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Highlight : Tribal Fair
Major Festivals : Dussehra, Holi, Baisakhi
Destinations : Kangra Valley, Lahaul and Spiti
What To Do : Shopping, Merry Making

Dressed for Ram Navmi
Children Dressed for the Occassion of Ram Navmi

Festival Destinations : Kullu Valley, Kinnaur Region, Lauhaul District, Kangra Valley.
Famous Festivals : Dussehra in Kullu – October, Phulaich Festival in Kinnaur – September, Baisakhi in Mandi – April.
Religious Festivals : Dussehra, Holi, Lorhi and Baisakhi.
Buddhist Festival : Halda in Lahaul – January, Lossar in Lahaul District – November and December.
Must Try : 'Poltu' – An Elaborate Dish Prepared During the Chaitrual Festival in Sirmaur Region and is Offered to the Goddess.
Famous Fairs : Manimahesh Fair in Manimahesh - February, Dussehra Fair in Kullu – October, Birchu Fair in Kullu – April or May, Minjar Fair in Chamba Valley – July, Lavi Fair in Rampur – November.
Tribal Fair : Manimahesh Fair in February Held by Nomadic Gaddis.
Must See : The Night Long Rituals in Chaitrual Festival During the Month of March and April in Sirmaur Region o f Himachal Pradesh.
Festive Magic : Singing, Dancing, Animal Sacrifice, Offering of Prayers, Cuisine Delight, Drinking and Taking Religious Dips.
Himachal Carnivals : Winter Carnival in Manali – January.
Shimla Summer Festival in Shimla – May.
International Folk Festival in Kullu Valley – October.
Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla and Dalhousie – December.
International Himalayan Festival in McLeodganj – December.
Other Festivals : Chaitrual in March and April, Sairi Festival in October, Khogal in January, Dyali in September and Gochi in February.
Not To Miss : Shopping for Handicrafts and Pashmina Shawls During the Lavi Fair, Held In the Month of November in Rampur.
Inside Tip : Festivals and Fairs are the best time to Visit the State as the Himachal Culture Comes out Live During this Time.

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Festivals in Himachal Pradesh – Glorifying the Himachal Culture

Take a Himachal Pradesh tour to see the exclusive festivals that have earned great accolades from the tourists, all over the world. Festivals are the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh, when the festal colors of the fairs and festivals fill the calendar of Himachal Pradesh. Almost every month in the state marks some occasion to celebrates, but there are some that have gained immense popularity in Himachal Pradesh. Some of the most illustrious festivals include the various religious festivals that are celebrated with equal reverberance all over the country.

Take a festival tour of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy a cultural holiday among the mountains that gratifies the age-old customs and local traditions. Come to Himachal Pradesh that has a lot to show its visitors, a lot of gaiety to share!

Buddhist Festival
Black Hat Dance - Part of Buddhist Festivals

Halda Festival – Welcome the New Year

This is the very first Himachal Pradesh festival, celebrated in the month of January. This is a Buddhist fiesta that is celebrated as a private event in the Lahaul region of Himachal Pradesh. During this festival you will be flabbergasted to see people with cedar twigs moving to a place that has been selected by the Lama. These twigs are then thrown in a bonfire and various dancing acts are performed for many days, further on.

Lohri or Maghi – Festival and Fair Together

After Halda, begins the preparation for Lohri, held during the mid of January. This is an agricultural festival that is very popular for its folk songs and dance that goes all night long. You should come during this festival, as a grand fair is held during this very time. Seeking plenty of tourist attraction, one can experience the outburst of joy, the locals basks as they get an excuse to free themselves from the monotonous lives.

Enjoy the Snow During the Himachal Winter Carnival

You should not miss coming to Himachal Pradesh in the month of February, when the whole state is bustling with tourists. Yes, they have all come to be a part of the Himachal Winter Carnival that gives them a rare chance to enjoy ultimate fun. This event is a great delight and has the capacity to make even the chilling winter – a happening time. Manali is the host of this festival where various contests like 'winter queen' and other are held. Winter sports too are conducted making this festival a placating experience. Participate in these contests and sports to enjoy a resplendent experience.

