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Major Cities : Kochi , Kozhikode , Palakkad
Capital City : Thiruvananthapuram , (Trivandrum)
Backwater Destinations : Alappuzha , Kollam , Kottayam
Hill Station : Munnar

Kerala Towns And Cities - The Matchless Metropolis of Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram Museum - Kerala
Thiruvananthapuram Museum - Kerala

The verdant land of Kerala has many unique characteristics that truly make it God's Own Country. It is a coastal state nestling on the ebullient shores of the Arabian Sea. Resting on the mist clad pads of beauty are many hill stations, beautifully setting its eastern limits. Its serene landscape is dominated by extensive rice fields, banana and coconut plantations, criss-crossed by tranquil channels of backwaters that promise a memorable holiday to every visitor. The influence of Jews, Arabs, Syrians, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch and the English has enriched the indigenous culture, leaving their eternal signatures on the exhausted walls of survival. People are wealthier, healthier, better educated, which gives this palm fringed land an extra edge over other places of tourist interest in India. No doubt, this leaf shaped state of southern India has something peerless, something idiosyncratic that once attracted Vaso da Gama from as far as Portugal and continues to do so till you are reading this article.

The best part with Kerala's towns and cities is that each of them will offer you a different experience. Each of these capitals have a different story to tell, a different maze to explore. Visit Thiruvananthapuram, the political capital of Kerala. A long shoreline fringed with internationally renowned beaches, historic monuments, religious architectures and a rich culture makes this district a much sought after tourist destination. See the world famous Chinese fishing nets tucked in the pristine sands of Kochi, often praised as the commercial capital of Kerala. Climb the heights of Munnar and meet the evanescent clouds that cross the lush mountains as you take care to enjoy the hair-pin curves of the Western Ghats. Sail through the shimmering backwaters of Alappuzha, be a part of the colourful Elephant Festival at Thrissur, buy an embroidered Kottayam saree or simply, taste the refreshing South Indian tea on the hills of Wayanad. One thing is for sure, Kerala offers a complete fun holiday, and that too a memorable one through its towns and cities.

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Thiruvananthapuram - The Serpentine Throne In God's Own Country

Centuries down the line, Thiruvananthapuram, the most important gateway to the palm-fringed land of Kerala, continues to wear its princely statehood on its sleeves. Once the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore, the city now boasts of colossal buidings and palaces, wide, open avenues, lush green gardens and undulating countryside. Visit the Padmanabha Swamy Temple, located in the heart of this old city portraying an impeccable blend of Kerala and the Dravidian styles in numerous beautiful carvings and murals. Said to be one among the 108 ancient Vishnu temples in India, the presiding deity here is Lord Vishnu reclining on Anantha, the sacred serpent. Refresh yourself with medicated baths, rejuvenate yourself with herbal diets, and revitalise yourself with meditation at the numerous ayurvedic resorts in Thiruvananthapuram. Run on the pristine sands of the numerous beaches that share their aura with this handsome city. Surely, the political capital of God's own Country is indeed a place to start your holiday vacation in Kerala.

Kochi Beach - Kerala
Chinese fishing nets, Kochi - Kerala

Ride The Waves, Surf The Winds In These Beach Cities of Kerala

Thanks to a drawn out coastline that runs parallel to the green paddy fields of Kerala, 9 out of its 14 districts have a beach to boast about. Sprawling over a vast contour of 597 km, these palm-fringed beaches offer an unique opportunity to watch the ebullient waves of the Arabian Sea from a close proximity. And of course, there are many ways to reach the airy heaven, but start your beach itinerary from the Queen of Arabian Sea. Indeed it's Cochin, one of the finest natural harbours nestling on the Malabar Coast. Watch fishermen tug at the huge Chinese fishing nets - believed to be brought here by traders from the court of Kublai Khan, the Mongolian king - with their huge haul and the solitary Jewish Synagogue that still reverberates with the archaic glory and abstruse carvings preserved here!

Drive north to reach the ancient beach of Kappad in the Kozhikode district. Touch the rocks once touched by the great explorer Vasco da Gama when he set his foot in 1498 with 170 men in three vessels, thus discovering a sea route to India. Remember to taste the famous 'Kozhikodan Halwa', seasoned with nuts and raisins and prepared in pure coconut oil, a speciality that will leave you craving for more. Drive 50 km SE of Kozhikode to reach the wave-kissed land of Malappuram. Spend some time of your holiday trip on the pristine sands of Padinjarekkara Beach in Ponnani and explore the fun in messing with them before you experience the two placards of this city - Jasmine and Sea food delicacy. And then prepare yourself to see the giant keyhole, Bekal Fort, an architectural marvel of red sandstone nestling amidst the greens of Kasargod. You can see nimble fingers at work as they spin water-thread coconut fibres into long ropes with a traditional hand-spindle in the suburbs of Kasargod. Don't forget to shop at a number of roadside stalls for brightly coloured coir mats, wall hangings and carpets as a sign of this magnificent city.

