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Location : Goa
Where To Go : Quaint villages, riverside and beaches
Don't Miss : An Ayurvedic treatment
When To Go : June - September

Monsoon Fiesta - When God's Work of Art Unfolds With Each Drop

Monsoon in  Goa
Monsoon in Goa

Monsoon is a time when Goa takes a break, and goes for some beauty regimen. First she gets a cleansing facial by the expert hands of the monsoon harbingers. A few sinister clouds burst out of jealousy when she coats herself with mud packs of rich soil. Sun peeps through a silver apparel only to give her a special glow. And finally, exotic flowers bloom to add a sublime brush over her eyebrows. Goa is all ready for her travellers!

Yet it is not just the natural beauty of Goa during the monsoons which captivates the visitor on a holiday, life in Goa, too, dances to the beats of colour and activity. The people of Goa also catch the beauty bug. They step down on the streets to celebrate numerous vibrant monsoon festivals, synonymous with a hue of colour, as nature itself comes alive in August every year. You too can now be a part of it. In recent years Goa's monsoon tourism campaigne has packed up a great deal; as much for the subsidised packages that its hotel industry offers, as for the lovely cool climate. So pack your bags and leave your sweet home to be a part of the monsoon attraction in Goa, a place where you can spend your holiday vacation by your heart!

Let The Child In You Come Out And Play In The Monsoon Charm

Chasing the rains is a glorious pursuit in Goa and there are many ways to do so. Nevertheless, stepping out of your hotel room and dancing with the dragonflies in the egoistic droplets is the best option. Move to the quaint villages and you can see farmers ploughing the paddy fields, which in a few weeks will be knee-high, adding to the sea of green. This is a time to look out of your balcony at Godfrey's Indian Retreat, a hill-top estate at Sal village in Bicholim and see a panorama of green leaves and darkening bark, what little flowers the rain of the previous day have left behind scattered like forgotten jewels along damp scrub. The mushrooms of umbrellas are closed, shaken free of droplets, and smiling nuns emerge from their shelters. Everybody is happy and you know happiness is contagious! The walls of the chapel are seeped in the wet, and exposed laterite get a new fabric of moss. A picture perfect scenery to behold. But on the other side, you also cannot resist yourself to enjoy a stand like a Bollywood hero, under the nearby clutch of coconut trees swaying merrily in the breeze only to expect a dazzling sun from behind the adamant cumulonimbus. Feel the pleasure of being greeted with a plate of sizzling prawn fry and a bottle of fenny to cure all ills. Sit cross-legged on the raised wooden platform and chat about this and that.

Tourists Enjoying rain in Goa
Unleash Yourself In The Rains in Goa

Monsoon on Wheels

It is in July-August, when resident Goans come out to play on empty beaches by the sea - calm and stormy in turn - to reclaim the land as their own before tourists pour in for a vacation. You can meet several people on a foreign land, all smiling, only to find simple joys. Perhaps, the best way to explore the palm fringed land of Goa is on a 4 wheel drive. Come with us along the little winding road that takes you to the gem of Aldona village. A right turn to cross a bright multicoloured bridge is fascinating. Let us kill off the engine to listen little droplets playing drums on the roof of the car. Lend your ears to the kingfisher that has hijacked a woodpecker's hole conversing politely with a green bee-eater.

Now it's time to behold a wet heritage, the ruins of Corjuem Fort. Play a round of hide and seek with the ubiquitous rains, taking shelter intermittently beside the ramparts. In return it will gift you green memories drenched in monsoon, a peerless experience that you can savour throughout your life. Drive farther to reach the meandering silver ribbon like Zuari river, that also serves as a divider between north and south Goa. Step down to reach to her arms. Taste her water. Isn't it sweet as the verbal tone and pitch of a Konkani women? Return for some fried chilly and tea or a plate of succulent river prawns at a tiny shop in Aldona's trivial marketplace. Get back to your hotel alcove only to stretch your back and enjoy a cup of coffee while cuddling under the warm quilts with someone close to your heart. Believe us, no one can gift you a more enjoyable holiday package than the rains of this palm-fringed state, Goa.

Wet Options To Choose From

The best reason to plan your holidays in Goa during the monsoons is because you can bypass the hustle-bustle of the tourists. The state is largely empty of tourists in the rain, a good thing as you can enjoy a comfortable state of mind. Rejoice off-season discounts that add a personalised touch to your vacation. And why not? You can get a wide range of other options to invest. Indulge into a tour package, rent a car or just sit in a bus to enjoy a bustling city, jumping and dancing to the tunes of monsoon. Goa tourism has also organised several innovative programmes in many of its cities and rural arenas. 'Monsoon Holiday Packages' and 'Goa in the Rains' are comprehensive coverages of all major and minor places of tourist interest. Most of these packages are aimed to suit both national and international tourists with a wide range of options to choose from. So pack up and get away to some cool monsoon destination in Goa.

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Top 5 Highlights of Monsoon Fiesta

Goa Monsoon

Love, Wet And The Monsoons
Save for the rainy day and indulge yourself in the kaleidoscopic state of Goa, whch beckons tourists in the monsoon for a out-of-the-world holiday. A tourist can luxuriate or revel in the simplest of pleasures in exotic resorts, refresh yourself in the invigorating and rejuvenating monsoon rain, gaze at the lush green countrysides, pristine sands, exotic wildlife. Goa becomes a 24x7 tourist destination during the monsoons.

Pick Up Anything From The 'Just Like That' Markets
Visit the small stalls clustering on the sands of Goa beaches dolled up with T-shirts, dazzling trinkets, mirror-worked waistcoats with an unique experience of palatable cuisine and exotic music. Enjoy your life amidst these bustling markets, or 'haats', as they are locally known.

The Beauty That Bedazzles/ discount
Plan a holiday trip to Goa during the monsoons and unveil a completely different look of this pal-fringed state. Cleansed by pre-monsoon showers and adorned by lush green hills with exotic flowers, Goa surely becomes a never-to-be leaved traveller's place during the wet seasons.

Showers of Celebration
Goa's monsoon gives its people a reason to celebrate. Make a trip during these 3-4 months and you can be a part of the canoe float parade, held during the Sao Jao festival. Dance to the esthetic music and lose yourself amidst great pomp and splendour during the Bonderam festival, when the streets flow with a riot of colours, a placard of this festival.

The Exotic Monsoon Delicacies
During the monsoons, you don't have just to relish the smell of sweet earth and rain. Splurge on numerous mouth-watering sea-food delicacies - prawns, lobsters, mussels - together with a bottle of fenny and you can't forget the flavour throughout your life.

Goan Beach In The Rains
The beaches make the beauty of Goa, and invariably, monsoon is the beauty specialist. Feel the rains on your body while the waves wash your feet. Build rain-kissed sand castles and experience the pleasure of putting ephemeral footprints on the sands of Goa's beaches.

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