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March Comes With Cradling Festivals To Win the Smiles

In the month of March various festivals enliven these sleepy mountains. Some of the most illustrious festivals during the month are Holi, Chaitrual and Shivratri. Though Holi and Shivratri are celebrated all over the country, Himachal's exclusive is Chaitrual. This festival is popularly known as festival of pictures and is celebrated in the Sirmaur area. Between the month of March and April, the night of the full moon light is selected to perform the rituals. Be a part of this festival and be a spectator when the deities of all the families are carried to the fields and an elaborate dish known as 'Poltu' is prepared and offered to the goddess. While returning after the celebration, you will be surprised to see people breaking clay pots, in order to chase away the evil spirits.
There are various rituals involved in this festival that differ from one region to the other.

Baisakhi Festivals – Bid Farewell to Winters

On 13th April every year, Baisakhi is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the most important festival in the state that is celebrated with fervidness in the areas of Tattapani near Shimla and at Rewalsar and Prashar lakes near Mandi. Following the local trend, during this festival people take purifying dips in water. Numerous village fairs are organized where competitions of wrestling, dancing and archery are held.

Chariot During Kullu Dussehra
Chariot of Lord Raghunathji Being Carried During Dussehra

Phulaich Festival – See the Flowers Blooming

No other festival is as rosy as the Phulaich festival that is also called festival of flowers. As the rains give way to autumn, the hills of Himachal Pradesh wears a colorful look with numerous flowers adorning the villages. Held in the month of September, this festival is celebrated in the Kinnaur region to commemorate the dead relatives and pray for the peace of their souls. The 'Ladra' flower steals the show with the villagers climbing on the hills to pluck the flowers. Animals are sacrificed and food and wine are served to the dead on mounds of brick. These are later distributed among the impecunious and 'Harijans'.

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Kullu Dussehra – Feast of Music and Concord

This is the most important festival in Himachal Pradesh and you cannot miss seeing the Dussehra festival of Kullu that is popular all over the world. October in Himachal Pradesh is the most sacred time of the year, when the Dussehra festival is in full swing. This ten day long festival has interesting ritual that are performed everyday from dawn to dusk.
During the celebration of Dussehra, International Folk Festival is also held. During this fiesta wide range of cultural items are at demonstrated. Besides, displaying the local handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh, artifacts from all over the country are put for demo.

Dancing Women of Spiti
Spiti Women Clad in Traditional Festive Costumes

Lossar Festival – Celebrating the Buddhist Mark in Himachal Pradesh

Welcome the winter season by participating in this Buddhist festival that is held between mid November and mid December. A local deity is worshipped in hope of restoring the happiness and prosperity through the winter season. This essentially marks the beginning of the Tibetan year by the kindling of the lamps by the natives. After singing the religious songs in the morning, the people offer their prayers to God and make some square lumps of mixed flour known as Brang-Gyas and place it in a plate. This plate is then placed around the statutes of Gods and animal figurines. Seeing this platter in the early morning has auspicious significance.

Ice Skating Carnival – A Pinnacled Gala Time

Ice skating carnival is a gala time for the Himachal Pradesh people. With its rink in Dalhousie, this carnival is held at Shimla as well. During the sessions, this place is flooded with tourists and visitors from various corners of the country and world. You should see this festival during the month of December, when various fancy dress competitions, ice hockey and dance performances adorn the occasion. If you are a sports freak, then Ice Skating Carnival in Himachal Pradesh is the place to be. Here you should also check out the locals in their colorful traditional garbs that seem to mix up the warmth of the Himachal culture.

International Himalayan Festival – McLeodganj's Baby

As the snow flakes start making their presence felt in Himachal Pradesh, arrives the time to get ready for the International Himalayan Festival. December is the month when Dalai Lama, the Tibetan leader, blesses McLeodganj, which further prepares itself for this festival. This is a three day event, that is celebrated with pomp and grandeur and invites huge tourist attraction.

