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Location : Rajasthan
Famous Sanctuaries : Bharatpur, Ranthambhore, Sariska
What To Do : Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Rickshaw cruise
When To Visit : October-February

A Tiger resting in Ranthambore National Park
A Tiger resting in Ranthambore National Park

Change The Colours of Your Holiday With The Wild Safari in Rajasthan

The two things that combine to make Rajasthan the ideal choice for special interest holiday vacations, are, the amazing variety of its countryside and the more diverse variety of flora and fauna dwelling in those corners. For all one's inclination to believe that Rajasthan is a desert, it is difficult to comprehend the fact that the state, in fact, has a sundry topography, and includes from semi-parched, desert-like conditions to the oldest mountain ranges in the world and lush, water-filled valleys.

Come over to Rajasthan! Discover how the scenery changes with every single kilometer. And each of these wilderness houses a much different culture of biology at every fold. Plan a holiday vacation in Rajasthan's wildlife reserves and see the rare and jeopardized species walk around the relics of the majestic forts and hunting lodges of bygone years. Take up a jungle tour to see the birds dance, sing, quarrel and feed their babies, a sight you will love to gaze at. Shoot their animations with your handycams, while they engage themselves drinking water or determine to catch a prey. Watch them quarrel and make love, while meandering in a hired safari within the fringes of Rajasthan wildlife reserves. Enjoy the best wildlife safari ever!

The Fearful Fascination of The Wild

If one has missed sighting a tiger anywhere, other than in a zoo, the same can head for the lush green terrains of Rajasthan. Holidaying in the great wilds of Rajastan, is indeed an excellent idea. The wildlife sanctuaries and parks of this princely state have been an excellent habitat for some well known vicious animals of the Indian subcontinent. One your safari tour of Rajasthan, rest assured, tourists will spot one, or many if their luck attracts those noble creatures, and that too at close quarters.

Catch The Hunt

The best way to exoploe wildlife of Rajasthan is by taking up a jungle safari of the various national parks in Rajasthan. Travel to Ranthambhore wildlife reserve, the most preferred wildlife destination in Rajasthan, its landscape dominated by the Vindhyan hill range with its perilous overhangs and steep rock walls. One might encounter a female tiger with her cubs, retiring for an afternoon siesta after enjoying a meal of some nice, luscious rear steaks of a kill. Despite the man-tiger closeness, an interesting facet is that there has not been any attack on humans by the tigers in the park, who are jokingly said to be perfectly tamed. A photograph enthusiast should keep his handicam ready, because at any moment one can witness a tiger cavorting behind a blackbuck or a sambhar; the chaser running for its stomach while the hunt for its life. But the royal Bengal tiger isn't the only predator at Ranthambhore, though it may be its most famous one. Leopards live in the higher vegetation, while the lakes are infested with marsh crocodiles on whom the tigers sometimes prey.

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Food For Your Cam, Taste For Your Memories

Sariska can be another hunting zone on a holiday safari in Rajasthan. Enveloped by undulating terrain of low hills and dotted with archaic sedimentary sandstone rocks, perinneal lakes and dry deciduous vegetation, Sariska national park, is a heavily forested reserve. A cruise through the wandering roads of the park shows up a large number of herbivorous species (sambhar, chital, nilgai) as well as langurs that inhabit the tree tops. Move at specific hides, close to waterholes, an ideal location for photograph safari. It is amazing to spot a deer over these waterholes, quenching its thirst, inadvertently inviting the presence of leopards, tigers or, not the worse, the wild dogs. The latter are a peculiar group of animals. The dogs move in herds and doesn't take more than a few minutes to partake a whole prey. Enjoy a safari your of these sanctuaries to experience the wild face of Rajasthan.

