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Location : 16 km from Kozhikode, in the South Indian state of Kerala.
Known For : A historic beach, Vasco da Gama landed here in 1498
Highlights : A Sprawling Rock that Protrudes into the Sea
Best Time To Visit : September to February

Kappad Beach - History On the Shores

Kappad Beach - Kerala
Boats at Kappad Beach - Kerala

Take up Kerala beach tours to enjoy the famous Kappad beach vacations in Kerala. Sure, there is lot of water, swaying palms, sunshine and sea breeze, but Vasco da Gama doesn't incite one to laze around and sip it all in. The reason is simple. Here the whiff of history is too powerful to ignore, and in fact, it would be rather unwise to overlook it. After all, it's only in Kappad (or Kappakadavu, as it is locally known) that even the rocks reveal about Vasco da Gama's famous voyage from Lisbon. It is here that the great explorer Vasco Da Gama (the first European to land in India) reached on the 27th of May, 1498 with 170 men in three vessels, thus discovering a sea route to India. Washed by tides twice a day and refashioned by monsoons yearly, the Kappad Beach has always something new to offer. But there is something common although - gentle aquatic hues mingling with sun-kissed sands and endless pleasure in moving around - that once had made the great explorer put his feet and now attracts hundreds of tourists round the year. The aKappad beach in Kerala is an important tourist attraction of Kerala.

How The Story Began

Take up beach tour of Kerala in India. There is an interesting legend associated with the footmarks of Vasco da Gama and his meeting with the Samuthiri (Zamorins, the erstwhile rulers of Kozhikode). Gama, resplendent in his admiral attire, was so surprised to discover that the incredibly affluent king was a simple man indeed - dressed only in 'mundu' and shawl - that he is belived to have said " Is this the famous Zamorin, the ruler of this golden land?". However, after a few days, he was seen returning with shipsfull of gold and other precious stones. Come to enjoy the famous Kappad beach holidays in Kerala.

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Fun With Sand And Rocks

One must see the moss covered solitary pillar, saluting the event of Vasco da Gama's arrival with the inscription,

"Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498".

Kappad beach attractions include the sprawling rock that extends into the sea - like a portuguese hooligan - is an interesting feature of the landscape at Kappad. It was here that da Gama's envoy was astonished to be addressed in Castilian by a man from Seville, who had become a Kozhikodan Muslim. When asked what the Portuguese doing here, then came the historic reply " We seek Christians and spices". Try to touch the serenity by your heart, or rather let it touch you. Enjoy the pleasure of making sand castles, fight with the waves to save your foot prints, enjoy a few sips of coconut water..what else could make a leisure vacation more dramatic? Tourists can also pay a visit to the temple nearby, located on the rock. The shrine is believed to be 800 years old, and is visited by devoutees from all over the state. The ideas of holidays on the famous Kappad beach is ceaseless.

Choose Your way

The legendary beach is an ideal picnic spot, situated at 16 km from Kozhikode downtown. One can drive on NH 47 to Edapally, and then can take NH 17 to reach Kozhikode. You can halt at Feroke and Kallai during your journey for light refreshments. September to February is the best time to visit the beach. Kozhikode is battered by the monsoon rains, but one can enjoy some herbal treatments at the excellent ayurvedic centres. April to may is hot, but most temple festivals are held during this period. For more tourist related information, you can contact the District Tourism Promotion Council, at Mananchira Square, Kozhikode.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach , Kerala

History On The Sands
Welcome to the sands of Kappad Beach in Kerala. Touch the rocks once touched by the great explorer Vasco da Gama. It is here that Gama set his foot in 1498 with 170 men in three vessels, thus discovering a sea route to India, The Kappad beach vacations is unique.

Listen To The Fishermen Tales
Visit to the famous Kappad Beach and you will be overwhelmed to experience many interesting and uncanny and uncanny folklores from the local fishermen. Savour a fresh coconut under the swaying palm trees and listen to their day to day activities. Take up beach tour of Kerala in India to see more.

Rock And Roll
The landscape of Kappad beach is trimmed with rocks of various sizes and shapes creating a fascinating vista to behold. Don't forget to see the sprawling rock, engraved with inscriptions of Vasco da Gama's arrival. This rock is one of the major Kappad beach attractions in Kerala.

Pleasure of Leisure
Plan a holiday trip to Kappad and explore the fun in messing with Indian sands. Roll on, run around, build sand castles and leave footprints on the sea-kissed sands of Kappad beach. Enjoy famous popular Kappad beach holidays in Kerala.

Temple of Glory
Visit the 800 year old temple located on the shores of Kappad, while on a holiday trip to the beach. Witness some of the grand celebrations that augment the charm of this ancient shrine during festive seasons. Kappad beach vacation in Kerala shows you more.

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