Fairs in Himachal Pradesh – Celebration of Himachal Lives

Fairs too hold a key position in propagating Himachal culture among the nationals as well as tourists. Take a festive tour of Himachal Pradesh and be a part of the fairs that will reveal to you strange beliefs and events. Most of the fairs held in Himachal Pradesh fall in the category of religious fairs but there are some that are celebrated for historical reasons.

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Manimahesh Fair – State Level Fair

Manimahesh is one of the most pious pilgrim destination in Himachal Pradesh. Believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, this town has a rich cultural and heritage. But the fair held here in the month of February, surpasses it all. You should be aware that Himachal Pradesh has given this fair the title of 'State Level Fair'. You cannot miss is fair as it is one of those rare festivities that are organized by the tribal groups. Nomadic Gaddis hold this fair and a lot of tourists also make their participation felt in this fair.

Shams Navratri Mela
Festivities & Celebration of Navratri Mela

Fair of Kullu Valley – Valley of Gods Has Yet Another Reason to Celebrate

Get into your best and most colorful clothes, if you do not want to feel aloof. After all this is the Kullu fair, where festive colors have filled the air as well as the hearts of people. To see this fair you should step in Kullu region in the month of April or First and Second Week of May. This fair, called as the Birshu, is held in every village of Kullu valley. The brightest part of this festival is the jovial hearts of people who seem to be drenched with excitement. During this fair, Home Gods are worshipped.

Another important fair in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh is the Dussehra fair that is held during the month of October, after the famous Dussehra festival. Dussehra fair is all about history, ethnicity and the opulence of Indian Culture – so make sure you are a part of it.

Minjar Fair - Chamba Owns this Fiesta

Now there is one more reason to visit the Chamba valley – Minjar Fair. This fair is also very popular in Himachal Pradesh and is celebrated in the month of July. This is a fair that is notable by silk costumes, stalk of Maize and the impressive procession where Raghuvir Verman idol along with other gods and goddesses are taken in palanquins for immersion in the Ravi river. Enjoy a colorful Himachal during this seven day long festival which has historical as well as religious significance attached to it. But you do not have to go skin deep in the myths. Just enjoy and make merry – Minajar fair is all about that!

Lavi Fair – Commemorating Friendship

You should not miss coming to Himachal Pradesh in the month of February, when the whole state is bustling with tourists. Yes, they have all come to be a part of the Himachal Winter Carnival that gives them a rare chance to enjoy ultimate fun. This event is a great delight and has the capacity to make even the chilling winter – a happening time. Manali is the host of this festival where various contests like 'winter queen' and other are held. Winter sports too are conducted making this festival a placating experience. Participate in these contests and sports to enjoy a resplendent experience.

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Top 5 Reasons To Enjoy HP Festivals

Himachal Festival

Merry During the Himachal Festivals
There are various legends and beliefs that is the reason behind these colorful festivals of Himachal Pradesh. Be it the month of January or May, the color of Himachal Pradesh are ever changing, due to the various festivals that dots the calendar of Himachal.

Tibetan Festivals Too Make Their Mark
In Himachal, beside enjoying the local and national festivals, you also get a chance to explore the Tibetan and Buddhist festivals and fairs. You should see the Lossar and Halda festival. Celebrated in the months of December and January, these festivals are the representation of the harmonious relationship that exists between people of different faiths.

Himachal Carnival Gives an Excuse to Rejoice
The winter months from November to February are times to party as during these months various winter carnivals and Himalayan festivals are happening in HP. Come to Himachal Pradesh during the winters and enjoy a fete during the fiestas that involves competitions and winter sports, a treat for the travellers.

Himachal Culture is Best During Festivals
Shopping and enjoying the culture of Himachal Pradesh are perhaps the best part of these festivals. It is the time when the white and green valley of Himachal Pradesh is filled with reds, oranges and yellows of the festive color. Come during the festivals, as no other time matches up to the enjoyment basked at the time of Himachal festivals.

Fairs Invite Tourists For Great Experiences
Enjoying the various fairs of Himachal Pradesh is an experience that you will not want to miss. There are four major fairs in the state along with various others, that gives a chance to shop and enjoy the religious beliefs that spun these fairs.

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