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Location : Thar Desert, Rajasthan
Where To Go : Jaisalmer, Shekhawati, Bikaner
Major Attractions : Camel Safari, Horse Safari
Other Charms : Sand Dune Camping, Hot-Air Ballooning, Sand Bashing
Camel Safari in Thar desert
Camel Safari in Thar desert

Major Adventure Activities : Staying in Tents in Desert Dunes. Gliding and Hot Air -Ballooning. Camel Safari, Horse Safari and Sand Bashing on Sand Dunes.
Adventure Destinations : Jaisalmer, Shekhawati, Bikaner.
Other Desert Attractions : Jaisalmer Fort, Desert Step Wells, Touring Rural Villages of Thar Desert.
Visiting Time : September to February is right time as it showers during this Season.
Must Do : Sand Bashing Adventure Thrill and Night Camping on Desert Dunes.
Don't Miss : Camel Safari up to the Sunset Point, Experiencing the Desert Village Life.
Inside Tip : Prefer outing in the early morning or late afternoon as the sun is comfortable. Keep Binoculars and Handi-cams to have more closer and permanent view. Use turbans to shield yourself from the heat of the Sun. Drink water frequently to avoid dehydration.

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Take Up Adventure Tourism in Rajasthan and Experience Enthusiasm of Thar

An adventure vacation in Rajasthan is the answer to all the adventure activities that you would like to enjoy. The sprawling Thar desert is a destination that enthralls its visitors with every little move, because the more one travels, the more he encounters adventures at every corner. Walk through the sun kissed sands, climb the parched sand dunes and then roll down, look for the vicious scorpions, wow ! An experience of a lifetime. Welcome to Rajasthan to experience yesterday's regal pursuits which have been moulded into today's modes of relaxation, adventure activities that will gush adrenaline in your veins, sports that are as exotic as they are diverse. Since the people of Rajasthan lived in close proximity to the desert, they inexorably transformed the mundane into excitement; mornings marked by hot-blooded sports, and evenings were spent while looking for pleasure. The desolate land of Rajasthan desert, which at first sight may appear unexciting for the episode of sports, eventually encouraged dwellers to carry a well-trenched system of dexterous outdoor adventure activities. In more recent years, sport enthusiasts have found the sprawling countryside with its wavy dunes, ideal for modern sport opportunities such as ballooning or gliding, while traditional chapters have been turned into a host of favored leisure endevors such as rallies and desert safaries.

A Courageous Endeavor Amidst The Sands

Sand Dune Camping
Sand Dune Camping

Tent In The Dunes
A safari desert adventure is a memorable journey into the heart of desert, but one that is latched on with vestigial comforts and even lavish amenities. As each journey progresses, try to explore the juvenile excitement of setting camp at a virgin spot in the lonely domains of the Thar. The mere thought of spending a couple of nights amidst the dunes is enough to give anyone goose pimples. Holiday in these camps are eccentric. For miles altogether, there is nothing but sand, but from this voidness one can expect the unexpected, the mirage, a visual extravaganza. One must also aquaint oneself with the way of walking on sands, how the foot sinks into the sand, leaving ephemeral impressions and the way sand seeps into one's shoes. Sit on the chilled dunes and enjoy the solitary tunes of "sarangi", played by groups of wandering folks while savoring the home made village delicacies. Later, as you lie down to sleep, and see the vast black canvas with twinkling stars, untouched by rays of modernity, you keep wondering about the archaic caravans, who must have camped centuries ago in the same manner.

On A Desert Ship to Enjoy the famous Camel Adventure

Experience the real flavor of Thar on a camel's back, the lifeline of the desert. With legs astride, the rolling gait of the lanky camel is a bit problemetic at first, but riders soon synchronize themselves with the rhythm of the mammal. Don't feel frightened with the continuous ups and downs, the sands are always there to cushion your fall. Since the sun can get very hot in the desert, the best time for a camel safari is in the morning and evening, even in the cooler winter months. Camel safaris, of course, can range from just a day to several ones, so it is better to choose an option that best meets personal needs and schedules. Several itineraries can be availed, in and around Bikaner and Jaisalmer. One can arrive at Nawalgarh town in Shekhawati, from where one can set-off on a ten-hour camel safari, with a lunch break at Narsinghani and, dinner and over night stay at Mandawa. However, there are several other interesting circuits and one can chose from the wide array, according to one's personal convenience. Do remember, however, that to pursue many of these itineraries, especially those around Jaisalmer, an international tourist may require permissions and clearance from government authorities, which can be obtained on behalf of the passport details, if furnished in advance.