It's Here You Can Find Boats on Backwaters

A holiday trip to Kerala is incomplete without a night stay on the shimmering backwaters of God's own country. It is not complete unless you see the silhouettes of the Chinese fishing nets that billow from massive bamboo poles against the backdrop of a setting sun. It is not complete unless you cheer for the exciting snake boat races that glide their way through the emerald waters of the Vembanad lake. Step out of your adorable home to reach the green land of Alappuzha, south Indian gateway to labyrinthine backwaters. Plan a holiday trip to the land that equally attracts hundreds of migratory birds and tourists to its backwaters, a land where the canopy is the family vehicle, a land that pulsates with gigantic snake boat races, but also doesn't forget to offer toddy during moods of merriment.

Affording an impeccable blend of scenic surrounding, tradition and hospitality, Kollam is often referred to as the dreamland of Kerala. Your vacation trip to this cashewland is surely going to be memorable. Get a tan, build sandcastles, or simply sift sand through your toes at the Thirumullavaram beach in Kollam district.

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Wild Destinations Amidst Palms In Kerala

Kollam City at Night - Kerala
Kollam City at Night - Kerala

Turn the fate of your holiday in Kerala with a visit to the elephant marched wilds of Kerala. The jungles of this palm fringed land are an unique experience. spend your mornings and afternoons looking for varied species of flora and fauna. Ride an elephant, make a black-tailed drongo fly or simply capture the merriment of the amusing animals in your cams. Drive to Thekkady and you can have the pleasure of seeing elephants playing amidst lush hills and the mesmerizing aroma of cardamom. Trace the pugmarks of the Great Indian Tigers and see playful otters diving deep into the emarald waters of the lake at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady. For an open-air wild performance, turn the wheels of your car towards the hills of Wayanad. Stroll through the lush geen tea gardens, take a bath in mind-blowing waterfalls, and look for some bizarre species of birds and animals nestling in the bushes.

Green, Green Everywhere And Every Green To See

Hidden away in the heights of the western ghats or the troughs of the paddy plains, Kerala has a number of enchanting vacation spots. Embroidered with wreathed roads, rivulets, gushing springs and waterfalls, these green towns of Kerala offer a different world where tranquility abounds. Enjoy a heavenly ride through the sprawling tea plantations to reach Munnar, the most famous hill station of Kerala. You can even see the world famous Neelakurinji, the exotic flower that bathes these hills once in twelve years.

Drive on the lap of the western ghats to reach the plains of Kottayam, famous for its rubber plantations and exquisite 'sarees'. Visit the ayurvedic capital of Kerala, Kannur. Rejuvenate yourself with various asanas, made to soothe both the body and the soul. Practice a couple of Pranayams and sleep, breathe, bath, take food, relax and lead life in an ideal way during your stay in the greens of Kannur. Visit the enticing land of Palakkad. Walk along the lush paddy fields, visit the ancient temples, let your hair down during the festivals and take the best from the bag of your holiday. Remember to taste the mouth-watering Palakkad delicacies and listen to the euphonic beats of Panchvadyam before you move ahead to other detinations in the state.

Jet, Set Go To God's Own Country

Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) and a number of private tour operators provide sight seeing opportunities through the Kerala countryside, which is a memorable way to experience the Malayali village life and handloom industries. The best way is obviously a backwater cruise, but you can also avail the land or the air way, as par your interests and budgets. Kerala has three airports at its 3 major gateways - Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. Besides the cities are appreciably linked with intricate railway and road networks, that make journeys in God's own country a favoured choice. Tourists can enjoy ample sport opportunities in its cities and even trivial towns; boat race, safari, trek, angeling etc. In short, it is well said that you don't have to compromise in the modest towns and cities of God's own country.

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Highlights of Cities of Kerala

Chinese Fishing Nets

Variant Hues of Kerala Cities
Plan a holiday trip to Kerala, and you can get a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a natural encounter with its valiant cities. These visitor friendly places, swelling under swaying palm trees, are an ayurvedic treatment in themselves.

The Political Capital of Malayali Culture
TPlan a holiday tour to the capital of God's own country, Thiruvananthapuram - a radiant jewel in the pendant of Kerala. Once the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore, the city now boasts of colossal buidings and palaces, wide, open avenues, lush green gardens and undulating countryside

Explore The Queen of Arabian Sea
When in Kerala, don't miss the opportunity to visit Kochi, the breathtakingly beautiful Queen of Arabian Sea. Apart from being the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Kochi (or Cochin) also flaunts one of the finest natural harbours of the world.

Serenity In Beach Destinations
Kerala, thankfully, is blessed with many pristine beaches that open their heart for one and all. Unleash yourself on the sun-kissed golden sands and gift yourself a new life with nature's rejuvenating nectar, the delicious coconut water.

Backwaters Won't Hold You Back
Make some nights of your holiday vacation memorable by staying in one of those world famous 'kettuvallams', or house boats nestling on Kerala backwaters at Kochi or Kollam. A backwater cruise in Kerala will surely give you an out-of-the-world experience to cherish for the rest of your life.

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