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Location : Kullu and Lahaul District of Himachal Pradesh
Famous Passes : Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass
Major Attraction : Trekking and Skiing
Other Attraction :Temples, Villages

Famous Baralacha Pass
Baralacha Pass

Famous Passes : Baralacha Pass
Location : On Manali – Leh Road.
Altitude : 4,890 m Above Sea Level.
Major Attractions : Trekking, Suraj Tal Lake.
Best Time : April to October.

Pin Parbati Pass
Location : Kullu – Spiti District.
Altitude : 5,320 m Above Sea Level.
Major Attractions : Trekking, Confluence of Spiti and Sutlej River.
Best Time : May to October.

Rohtang Pass
Location : Manali-Keylong Road, 51 kms from Manali Town.
Altitude : 3,978 m Above Sea Level.
Major Attractions : Trekking, Skiing.
Best Time : June to September.

Kunzum Pass
Location : Lahaul and Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh.
Altitude : 4,590 m Above Sea Level.
Major Attractions : Bara-Sigri Gacier – Second Largest Glacier in the World, Durga Temple, Hill Resorts of Baralacha La, Darcha, Tanglang La and Sarchu.
Best Time : All the Year Round.
Trekking Trails : Baralacha Pass – 18 Days Trek Through Manali, Batal, Chandra Tal, Tokping Yongma and Baralacha.
Pin Parbati Pass – 17 Day Trek from Manikaran Through Pulga, Khirganga and Mantalai.
Rohtang Pass – From Kullu Valley To Lahaul and Spiti valley
Kunzum Pass – From Tandi to Killar and 12 km long trek from Kunzum pass to Chander Tal.
Must Enjoy : Skiing in the Sonapani glacier, in Rohtang Pass During the Month of December to February.
Other Passes : Dulhi Pass, Chauri Pass, Sara Umga Pass, Manali Pass, Kamilaga Pass, Asha Gali, Chabia Pass.
Must See : The Bara-Sigri Gacier – Second Largest Glacier in the World, Located in Kunzum Pass of Himachal Pradesh.
Other Attraction : Small and concealed Monasteries Located in the Pir Parbati Pass in Himachal Pradesh, Lakes and Rivers.
Inside Tip : Rohtang Pass is Open only from the Month of June to September.

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Famous Passes To Reach the Land of Gods

Himachal Pradesh is a mosaic of Himalayas with dashes of green of verdant trees, a little of the blue along the white sparkle of the rivers and lakes, and the endless stretch of the grey passes molding their way in the brown and white mountains. You should come to Himachal Pradesh that is dominated by three main mountain ranges that spread over the entire area. The Dhauladhar Range (4500-5000 m), Pir Pinjal Range (5000m ) and the Great Himalayan Range (over 6000 m) are the fosterer of these passes that will prove to be a feast to your eyes. Besides being a spectator's delight, these high mountain passes have also been the favored destination of adventurers, most importantly – Trekkers and Mountain bikers.

So what are you thinking!!! Come to Himachal Pradesh to see the changing colors of the mountains and indulge in trekking in order to enjoy the most spectacular views of the mighty Himalayas.

Baralacha Pass – Path With Cross Roads

At an altitude of 4890 m and on the long Manali – Leh road that paves way for the Baralacha mountain ranges is this Baralacha Pass. This 8 kms long pass is popularly known as the pass 'where many roads meet'. Signifying the dividing line between main Himalayas and Lahaul range, this pass further extends till Zanskar and is one of the best trekking passes in the world. While crossing the pass, look down to see the two rives Chandra and Bhaga, that flows parallel with the pass. This pass also instrumental in acting as gateways to various parts of Himachal Pradesh. This pass is also famous for the Suraj Tal lake, that is located at its head in Lahaul and Spiti district of the state.

As far as adventure options are concerned you should come in the month of mid July to September, which is the ideal time for trekking. The most famous route for trekking here, lasts for 18 days and covers the areas of Manali, Batal, Chandra Tal, Tokping Yongma and Baralacha and back down to Manali.
To come to Baralacha Pass, you should take the Manali – Leh road which is at a distance of 73 kms from Keylong.

Pin Parbati Pass in Spiti
Desolate Yet Scenic Pin Parbati Pass

Pin Parbati Pass – Valley of Shadows

This forms one of the most strenuous routes for trekking which lies at an altitude of 5320 m above sea level. Lying in the Kullu – Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, this pass is conspicuous by its rocky terrains and prayer flags. Once on this pass, you cannot miss the aerial view of the snow capped mountains that acts as a contrast to the barren mountain declivities. You will be baffled to see the cultivated villages that denotes the cultural life of the people. The most delightful exploration will definitely be the small monasteries that lies in the secluded areas of the passes.