Bird's Hub And Bird-watcher's Paradise

Sarus Crane at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Sarus Crane at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

If one is an early riser, which is often difficult in a holiday tour, one will see the sun rise over the horizon painted with lush valleys, a golden globe that flames in pastel colours before it illuminates into brilliant orange as it mounts higher to the top of the nearby hill. Surprisingly, this whole vista will be only accompanied by a virtual orchestra of birdsongs in the air if visiting the Keoladeo Ghana bird sanctuary, Bharatpur. With so many alluring varieties of birds, nesting on the tree-tops, it is a guarantee that one can't pass over the pleasure of ticking the checklist, for a bird that flies overhead, bird safari is the best option. Several more species of migratory avian visitors add to the glamour during winters, the most famous being the greatly endangered but mesmerizingly beautiful Siberian cranes, who undergo a perilous journey from distances as far as Siberia. The entire sanctuary feels like an opera of melodies, medley of sounds, drifting wings, and a great to-do about chasing for fish, aquatic roots and other insects. Try to spot a kingfisher while on a jungle safari in Rajasthan. You will find it hard and indeed, it is hard to find a kingfisher. It will be nowhere near the river margins, but suddenly like a flight of an arrow it will dart away and catch a fish visible in the shallow waters. One thing is for sure, that if one has atleast some passion for bird watching, he will find Bharatpur bird sanctuary more enthralling than even the seven wonders of the world.

The Fearless Temptations of The Wild

The Ranthambhore National Park is probably one of the most picturesque forest reserves in the world - the entire landscape being dominated by the silent, ruined bastions of the Ranthambhore Fort, which is inside the sanctuary. Take the famous safari in Ranthambhore wildlife Park. After tiger sightings, don't forget to visit the Ranthambhore fort, situated on a convenient plateau surrounded by intractable forests, cliffs and valleys. The ramparts surrounding the majestic fort provide a home to vultures, blue rock thrushes and crag martins. There are other privileges also which entertain every visitor. Guess what? The Ranthambhor Fort; atop the rocky cliff, houses a post office and a temple of the Hindu god, Ganesha. Invitation card of every Hindu wedding is first sent to this temple via the post office.

As with Ranthambhore, Sariska sanctuary too is surrounded by numerous barren hills with forts and ruined temples located atop. Visit the Kankwadi Fort, located at the apex of a beautiful lush green hill. But there is always some mystery associated with every corner of India. Here comes the next one. Around 6 km while heading to the park, the road gives a mirage of sloping down ahead of you. Apparantly shift your vehicle into neutral gear and let it roll, it would soon come to a halt and then would start rolling back in the direction it came from. What appears to be an uphill incline! Try it out, it's a memorable experience.

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Stay Wild Amidst Nature - Enjoy an Adventure Safari

Tiger at Sariska Sanctuary
Tiger at Sariska Sanctuary

On your wildlife holidays at any of the natural reserves, staying at the camps located amidst the wilds, is an experience beyond imagination. Believe it, one can taste the real essence of jungle. These can be also called as an adventure safari. The camps are serene and tranquil, besides being embellished with modern amenities to satiate every interest of the traveller. Artistic decor takes a trotter back into the days of the Raj and for a change makes one feel good. One might even hear unforeseen noises in the midnight, some body scratching the door. Don't be petrified to hear about the leopard that came last night at the doorstep. While staying in the camps people discover an unknown melody amid silence. There will be no noise, but despite one will feel the presence of wild creatures around, and believe it, the mere thought gives shivers at midnight. Shadows of folk animals will creep on the tent sides overnight. Wow! A life time extravaganza indeed. Climb up the turrets, which rest like a awake gladiator amidst the jungle provide a magnificent view of the nearby domains.

