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Major Seasons : Summer, Monsoon, Post-monsoon and Winters
Climate : Tropical
Temperature : Max 32 degree C, Min 20 degree C
Best Time To Visit : August-April

Climate - The Coolest Stuff of Kerala

Kerala Sea
Swaying Palms During Kerala Monsoons

Truly speaking, nature shows its incomparable identities whenever it gets a chance. And in order to hold up its unquenchable thirst for beautification, it doesn't even spare God's own country. The land of Keralaputras or Keram (coconut trees) embraced by the evergreen Western Ghats on one side and the abysmal Arabian Sea on the other, is as different from the rest of India as diamond is to iron. It is this favourable geography which makes Kerala matchless. The monsoon winds, pinned above Kerala by the Western Ghats, are forced to release their precious content on this thin strip of land. The summers are not potent enough to precipitate frustration among the masses, but then there is Arabian Sea, to draft off all the tensions. Then there is winter, which calls for hundreds of migratory guests from as far as Siberia to roost in its green forests. In short, it is the climate that along with its attractions, have lured its guests from time immemorial and is still doing so with satisfactory results. The weather of Kerala is cool.

The Sea Breeze, The Rains And The Chill - Parts of Poetry

Kerala, lying majorly in the tropical region, apparently experiences a humid tropical wet climate common to most of world's rainforests. However, its extreme eastern fringes experience a drier tropical climate, but not a continues dry spell as is in rest of India. The summers onset in April and continues till June. As far as climate of Kerala is concerned, maximum temperature of this coconut state rarely go beyond 32°C. But this is the season whence most of the temple festivals are held and add quite a charm to the much-dreamt holidays. Otherwise chill out at the hill tops of Munnar or Wayanad amidst the mist-clad mountains and lush green tea gardens.

The south-west monsoons soon knocks the door by the end of June. The season is often identified to a battalion of grey elephants. For three-and-a-half months, Kerala receives the full brunt of the winds that bring rain to the entire sub-continent. The tall palm trees flatten themselves against the blitzkrieg like adept soldiers, but rarely break. The red earth is churned into rivulets of blood. You will see every individual, big or small, carrying an umbrella under the arm, unfurled within seconds to create a colourful dragonline of jostling scales. The hills of Kerala, too, have their own charm during the monsoons. Remember, it is fascinating to see the nature when it is wet! This is the ebst time to visit Kerala.

Once the rains have passd, the country swells up with a voluptous luxuriance. The labyrinthine chain of canals, known as backwaters, formed by linked up rivers turns the countryside into a sheet of glimmering diamonds. People live a semi-aquatic life, bathing, washing, planting rice, fishing, moving from one place to another on their flat-rice barges or single-paddled canoes.

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The chillness in the air continues till November which is then bolstered with the beginning of winters, which continues until end of February. This is the best time to visit Kerala. The minimum temperature at sea level does not go below 20°C, so it is always fun to plan a holiday tour during these months. The cool months surely invite a range of migratory birds from all over the globe which can be seen hovering over the surface of water. Visit the world famous Periyar sanctuary in Kerala and you can see animals getting a tan! You can even enjoy the warmth of the sun with a backwater cruise in Kerala.

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Highlights of Climate of Kerala

Kerala Climate

Feel The Equable Weather
The best thing about planning a holiday trip to Kerala is that you need not have to bother about your attire. The weather of Kerala is favourable all the year round and you can enjoy the climate in all seasons. So just take an empty bag because you might have to shop so many things of your interests.

The Memorable Monsoons
You will always remember the rains if you experience them in Kerala. Let the invigorating Kerala's climate cleanse you. Refresh you. Rejuvenate you. Let it run down your body and wash away stress. Moreover, you can also get a lifetime ayurvedic massage only during the monsoons. So step out.

The Serene Summers
The impressive thing about the weather of Kerala is that although it lies in the humid tropical wet climate contour, it does not experience a continues dry spell as is in rest of India. Plan a holiday trip to the mist-clad hills of Kerala and kick off the heat amidst the lush green tea gardens.

Welcome By Winters
Take a boat cruise on backwaters and experience winters from a different angle. Capture some of the beautiful bird species - also the migratory ones - that roost in the wildlife reserves of Kerala, making it the ebst time to visit Kerala.

The Backless Beaches
Go to the pristine beaches and lie over the sun-kissed sands to get a good tan. Sip a coconut and refresh your weary soul. Wander in the evenings along the shores and feel the soothing sea breeze on your face. The climate of Kerala will purify your soul.

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