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Major Cities : Kanpur and Allahabad
Capital City : Lucknow
City of Taj : Agra
Holy Cities : Mathura & Vrindavan and Varanasi

Cities And Towns of Uttar Pradesh - Amalgam of Cultures

Every city in Uttar Pradesh has some or the other famous travel attractions that allure the tourists from all around. Talk of Agra the city of Taj Mahal or the capital city Lucknow for cuisines and Nawabs, holy city of Allahabad for Maha Kumbh Mela and Varanasi for its temples and Ganga ghats. Once in Uttar Pradesh you must also visit the famous pilgrimage cities of Mathura, Vrindavan and Ayodhya besides the Buddhist pilgrimage in Sarnath and make your city tour the worth of its time and money.

Sangam, Allahabad
Sangam, Allahabad

The cities of Uttar Pradesh are the most vacationed place in India. From all over the world people visit these cities to cherish the breathtaking beauty of its monuments in Agra and taste the royal cuisine of Lucknow. Allahabad the most sacred city of the Hindus along with Varanasi and Mathura are visited by millions of devotees and tourist every year in search of the path of nirvana or to have a lifetime vision of world marvel 'The Taj', What ever the reason may be, tourists have always knocked the doors of the Uttar Pradesh and cities of this diverse land has always welcomed the travel enthusiast with all open arms. The regional art and craft has also boosted the tourism in small towns and cities.

The brassware of Muradabad, the glass bangles of Fearozabad, silken brocades of Varanasi and the earthenware of Khurja has attracted many national as well as international tourists to shop for these unique artifacts as a sovereign.

Lucknow Capital - The Throne of Nawabs

Centuries down the line, Lucknow the capital city of Uttar Pradesh has been the hub of the business centers in Uttar Pradesh. Once the capital of the Awadhi kingdom, the city still continues to wear the princely statehood on its sleeves. The state boasts of its monuments, palaces, gardens, mango orchards and most of all its cuisines. The 'Boolbuliyan' or Bada Immambara of Lucknow has no comparison all over the world. Shami Kabab specialty of the city is enough to stimulate your saliva glands and you will not get tired eating it hundred times the other dishes of the awadhi cuisine will recall you to this city again and again. The high mannerism and the soothing melodious Urdu language of the city revitalize your soul. The political capital is the best city to start your tour from and don't forget to take the chikankari embroidery suit for yourself.

Cities of Architectural Monumental

Agra Fort
Agra Fort

The cities of Uttar Pradesh are full of magical spells where the shifting sands of history are littered with the shells of myriad monumental heritage. Get ready to lose all sense of metaphor, as these architectural sites sojourn to Taj - the jewel in the crown of Uttar Pradesh, but there are many other surprises in store. Its historical heritage includes the wonders like Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri (the world heritage sites) Bada Immam Bara, Chota Immambara, Rumi Darwaaza, Atla Masjid, Kalinjari Fort and many other sites of historical importance. Most of the monuments are build by the Mughals and Nawabs in the city of Agra and Lucknow respectively. All the tourists visiting the state should plan their tour cautiously, as there are plethora of historical structures here to take your breath away.

Cities of Divinity And Spirituality

Being the birth place of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, the state of Uttar Pradesh has many temples and other religious places related to the Hinduism. Allahabad - the host to the most vibrant, 'The Maha Kumbh Mela' is a world famous religious event fall after every twelve years where millions of people take the holy dip on the banks of the river Ganga and Yamuna to purify their souls and hence escape from the cycle of birth and re- birth. The temples of the Mathura and Vrindavan are other temples where devotees come in large gatherings to offer their prayers to Lord Krishana. The temples of Varanasi are one of India's oldest with fine paintings and mesmerizing river fronts. Sarnath, Kapilavastu, Shravasti, Kausambi and Sankisa are the important Buddhist pilgrimage sites- must not be left on your India tour.

Commercial Hubs of Uttar Pradesh

IIT, Kanpur
IIT, Kanpur

After Allahabad, Kanpur is the second largest city with the highest commercial activity. Famous for its leather and textile industry the city was known as the 'Manchester of India', before independence. The leather products like shoes, belts, purses, wallets, leather jackets and horse saddles are directly exported to the European countries. The well-known business family JK group also emerged from the same city when the Juggilal Kamalpat Singhania family launched many industrial units between 1930 and 1970. The city has the worlds most prestigious institutes like IIT Kanpur, MPEC, SIST, Govt. Central Textile Institute, National Sugar Institute, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute etc and the cricket stadium namely Green Park where the legends from cricket history have battled with each other for the titles. The other cities who witnessed the growing economic sector are Ghaziabad and Moradabad. Feel the fast growing change in these commercial towns that is taking them to the path of metropolis.

Into The Realm of Fantasy

The sprawling cities of Uttar Pradesh have too much in their store to be explored. The Brass ware of Moradabad and the silken saris of Varanasi, chicken embroidery suits and cuisines of Lucknow and the monuments of Agra. For those who are looking for active holidays Uttar Pradesh cities and towns makes your dream destination. Get some time off, chart the tour programme and get loose in the abundant nature's wealth and monumental heritage of Uttar Pradesh.

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Top 5 Highlights of Cities

Mathura Temple

Variant Hues of Uttar Pradesh Cities
The cities of Uttar Pradesh are ideal place to plan the trip and you will get a lifetime opportunity to sojourn with the valiant culture, traditions and customs. People looking for spiritual nirvana, historical legacy and pure adventure - everything is here, come and experience it yourself.

Agra - Home To Taj
The Agra city is full of Mughal architectural glory with the Taj as its crown and other monuments as its jewels. Besides, the Taj Mahaotsav held in Agra during the month of February is another reason to make a visit cherishing the classical music and dance from the renowned artists at the backdrop of Taj.

Capital City Lucknow
The city of Nawabs offer you the best Awadhi cuisine along the hospitality that you will ever remember. The Bada Immambara and the Rumi gate are the sites to be visited in the city and try the chicken embroidery suit, it will keep you cool and a feel of freshness.

Allahabad - Host To Maha Kumbh Mela
The home to the worlds largest religious gathering Maha Kumbh Mela is situated on the confluence of the river Ganga and Yamuna and is the most sacred pilgrimage in Hinduism. Millions of people visit the site to take holy dip in these rivers during the Kumbh. Come and get the spiritual guidance from the saints and sages to live a life free from worldly desires.

Varanasi - The Oldest Inhabited City
Visit Varanasi - much known for Ganga ghats, temples and Buddhist sites has the importance of being one of the sacred places for the people of Hinduism. The ghats and the Temples situated on the banks of river Ganga is the most important feature of this city and people from the world around flank to its river beds to pray, to perform rituals and finally to achieve Moksha from the cycle of reincarnation.

Best Selling Yatras (Tours)

» Pilgrimage Spiritual Tour

Aarti Haridwar Sojourn in the famous pilgrim destinations of India, from Lucknow to Haridwar, Rishikesh to Ayodhya where one can enjoy cruises on Ganga and attend the evening Aarti at Hari ki Pauri.
Duration : 20 Days / 19 Nights
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» Splendrous Taj Mahal

Taj MahalEnjoy gasping views of the majectic Taj Mahal and its surroundings and from there to the forests of Ranthambore and the hills of Alwar.
Duration : 10 Days / 9 Nights
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» The Glorious Golden Triangles (I & II)

Hawamahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan Starting from Stunning Taj Mahal to most sacred ghats of Varanasi, the tour will be your introduction to real India
Duration : 12 Days / 11 Nights
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