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Famous Monuments : Viceregal Lodge, Rang Mahal
Famous Architectural Temples : Raghunathji Temple
Famous Fort : Kangra Fort
Other Attractions : Shrines and Palaces

Viceroy Lodge Shimla
Popular Colonial Monumnent - Visceral Lodge in Shimla

Famous Forts : Kangra Fort and Sujanpur Fort – Kangra Valley, Kuthar Fort – Shimla, Kumru Fort – 293 kms from Shimla.
Architecture Style : Mughal, Hindu and Colonial.
Colonial Monuments : Lord Elgin's Memorial and Viceregal Lodge – Shimla, War Memorial – Dalhousie.
Buddhist Monuments : Kye Monastery – Largest Monastic Complex, Located in Spiti.
Famous Palaces : Rang Mahal – Chamba, Maharaja's Palace – Chail.
Famous Temples : Chamunda Devi Temple – Located 15 kms from Dharamshala and is More than 700 Years Old, Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Chamba, Baijnath Temple at Palampur in Kangra.
Not to be Missed : The Himachal Emporium Inside the Rang Mahal (Painted Palace) – Housing Beautiful Wall Paintings. From Here you must buy Rumals - Small Cloths Featuring very Fine Silk Embroidery, a Traditional Craft.
Must See : The Padam Palace – Black Gram Paste was Used to Cement the Stones of the Palace.
Inside Tip : Most of the Palaces of Himachal Pradesh Serve as Heritage Hotels. You Can Always Book Yourself to Enjoy the Resplendence.

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Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Monuments in Himachal Pradesh – The Majesties of the Majestic

Himachal Pradesh – the land of Gods, has also gained momentum as a region with enchanting diversity. Take a famous monumental heritage tours of Himachal Pradesh to see the presence of the best of all the worlds. There are historical forts and colonial mansions, religious temples and sacred monasteries. You should take a trip to Himachal Pradesh to see the famous monumental attractions that since ages have been the heartthrob of the tourists.

Enjoy a holiday in Himachal Pradesh and visit the famous monuments that dots the landscape of Himachal Pradesh. The forts and palace attractions of Himachal Pradesh in India is great. Notice the height at which they have been built and it will surely flabbergast you. The monumental heritage of Himachal Pradesh can be felt at every corner of the state.

Architecture Fusion in Himachal Pradesh

The history of Himachal Pradesh has played a great role in shaping up the monumental heritage of the state. Thanks to the multi cultural influence that has made it possible for Himachal Pradesh to give the tourist everything that they can seek for. The most dominating as well as the most highlighted monumental attractions are that of the British landmarks. It is an inevitable fact as they were the ones who ruled this state for the maximum stretch of time. But however, you will find significant effect of Mughal and Hindu architecture as well.

Due to its proximity with Tibet and the mere presence of Dalai Lama (the Buddhist chief monk), a lot of Buddhist architecture in form of monasteries can also be found here. Due to its proximity with Tibet and the mere presence of Dalai Lama (the Buddhist chief monk), a lot of Buddhist architecture in form of monasteries can also be found here.

The monumental heritage and attractions of Himachal Pradesh is great. You should plan a Himachal Pradesh monumental tours to enjoy the true essence of Himachali culture.

Nurpur Fort in Himachal
Dilapidating Remains of Nurpur Fort

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

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Forts in Himachal Pradesh – Reminder of Great Himachal History

Take an exclusive tour of the forts and palaces of Himachal Pradesh, a state that since times immemorial have enchanted the various rulers to leave their mark on this scenic land. Enjoy a holiday in Kangra district where you cannot miss seeing the famous Kangra fort, that has created a niche for itself in Himachal Pradesh. With a circumference of 4 kms, this is the oldest fort in Himachal Pradesh and has various gates and shrines. In Kangra valley itself we have the Sujanpur fort, where you cannot miss seeing the wall paintings.

Besides the popular fort attractions of Kangra, other forts that you should visit are Kuthar fort, which is in close vicinity from Shimla. Then there is Kumru fort, located at a distance of 229 kms from Shimla and is surrounded by cluster of houses amidst fields and orchards.

Palace Attractions of Himachal Pradesh – The Blend of Colonies and Rajs

The palace attractions of Himachal Pradesh includes all those colonial as well as historical mansions that have earned due respect for themselves since ages. The most important is the Viceregal Lodge in Shimla, which is better known as the heart of the city. This is a six story building which is enclosed by well maintained gardens and intricately spun legends. While on your vacations to Dharamshala, you should visit the War Memorial that is the landmark of the city.

Among the list of historical palaces, the name that soar high is Rang Mahal, located in Chamba. This palace has a Mughal influence, that today houses Himachal emporium. Another palace attractions of Himachal Pradesh is Lord Elgin's Memorial also located in Shimla. Then Himachal has the Maharaja's Palace in Chail, which is situated at the highest point of the state.

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Top 5 Reasons To See HP Monuments

Adi Nath Temple in Palampur

Tip Across the Antiquity of the Past
Take a heritage tour of monuments of Himachal Pradesh that is eloquent of the mythological as well as colonial history of the state. Enjoy a holiday in Himachal Pradesh and learn more about these mammoth monuments that since ages have earned the attention of the tourists.

Monuments Speak in Himachal Pradesh
Enjoy a famous monumental heritage tours of Himachal Pradesh and see the famous forts and palaces attractions of Himachal Pradesh in India. A true representative of the Himachali culture, these popular monumental attractions of Himachal Pradesh are spread sporadically all over the state.

Architecture Sings its Own Story in Himachal
The best part of enjoying a vacation in Himachal Pradesh is the chance to see various architectural patterns in just one trip. Travel to Himachal Pradesh to see the colossal forts and monasteries along with the subtle reminiscent of the British in form of the colonial mansions.

Fort Attractions Will Take you Back in Time
Bask an exclusive fort tours of Himachal Pradesh to see the versatile forts that are celebrated all over the state. The fort attractions of Himachal Pradesh includes the famous Kangra fort along with various others that will surely bowl you over.

The Real Beauty of Himachal Palaces
See the height and the structure of the massive palace attractions of Himachal Pradesh and you will be wonder struck. Go to Shimla or Chail or Chamba, the heritage of the famous palaces of Himachal Pradesh lies unsurpassed.

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