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Where to Go : Cities of Himachal Pradesh
Famous Delicacies : Pateer, Chouck and Bhagjery
Types of Cuisines : Tibetan and Punjabi
Blend of : Spice and Ghee

Siddu Dish During Festival
The Famous Festival Food - Siddu Being Prepared During Winter Carnival

Best Dishes : Indra – A dish Prepared By Urad dal and Bada in Shimla District.
Siddu – Made from Soybean or Walnut.
Non Veg Dishes : Kullu Trout, Grilled Fishes, Chicken Anaardana
Veg Dishes : Guchhi Mattar, Sepu Vadi and Kaddu ka Khatta.
Festive Delicacies : Dham - Made of Rice, Moong Dal and a dish of Rajma Cooked in Yoghurt ( A Night Long Preparation).
Ankalos – Made of Rice Flour
Aktori – A kind of Cake, is Prepared by Mixing Leaves of Buckwheat with Wheat Flour.
Patande – A Type of Pancake Dish.
Most Famous Drink : Tea – Made in Various Varieties, Buttermilk.
Not To Be Missed : Enjoying Makki or Fresh Corn Flour That is Grounded in Water Propelled-mill and is Eaten with Milk at breakfast.
Crunchy Delights : Bhatoora and Chana Madra.
Sweet Dishes : Mittha of Sweet Rice Prepared During Festivals, Nasasta a Sweetmeat of Kangra Region.
Must Try : Lamb Intestines Made Specially During the Winters, Legumes Cooked over Low Heat for Extended Period.
Where to Eat : Shimla – Goofa and Ashiana for Indian. Devicoes for Indian, Continental, Chinese. Baljees for Multi Cuisine. Tibeto for Indian mix of Chinese.
Manali – The Red Roof Restaurant for Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisine, The Royal Delicious for Multi Cuisine.
Dalhousie – Amritsari, Sher-e-Punjab and the Royal Dhaba for Indian, Moti Mahal, New Metro and Lovely for Multi Cuisine, Snow Lion – Tibetan Food.
Kasauli – Giani's Dhaba, Daily Needs.
Inside Tip : Himachal Government in the Month of May, Holds a Cuisine Festival Where Different Indian Cuisines are Highlighted.

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Cuisines in Himachal Pradesh

If you are a foodie then cuisines of Himachal Pradesh will surely tempt you. Varying from vegetarian to non-vegetarian food, to the food prepared during festivals, the Himachal Pradesh cuisines has to offer a lot to everyone. Besides you can also enjoy the traditional Himachal cuisine, sweets and desserts with the variety of tea preparation from the famous restaurants and hotels of Himachal and know about how to cook the famous delicacies during the cuisine festivals of H.P.

Himachal is a cold land where the upland climate dominates. That is why the cuisine of Himachal Pradesh is modified in the manner that it provides heat and energy to the people, to the maximum. Due to the cold weather meat is preferred by all. But in the different region of the state, the cuisine differs. Rice, Paddy and maize is the basic food of people, but the use of spice is liberal and dominant. Boasting of uniqueness, the cuisine of Himachal Pradesh is typically a mix of Punjabi and Tibetan culture. However, due to its location in the Himalayas, you will always find an influence of the the geographical and climatic conditions on the cuisine. The average Himachal kitchen churns out all sorts of meat, lentil and cereal preparations.

So do not spend time thinking! Travel to Himachal Pradesh to take a famous cuisine tour to bask the unique foods that you will not enjoy anywhere else in the world. Take a Himachal Pradesh holiday and enjoy the cuisine of the state irrespective of whether you are in a five star hotel or among the creepers of Pine wood.

Everyday Delicacy That Marks its Zenith in Himachal Pradesh

The day to day food of the Himachali is much similar to any of the north Indian. A typical everyday meal will include the usual Daal – Chawal – Sabzi and roti (the common north Indian meal of rice, lentil broth, dish of vegetables and bread), with sometimes non vegetarian creeping in the menu list. The main preparation of food includes the locally grown coarse grains like buckwheat, millet and barley. In the Himcahali food, the use of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and red chillies is in vogue. Nasasta is a sweet meat of the Kangra region.

Due to the highland culture, that encourages cattle rearing, a wide variety of milk products too are consumed. Tea is also an indispensable part of Himachal food, as the ways and types of tea preparation method practiced by the people, is vast. The list of popular food in Himachal Pradesh is endless. Besides, the traditional food, one can also find the prevalence of South Indian as well as international cuisine in Himachal Pradesh, while momos and pastas are consumed with equal delight. Enjoy popular cuisine tours of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the most famous food in Himachal.

