip : Though Mornings in Desert is Hot but Nights can Become very cold, so Carry Plenty of Warm Clothes.

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Camping in Rajasthan - Discover The Celestial Pleasure of Sands

If you thought the serene Himalayas or the majestic Ghats are the only places where camping is possible, you invariably need to rethink your options, for the desert areas of Rajasthan provide several days of ideal camping opportunities amidst the desolate sand dunes. Take a camping tour of Rajasthan and discover the real essence of India in its remote interiors, away from the pandemonium of the commercialized towns and cities. Give the holiday tours an impetus of adventure camping in Rajasthan and confront the Thar from a completely different perspective; burning sands in blistering daytime that flips up to chill flakes in night, amidst the sprawling scape of dune-decked terrain. Desert Camping is indeed a lifetime experience in Jaisalmer. tour to Sam Sand Dunes at a distance of 42 km from the city centre. Recreating the past era of the 8th and 12th century, these camping expeditions bring the outdoors alive and indoors idyllic, albeit in style.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry In The Lavish Camp Ambiance of Thar

Rajasthan is a place where necessity and luxury coalesce with each other, symbiotically giving each other a decent space to share. The bygone obligations have molded themselves so comfortably into modern comforts, that one cannot believe it without a close rendezvous. The terrain which was once arduous, have been modified into deluxe nests; portable Swiss tents, electrified and, complete with bath and running water facilities will make one's stay on the dunes a truly comfortable and memorable experience.

Sand, Sun And Fun

Traditional Rajasthan dance in Thar Desert
Traditional Rajasthan dance in Thar Desert

Gaily decorated camels carry tourists to the desert camping sites, look at the spectacularly beautiful dunes that stretch out into the horizon as undulating mountains of sand. Climb the sand dunes and then roll down is an unimaginable fun. Walk along the parched bushes and explore the mystery of sands underneath your feet, how the foot sinks into the sand, leaving ephemeral impressions and the way sand seeps into the shoes. Sand is everywhere, go whereever and whenever . The inimitable part being, that the sun kissed sands doesnot cling to the frame, but will eventually peep through every part of the attire. See that how the Spartan sands keep changing color and the dunes keep shifting every day giving a feel of an artist who is indulged in creating a masterpiece on the brown barren canvas of the Thar. A mesmerizing experience indeed. Take an exhilarating ride up and down the sand dunes in a 4x4 SUV vehicle. The ride is a real adrenaline trigger as the vehicle snakes amidst the cuts and curls of the sand dunes, procreating butterflies in stomach at every minute.

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The Enchanting Evenings at the Camps

After one has pulverised rippling sand dunes, a memorable evening awaits in the camp accommodation. Enjoy the primeval energy of the Arabian Nights blended in the atmosphere with the flames of bonfire and lyrical movements of the dancers, dressed in their traditional "gaghra-choli", pulsating on the rhythms of the shrill folk songs. With the increasing beats of the drums, the dancers whirl faster and faster around the bonfire, just an aesthetic sight that has to be seen to be believed. As the evening progresses, dinner is served in the traditional Indian seating arrangement. Dinner with delicious barbecue is accompanied by music from the "Manganiyar" musicians, creating mesmerizing euphony with their 'dholaks' and 'sarangis'. Take a sip of chilled beer while sittting on the capacious Indian style beds called "charpais" (jute beds) as you tilt your head and see the sprawling desert sky bewildering everyone with millions of twinkling stars. As the temperature drops and the ambience chills, enjoy the romance and enigma associated with such a night.

A Fair Stay - Camping Accommodation in Rajasthan

Tent in Thar Desert
Tent in Thar Desert

If anybody is interested to see both sides of the coin in a single tour, one can plan a holiday trip during the festive seasons in Rajasthan. Visit during the colorful Pushkar fair, to enjoy the bustling merriment while staying at one of those lavish camps furnished with a bedroom, a small hallway or leisure area, and an attached bath with hot water facilities. These enclosures use hand-block printed fabrics for showcasing the interiors, to create a royal ambiance. Wander through the slender pathways amid the colorful canopies in the fair, selling famous and alluring handicraft items and, beautiful metal and ivory jewelleries. From the food to frolic, everything takes on a more enticing edge while at camp. A traditional adornment with flowers, earthen lamps and colorful candles, creates a mood for a fun-filled evening. Moreover, if one is lucky, the person can strike up with the right conviviality over a bonfire and could end up making friends for life or could take back with him nostalgic memories of the few best times of life.

Trip Busters - Camping Destinations in Rajasthan

With Jaisalmer being synonymous with sand dunes, camps are usually hosted at the Sam sand dunes, almost an hour's drive from the golden city. Other possible itineraries include places such as Kurri sand dunes, Lodhruva, Damodara, Kuldhara and other abandoned villages dotted all over the terrain. Remember, to carry light weight luggage that should have enough space to stuff memoirs of the journey. Wear light coloured cotton clothes and don't forget to pack one or two of your woollen garments, because the temperature may drop abruptly in the night. Plan a holiday vacation tour during festive seasons to catch the true flavor of India. Come to Rajasthan in the month of November to witness the colorful Pushkar Fair, at Pushkar or in January to enjoy the splendid Desert Festival at Jaisalmer. Book your camp accomodation in advance because of the heavy rush during festive occasions, to enjoy a hassle-free holiday vacation.

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Top 5 Reasons To Camp on Sands

Camp on Sands

A Lavish Stay In The Barren Desert
Plan a tour to Rajasthan and experience a stay in the desert. Enjoy the bewildering rendezvous with the barren sands while staying in one of the comfortable camps created by human hands amidst the desert.

The Treacherous Sands of Thar
Visit Rajasthan to meet the incredible sands and dunes of Thar. A memorable experience is to witness the sand dunes shift places overnight and the sands, which are an intricate playground of colours, change appearance hundred times during the day.

Feel The Grandiose In The Rustic Culture
Enjoy the flagrantly romantic sand dune dinners in camp accommodation; chilled beers, flames of bonfire and performances of dancers and musicians who sing and dance their hearts out. One cannot, but be swayed away by their rhythmical synergy and join them in the revelry.

Sunset Sonata
Camping in Rajasthan will give you a chance to climb the high-rise sand dunes and see the vibrant play of colours during sunset. A lifetime experience is to see the red sun blend with the golden sands far into the horizon.

Enjoy The Festive Moods
Plan a camp stay during the festive moments of Rajasthan to enjoy the camping attractions. Wake up to the tunes of sarangi and close your eyes with the euphony of 'ghungroos'. Walk amidst the labyrinthine stalls, paint your palm orange with heena, buy an embriodered 'chunni' and let the folk people dance and sing for you.

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