A Tour Through The Live Chapters of Jungle Book

The most effective way to encounter his highness-the great Indian tiger, in a jungle, is by taking an elephant safari in Ranthambore National park. This gives a feel of royal hunting because of the majestic pachyderm along with the spine-chilling experience of rendezvous with the jungle king. Bedecked with a howdah, a large seat for seating, complete with soft silk cushions, and with a ceremonial umbrella overhead, modern day elephant safaris is a lifetime experience. The mahouts, generally who are trained professionals or jungle guards, are well informed about the whereabouts of the nearest tigers and offer a great helping hand in spotting the same. Moreover, the elephants are able to take you up steep, rugged hill sides and down marshy riverbeds, which are impasseble to jeeps. Look at those beautiful but rare chitals (spotted deer) meandering around. In jungle everything is spellbinding, but unpredictable. A tiger might come out of the stripped bushes displaying a brilliant camouflage. The king is always hard to trace. But, don't ever create an alarm if you see a tiger or a group of elephants, especially on a open jeep. On your adventure safari in Rajasthan wait patiently until the animal crosses the road and vanishes into the bushes. Jeep safaris can be fun because the pace can be varied to suit one's needs, and gives ample time to gather memories of a perfect holiday vacation. For both elephant and jeep rides, the hours immediately after dawn and before dusk are best. The animals generally gather near the water holes at this time and the sightings can be high. You cannot enjoy these experience but only during the animal safari in Rajasthan in India.

News You Can Use

Come over to Rajasthan and rediscover life amidst green bushes and thick forests. Take a jungle safari to the Sariska wildlife reserve which is around 40 minutes drive from the city of Alwar in Rajasthan. Though some tourists attempt to visit Sariska on a day trip from Jaipur, this option is expensive and largely a waste of time. Plan a night stay to enjoy the darker aspect of jungle life. Keoladeo Ghana national park is an easy side trip from Jaipur (175 km away), but one can afford a direct excursion from Delhi or Agra. The sanctuary is open from sunrise and sunset throughout the year. The natural habitats welcome tourists all the year round. But, try to plan a holiday vacation after the month of August, as monsoons drain the forests to a high extent and the animals might not leave their den to satisfy your quest for eye-hunting. Most places in Rajasthan offer some accommodation, and this can include family-run heritage properties or government-run tourist bungalows, both having a delicate charm of their own.

A holiday vacation tour to the interiors of the reserves is a bewitching excitement, a visit that will carve a distinct space in your memories. Enjoy your vacations in Rajasthan, which is a easy state to discover because of the strategic network of roads and rail connections, which makes travel relatively simple. Discover the pleasures of living in a hunting cottage, an accommodation that will provide you with all the pleasures of a jungle and modernism. Remember, all pleasures.

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Top 5 Highlights of Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

The Magical Wilds of Rajasthan
Welcome to Rajasthan, India, take you an adventure safari and explore the diverse facades of the wildlife, be it floral or animals. Shoot their animations with your handycams, while they engage themselves drinking water or determine to catch a prey. Enjoy a jungle safari in Rajasthan.

Play At The Hubs of The Brute King
Plan a holiday tour to Ranthambhore, famous for the sightings of the diurnal Royal Bengal tigers. Take up a safari and enjoy a life-time vacation at Ranthambhore, where tigers are so accoustomed to human presence that they are known to even hunt in broad daylight in front of awe-strucked tourists.

Spot A Crane
Visit the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, more popularly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, during your jungle safari to Rajasthan, India. An ideal gateway to enter the wilds of Rajasthan, the Bharatpur Sanctuary, attracts hundreds of migratory Siberian Cranes in December, and in turn converts into a favoured tourist destination for bird-lovers.

Fun on An Elephant's Back
While on a wildlife safari, get an elephant and climb to its back. Feel the enthusiasm of royal hunting while sitting on the majestic pachyderm. If you are on a holiday vacation in India, do not miss the opportunity to ride an elephant, which is believed to be the best way to explore the jungles. One can see intrepidly antelopes fighting or tiger cubs playing, right in front of the eyes.

A Night In The Jungle
Explore a different dimension of the night life here in the jungles of Rajasthan, India; where silence prevails amidst the howls of the vicious animals, moths fly and immolate themselves candidly on the pyre lit by humans and shadows creeping over the camps all night.

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