Stuffed Capsicum
The Most Popular Hiamchal Pradesh Food - Stuffed Capsicums

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Veg or Non Veg – Himachal Has All

Green vegetables that was not very popular among Himachali people earlier, is becoming significantly important. Some of the most important dishes that are ubiquitous with everyday meal are Maahni (urad dal prepared with dried mangoes) or Madra (lentils made with yoghurt) while Indra is a dish prepared of urad dal and bada and is cooked in the Shimla district. However, every area seems to have evolved its own version of these recipes. Some of the other vegetarian specialties are Pateer, Chouck, Bhagjery and Chutney of til. Another options is the snacky food like Bhatoora and Chana Madra, that too serve as an all time favorite.

However, non vegetarian is preferred, due to the dripping temperature. The most celebrated non vegetarian cuisine of Himachal Pradesh is the Kullu Trout and Chicken Anaardana. On your Himachal Pradesh tours do not forget to enjoy the mouth watering and wonderful cuisine of Himachal Pradesh.

Festive Meal of Himachal Pradesh

The best time to enjoy Himachal Pradesh cuisine is during the festivals, when the conventional cooking methods are taken over by mouth watering and elaborate culinary delight. Dham, is a traditional festive meal, that is cooked only by botis (a particular stream of chefs who are brahmins). It is an elaborate meal and the preparation begins a night before. It starts with rice, moong dal and a dish of Rajma cooked in yoghurt. This is followed by Boor ki Kari and a dark lentil. This elaborate cuisine ends with the mittha of sweet rice.

Besides Dham, there are other preparations that are famous during the festive season. You should try the Ankalos, that are made of rice flour while Aktori, a kind of cake, is prepared by mixing leaves of buckwheat with wheat flour in the dry areas of Lahaul and Spiti. Then, there is Patande which is a type of pancake dish, an exclusive of Sermur region of Himachal Pradesh.

Hospitality of Himachal Obscures it All

More than the food of the state, what will entice you to fall in love with Himachal Pradesh are the people, that are ever welcoming. Do not be surprised or baffled if you are called by a casual acquaintance to visit their home – as it is the land of the most hospitable people. The culture of the state does not allow people to leave home without eating and if in case you are in hurry do not feel flabbergasted if you find some eatery being stuffed in your bags.

News For Your Use

Of recent, the Himachal Pradesh government has taken an initiative to attracts tourist to the state by organizing cuisine festivals, at regular intervals. Since its flagship in May 2006, the Himachal Tourism offers delicacies from different states of India by holding cuisine festivals from Kerala, Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab and other parts.

This festival will be held all over the state promoting different cuisines. The most important aspect is that the Tourism Department will not just care for the palate but will also give a chance to the tourists to bask a glimpse of the culture identity of that particular state. Apart from food various puppet and magic shows are also organized at various cities, where tourists enjoy every minute of their stay.

Come to Himachal Pradesh to experience the food options like no other. Enjoying a meal while picnicking around the lakes and streams or just pop some munching delights in your mouth while strolling the Himachal bazaars aimlessly – the delight is unparalleled.

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Top 5 Reasons To Enjoy HP Cuisine

Himachal Pradesh Food

Delectable Cuisine of Himachal Pradesh
Take a cuisine tour of Himachal Pardesh to know more about the cultural pattern of the state, that is reflected by its food habit. There are cereals, non vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies, dairy products the unavoidable is the wide variety of tea preparation practiced in the state.

Stimulate Your Foodie Senses
You should come to Himachal Pradesh to savor the delight of non vegetarian dishes and the extremely sweetened desserts. Vegetables too are eloquent in Himachal Pradesh, but the best part are the various desserts and sweet meats that are prepared during certain occasions.

Festivals Have an Effect on Himachal Cuisine
Festivals have their own effect on Himachal Pradesh cuisine. Festivals are the times when the monotonous menu of Daal, Chawal, Sabzi and Roti, changes into the exclusive preparation of Dham and Aktori, a kind of cake, Ankalos that are made of rice flour and Patande which is a kind of pancake.

Impeccable Reception of Himachali People
Humility of the Himachal people, when mixed with the finger licking cuisine of the state, makes the experience idealistic. While in Himachal be prepared to be invited for lunch and dinner even from the not so acquainted – as it is the land of the most hospitable people.

There's a Cuisine Fest in Himachal
Recently the Himachal Government has undertaken the responsibility of organising a cuisine festival in the various parts of the state at regular intervals. Come to this festival in the month of May, when various cuisine from all over India are highlighted along with cultural programmes.

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