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Safari Destinations : Shekhawati Region and Thar Desert of Rajasthan
Famous Safaris : Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Horse Safari
Best Time For Safari : November to March
New Safari Attractions :Motorbike Safari, Rural Safari

Camel Safari in Thar Desert
Camel Safari in Thar Desert

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Safari Attractions : Sunset View on Camel Safari, Climbing up the Sand Dunes, Experiencing the rural life, Sand Bash on Desert Dunes.
Camel Safari Route : Bikaner-Jaisalmer Safari - 11 days long, covering 25 to 30 - kms a day. Also, 2 to 7 day Camel Safari Tour covering - Bikaner, Khimsar, Osian and Jaisalmer.
Jeep Safari Route : Udaipur and Shekhawati Region. Rugged Mewar terrain provides an ideal landscape for Jeep Safaris. Also, National Parks like Ranthambore, Sariska are ideal for Jeep Safaris.
Desert Safari : One Week Desert Safari Route Covering - Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur.
Elephant Safari : Experience Royal Maharaja Style Ride up to the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Elephant Safari tour in Ranthambhore National Park.
Horse Safari Route : 7 to 10 days covering Kumbalgarh, Narlai, Jojawar, Sojat, Nimaj and Pushkar.
Motorbike Safari : 14 day Bike Safari through Rajasthan. Journey starts from Ranthambore National Park and continues to Rural Rajasthan.
Must Not to Miss : Jeep Sand Bashing on the Dunes, Tasting Camel Milk.
Staying Options : Desert Camp Accommodations, Wildlife Resorts.

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A Cruise Through The Heart of Sands

Enjoy an eccentric safari in Rajasthan. It may seem in the days of mega tourism and low tariff travels that no stone has been left unturned in a trail of the unexplored. However, the Thar in Rajasthan, still offers much in the way of mystery and exoticism. If you are intrepid and curious enough to dive into this unknown during your holiday vacations, a gala entertainment is behind the doors. The golden backdrop is the first to strike. The picture-postcard landscape of Rajasthan is home to an magnificent array of hill tops, deep and rich forests, bursting and colourful rural countrysides, slow-growing thorny trees and shrubs and lush green grasslands, plus of course miles and miles of sprawling undiscovered, untouched and truly breathtaking deserts. The famous Thar Desert Safari in Rajasthan has become a popular extravaganza among the tourists. Plan your holiday vacations in Rajasthan and explore the unvoiced pleasures associated with these safaris, a thrilling journey on the sands of time.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Fun With the Desert Ship On A Camel Safari

The most interesting way to comb the desert is on a camel safari and virtually everyone who comes to Rajasthan goes for one - is Thar desert safari in India. If one has never been on a camel, it can be an enjoyable yet uncanny experience for quite a few reasons. First, the camels make loud cacophonies, and spit mostly everywhere and anywhere, as several of the tourists discover, over the course of the journey. Secondly, climbing on to the camel is a bit catchy. Riders mount the camel when it sits on all fours. The tragedy starts at the time when it rises. It rises back legs first, which puts the rider at a very steep angle, facing down, and then pulls the forelegs, creating a perfect game of trapeze. An uncomfortable feeling will soon appear in the inner thighs, as though someone is prying them apart like a wishbone. Hold the saddles, a rather loose strap of blankets held together by ropes, and change posture after brief time intervals, by bringing legs up around the camel's neck and then again going back to do the near splits by hanging your legs down. The ship may look aloof, but it is the lifeline for the people of the desert as a cart of survival. Famous desert safari of Rajasthan is the best way to explore the desert state of India.

For miles altogether, there is nothing but sand, but from this aridness one can expect the unexpected as groups of women appear and disappear in their colorful attires amidst tiny fields of millet, girls picking berries or half-grown boys herding herds of sheep or goats. Hear the tinkling neck bells dolling up the camels, in the desert silence, its euphony to the years. Enjoy camping out at night, huddled around a tiny bonfire beneath the vast canopy of stars and listening to the camel drivers' fairy tales, which can be unimaginably romantic.

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The Catchy Camel Cruise

Enjoy Camel safaris, of course, can range from just a day to several ones, and one can choose an alternative that best meets his needs, budget and schedule. If on a Thar desert safari in Rajasthan, none of these journeys are strenuous, because the organizers overwhelm the tourists with all modern day amenities, from entertainment to handsome dining, and from setting up luscious camps to ensuring that even their trivial needs are met. If one is on his own, it is worth getting a group of atleast four people together, before looking for a safari. Usually each person is bestowed with a camel, but check this, as some travel agents might try to save money by hiring fewer camels, which results in a memorable but tiresome experience with the camel driver or cook. A saddle is mounted on the camel's hump, providing comfortable seating for two, legs astride. The reins are fastened to the camel's nose peg so the animals are easily steered, so that you enjoy a hassle free desert safari.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

The Rambling Routes Amid the Desert

Jeep Safari in Thar Desert
Jeep Safari in Thar Desert

Travel to Thar desert in Rajasthan. The usual itineraries takes in such places as Amar Sagar, Lodhruva, Mool Sagar and the famous Sam sand dunes, as well as numerous abandoned villages along the way. One can't get to the Sam dunes, on a camel in a day. It is enjoyable to hire a jeep and get to Sam in 1 1/2 days, stay there overnight, and take a camel and proceed farther from there to either Kuldhara or to Kanoi or catch a jeep and return to Jaisalmer. Travelling on the desert sands has its own charm and one can feel an independent grandeur in the aroma of the deserts of Rajasthan. If one is on a long holiday tour, travel at a more leisurely pace amidst the virgin dunes and fore go the jeep element.