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Saddled Cruise

Explore the interiors of Rajasthan with the adventure activity of horse safaris, which are usually conducted in the vicinity of Udaipur where the hilly topography and forested countryside are ideal for an adventure freakout. Ther are various other options for desert adventure as well. The safari routes can be varied, but mostly the route circumlocutes close to villages, ruined historical monuments and temples. Depending on the ability of the rider, the horses may trot or canter through the muddy countryside, finest of adventure with a tint of regalia in it. The halts are generally arranged just outside a village, from where one can experience the proximity of rural life dwelling in one of the arid environments of the world. Look at those puffs of orange sand, kicked up by flocks of cattle or camels resting in tree shades, deeply indulged in future thoughts of livelihood. Many of these tours start around Kumbhalgarh and Shekhawati where one can book a cruise encompassing the Udaipur-Haldighati-Kumbhalgarh circuit or the Kumbhalgarh-Ranakpur passageway. Take up a desert adventure tour to enjoy these much more.

High In The Air With A Balloon

Air Balooning in Thar Desert , Rajasthan
Air Balooning in Thar Desert , Rajasthan

The undulating sand dunes are ideal for adventure loving ballooning aficionados. One can even travel short distances between towns or historic resorts in these hot air balloons. Whenever in Rajasthan, do come to the dunes to afford a balloon ride which can prove extremely enjoyable over the desert sands sprawled as far as one can see. The vista from such a majestic height is awesome with the golden sands of the great Indian Thar desert spread all over the terrain like a divine bedsheet. One can also take an exhilarating ride up and down the sand dunes in a 4x4 SUV vehicle. The desert sand bashing is a real adrenaline trigger as the vehicle snakes amidst the cuts and curls of the sand dunes, generating hostile butterflies in stomach at every minute. Desert adventure is the best way to explore the sand dunes that other wise seem unexplorable.

Get Ready For An Adrenaline Rush

Travel in the desert is a lifetime adventure. But it can also be a disaster if a breakdown or a sudden change in weather catches you unprepared. Plan a visit during spring and fall, which are the best seasons to experience adventure in Rajasthan. Prefer an outing in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun is not as intense. Hit the trail early, then take a long siesta in a shady place until the temperatures drop. Stick with your itinerary, and always tell the authorities where you are going and when you will return. Learn how to use a topographic map and a compass before hiking cross-country or on trails that are not well defined. It is easy to become disoriented in the desert where many landmarks and rock formations look similar. Pack lots of water-bottles, around two gallons per person. Carry a good insect repellent because biting flies can be troublesome and irritating. The sun is usually intense. Riders are wholeheartedly advised to equip themselves with riding gears - the famous Jodhpuri breeches, hat, trekking boots and full sleeve shirts with comfortable long pants. Sunscreen all skin that is exposed at frequent intervals to avoid burns.

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Highlights of Desert Adventure In Rajasthan

Desert Festivalas

Cool Stay Amidst Hot Dunes
Visit to Rajasthan, India, to experience an eternal enjoyment of staying at the parched sand dunes, in camps fitted with all modern gadgets to suit one's personal interests, stay along with euphonic "sarangis" and dancing folklore.

Explore the Desert Along With the Desert Engine
Enjoy desert adventure by Hiring a lanky camel and climb the extremes, tasting the true essence of the Thar destination with your true desert companion; go to countrysides and explore the rustic lifestyles of the people staying there.e.

Look From The Top
Enjoy the spine-chilling famous adventure of hot-air ballooning, a favored tourist sport, here in the deserts in Rajasthan. One can travel short distances and can enjoy the magnificent sight of pristine sands sprawled all over the terrain.

The Automobile Delight
Activities of adventure in Rajasthan is endless. Hire a Land Cruiser and reach the dunes for a overwhelming sand bash in the Thar deserts of Rajasthan. A true enthralling experience, this jeep safari will revive your lost energy.

Mess With the Sands
While on an adventure tour in Rajasthan play with the sun-kissed sands of Thar in Rajasthan, and explore the way these pristine sands welcome you. Climb on the dunes and then roll back

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