Adventurers have a great time at the Pin Parbati pass. Take the 17 day tour that begins from Manikaran and passes through Pulga, Khirganga and Mantalai, before reaching this pass. See the confluence point of the the two rivers of Spiti and Sutlej.

Reaching this pass is very simple. All you have to do is to fly from Delhi to Bhuntar from where Manali is just 42 kms drive away. Second option is to board a train from Delhi to Kalka. From Kalka its 334 kms long drive to Manali.

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Rohtang Pass - The Highest in Himachal

This is the most celebrated pass in the state as well as the country. This high mountain pass connects Kullu valley with Lahaul and Spiti valley and is located at an height of 3,978 m above sea level. This is the highest point in the state as the main highlight is the breath taking panorama of the mountain ranges. This pass in open only from the month of June to September, where the population in predominantly Buddhist. You should see and understand the rich culture of the people, that seem to have been unaffected by modernity.

Trekking here is also a great indulgence. The most famous trekking route in Rohtang pass is route that connects Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti valley. Besides trekking, another adventure options that has gained fervency in Rohtang pass is Skiing. The ideal destination for this sport in this pass is Sonapani glacier.

This being one of the most famous pass in the country is easily accessible. Rohtang pass has better connectivity by roads from Manali - Kullu Valley (51 km), but the route can get blocked anytime because of unexpected snowfalls, which is quite apparent in this part of Himachal Pradesh.

Kunzum Pass Attractions
Buddhists Attractions in Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass – On the Footprints of Rohtang

Just as Rohtang is the gateway to Lahaul, Kunzum is the same for Spiti from Kullu and Lahaul. Perched at an height of 4590 m above sea level, visiting this pass at anytime of the year is the ideal time, due to the climatic conditions. Dotted with various attractions, Kunzum Pass offers panoramic view of the second largest glacier in the world, Bara- Sigri. On the top most point of the pass, you should see the temple that is dedicated to Goddess Durga. From here, the view of the scenery is hypnotic. The nearby tourist attraction also deserves some mention. On the way to the pass, you should not miss seeing the beautiful hill resorts of Baralacha La, Darcha, Tanglang La and Sarchu.

As far adventure is concerned, the most famous trek in this area is the route from Tandi to Killar. Another favorite trekking route is a 12 km long trek from Kunzum pass to Chander Tal.

You can easily reach this pass you should by cross the Rohtang Pass and drive 20 kms to reach Gramphoo. From here you should take a right turn to reach the pass. Road is the perhaps the best medium to reach this pass.

Other Noted Passes in Himachal

Some of the other passes in Himachal that are not as celebrated as the above are the Dulhi Pass, Chauri Pass, Sara Umga Pass, Manali Pass, Kamilaga Pass, Asha Gali, Chabia Pass. These are some of the passes that have not been explored extensively, hence giving a chance to the traveller to experience something that has not been yet diagnosed. Come to these passes in Himachal and discover something new that will credit your personality.

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Top 5 Reasons To See HP Passes

Passes in Himachal

Take a Pass Tour to See A Distinct Himachal
Himachal is as famous for its passes as Kerala is for its backwaters. Take a tour of Himachal to see and enjoy these passes that serve as the gateways to most of the area of the state. Surrounded by three mountain ranges, the passes of Himachal Pradesh are nothing less than magnificent.

Cross Roads at the Baralacha Pass
Take a ride across the Baralacha pass, that has 'where many roads meet' – as its sobriquet. In the Baralacha pass you should enjoy trekking through Manali, Batal, Chandra Tal, Tokping Yongma. You cannot miss the Suraj Tal lake, which is a religiously significant water body, while you are in Baralacha pass.

Adventure in Rohtang Pass
With the option like trekking and Skiing, adventurers soar high in Passes of Himachal Pradesh. Though almost all the passes have the options for trekking, but Rohtang pass has an exceptional offer – Skiing. Pack your gears and head for Sonapani glacier, which is the hottest spot for skiing this winter.

Enjoy Some Views From the Pin Parbatii Pass
Pin Parbatii Pass is famous for its breath taking views of the villages and mountains. Being one of the most arduous ground for trekking, here you cannot miss seeing the meeting point of Sutlej and Spiti rivers, besides other attractions that will surely delight your senses.

Unfettered Attractions in Kunzum Pass
Kunzum pass is the only place in India, where you can savor the delight of seeing the second largest glacier in the world. Besides this there is also a Durga temple on the topmost part of the road which is also a must see. The scenery from these points are enigmatic.

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