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The Equine Extravaganza of A Horse Safari

Take a Rajasthan tour to enjoy a more recent and enticing counterpart of the camel safari, is the horse safari. The Rajputs were indigenous horseback riders, and the culture was quite prevalent in the medieval ages when the regiment formed one of the most important limbs of the desert armies. There is prophesy of a perfect holiday vacation, a safari on virile Marwari horses in the heart of equestrian Rajasthan. Travel to the vicinity of Udaipur, where the hilly terrain and forested countryside are ideal for taking to the trail of a horse safari. Get a glossy black Marwari horse, with limpid eyes and beautifully curled ears, hardy, agile and among the notables in world breeds, and trot or canter, depending on your capability to ride, through the alluring countryside. The options for Horse safari routes can, of course, be diverse, but most of the tours embrace villages, ancient relics scattered all over the landscapes as historical monuments and temples. There is an additional excitement in the route you choose, and the heritage hotels you stay in, may have been a favored destination of the robust maharajahs of Rajasthan.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Motorbike Safari

Othe types of desert safari includes Motorbikes Safaris that come as an extravaganza in the desert. The Bike Journey is a recent introduction and is an absolute thrill for everyone visiting the desert. Bike ride is kept for 14 days and the journey starts from Ranthambore National Park. Take motorbike safari tours and while on the bike, it becomes a fascinating experience as it is a real interaction with nature and locals of Rural Rajasthan. The bikers get the opportunity to have close encounters with the locals and so can have a deeper understanding of the people of Rajasthan. On the way there is a lot to see, learn and explore about the countryside, the tradition of people along with sightseeing of rural Rajasthan with occasional halts at several places.

News You Can Use

Remember to get a shola-topee (wide brimmed hat) or a local turban, essential form of head protection and tourists should ensure that they drink ample water at regular intervals to avoid dehydration amid deserts. Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are the gateways to the Thar desert, and one can avail a camel from these cities. Pick up an option of Thar desert safari in India. It is better to have a talk with fellow travellers about who is offering good, reliable and honest services, and don't be alarmed by agents who say if you don't go on the trip leaving tomorrow, there won't be another until next week. However much you decide to spend, make sure to know exactly what is being provided, and that it is there before you leave Jaisalmer. Get a map and find the location where they are going to take you. Any attempt to get a refund of services is a waste of time. A long sleeve shirt is a good protection from sun. The climate of desert can change unpredictably, and it can become very cold at night, so bring your sleeping bag if you have one. Many places offer off-season discounts between April and August- but the climate of Rajasthan in these months can drive anyone crazy. Travellers should not forget to carry enough toilet papers, sun screen lotions and personal water bottles, with a strap so that it can be tied while on a camel's back.

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Top 5 Highlights of Safaris in Thar Desert

Camel Safari - Rajasthan

A Voyage Through The Desert
If one has never been on a camel, Rajasthan desert safari can provide such travellers with some enjoyable moments to rejoice. Travel to the Thar desert, pride of India, and experience a totally uncanny holiday tour associated with such a ride amidst the sand dunes.

Interesting Itineraries
Enjoy famous Camel safari usually ranges from just a day to several ones and can make you travel round the Rajasthan, only if you wish. A memorable holiday tour of Rajasthan on a camel's back is often accompanied with a night stay amid the pristine sand dunes of the Thar desert.

The Saddle Spree
Plan a holiday vacation trip in Rajasthan, the land of mighty maharajas and their tireless horses. Get on one of those inexhaustive animals and wander around the districts of Rajasthan, enjoying the royalty still associated with those Thar desert safari in India.

Play With the Sands and Let Them Play With You
Nowhere can the sands be so mesmerizing, so dramatic and, of course so caring, as in the Thars of Rajasthan.. Besides the famous desert safari of Rajasthan, walk around the rugged bushes, rise to the top of the dunes, because one doesn't know when the dunes are going to vanish, may be over a night.

Stay In A Sand Igloo
Enjoy one night at the sand dunes on the Rajasthan desert safari, and one can have enough memories to cherish for the lifetime. Dinner over a bonfire, plays by the folk artists and a sleep under the big black canvas, with twinkling stars are some of the unforgettable experiences associated with a camp stay.

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