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Location : On the green patches of Nilgiris, in Kerala
Mainly Visited For : Scenic beauty, tea museum, mechanical way of manufacturing
Major Spices : Cardamom, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, curry leaves
Best Time To Visit : After the monsoons (July-September)

Spice And Tea Plantations In Kerala - Savour The Green Flavour

Tea Plantation Kerala
Tea Plantation - Kerala

Spices of Kerala : Black Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Garcinia, Vanilla, Paprika.
Places where Spices are Found : Attappadi, Siruvani, Vagamon, Vandiperiyar, Erumeli.
Spice Souvenirs: Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom, Thyme, Basil, Mint, Vanilla, Bay, Sage, Rosemary, Oregano are some of the Spices that are much sought after souvenirs from the land of Coconuts.
Important Tea Plantation of Kerala : Grampi - 5 km from Peermede(Idukki District), Pathanamthitta Distrit, Vilangakunnu - Kozhikode District, Ponumudi District.
Don't Miss : To learn how to make the most exotic Tea.
Inside Tip : Go for a Photography Session whenever you are in a Spice Garden as it is very scenic.

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Spice tours in Kerala is the most upcoming holiday idea. After an adventurous tour of Kerala, if you want to laze around for a few days amidst picturesque surroundings and fresh air, a trip to the Nilgiris is indeed a good reason to nullify the ennui of a journey. Plan a holiday trip just after the monsoons and head towards the idyllic greens of Idukki, often known as the spice land of India. As you will drive through the thick forests on a metalled road that meanders over quaint bridges and passes through innumerable tunnels, you will witness nature in a new fashion, gradually unveiling before your eyes. The air will get progressively rarer, the temperature chiller and you will be enveloped in the matchless aroma of the spice plantations that green the terrain. Look at the palatte displaying variant shades of green, neatly arranged into terraced farms, the symmetry broken only by the sudden appearance of a gurgling stream. A lazy mist curls through the hills tuning life into a dreamy rhythm, as you find yourself renouncing to this sensual plethora. The sight of the spice gardens and tea plantations of Kerala will be a treat to your eyes.

Spice Gardens of Heaven

The famous spice holidays in Kerala is a simple solution for the heat and humidity of the plains of Kerala: a trip to the mountains where at the edge of the Periyar, many spice gardens are located. Dwelling at a height of 800-1000 metres, these dense forests surely preserve some of the world's most exotic flavours. Life is simple up here, yet there also seems to be an excess of everything. Stay in one of those straw covered cottages standing amidst bright green palm groves and patches where mangoes, nutmeg and cardamom flourish. While on spice tours in Kerala India, wake up for the first time to the call of fragrances - coffee, cardamom and black pepper - providing a sense of privacy and personal satisfaction. One can find people letting out all kind of yell just to reciprocate the echo getting reflected from surrounding hills. One can see clusters of black pepper plants grown at home by the villagers residing by the road. Then, as you drive by, you might see stretches of cardamom plantations for several kilometers along the road. Get down from your car to pick up some fresh cardamom and black pepper from trees. Run a few steps and you can see cinnamon and clove vegetations dotting the landscape. Enjoy a spice trip of India in Kerala and bent and leaves of curry and ginger will touch your fingers. What else do you want for a memorable holiday?

Spice Plantation Kerala
Spice Plantation - Kerala

Begin Your Day With A ' T '

Kerala, over the past few decades, has carved its own niche as a premier tea-growing state, aptly sharing a patch of its lush green lands, better known as the High Range. Here thousands of hectares of lush, manicured tea fields form an irresistible canvas - a perfect backdrop for Bollywood cinematography and an irrefutable dining hall for pachyderms. While in the tea gardens in Kerala one can see stately eucalyptus plantations, which fuel the many tea factories in the vicinity, lined up on the terrain, swaying gently in the wind. And shola trees hug the mist-sheeted hill-sides, housing varied and no doubt, many endangered species of wildlife. A holiday trip to the tea gardens of Kerala is a lifetime experience through picturesque surroundings, but the most sought-after offering of the estates is the incredibly pure air. Enjoy a spice holiday in Kerala, and trek through the green slopes and spot a wild animal or two, play a round of golf in the afternoon and engage your evenings doing some trout fishing before lazing around the bonfire in the night and listening to the silence of the woods. Don't forget to pay a visit to the nearby tea factories - engaged in producing one of the best flavours in the world using simple and archaic techniques - for a first hand introduction of tea processing. Enjoy the reviving experience of tea-tasting, the aroma that will leave your taste buds and linger your memories forever.

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As In News

Spice tourism of Kerala is the best way to explore the land known for its different aroma of spices, Kerala, will soon give an opportunity to tourists to have a first hand feel of the propagation of spices. A joint initiative of the Union Ministry of Tourism and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 'Spice Tourism Circuit', the project offers tourists memorable visits to various spice plantations in Kerala and the nearby state of Tamil Nadu. According to the current plans tourists arriving at the Cochin International Airport will be fetched to numerous spice plantations dotting the landscape of Kerala - Nutmeg plantations in Kalady, clove plantations in Kumily and cinnamon plantations in Theni and Thudiyakurisu are included in the trip amongst others. A spice museum, spice food court and workshop for artists are also on the cards along with a large-scale marketing programme for spices. Moreover, government is also asking local people to provide accommodation to tourists.

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Top 5 Highlights of Spice And Tea Plantations In Kerala

Tea Plantation Kerala

Shake Hands With The Serene Side of Nature
Take spice tours of Kerala, plan a holiday trip to the greens of Kerala, manicured in terrace gardens intersected by pathways at definite intervals and holding an age-old aroma of world famous Indian tea and spices. The dense tropical jungles in these hill stations house some of the most exotic bird and wildlife species of the world.

A Spicy Kerala For You
Visit the sprawling spice gardens and tea gardens in Kerala amidst towering eucaluptus trees, lingering with the soul-soothing aroma of one of the best spices of the world. Pick up a few packets to add an Indian taste to your home made delicacies.

Romance On A Tea Break
The famous spice holidays in Kerala in India amidst the sprawling tea plantations, picture book landscapes and winding lanes of Kerala's mist clad hill stations - a land where tranquility abounds. Walk on the raised up pavements and see those women plucking the 'two-leaf-and-a-bud' phenomenon from the womb of nature.

Have A Tea On The Rocks
Enjoy a spice vacations in Kerala. Take a walk through the green carpeted tea hills of Kerala and strong aromas will lead you into factories over a hundred years old. Enjoy a cup of fine tea while sitting over a hill and beholding picturesque landscapes.

High Hills, Higher Spirits
Take up spice tourism of Kerala and spend your afternoons chasing the golf ball and your evenings hunting for a few fishes in the streams. One can even see groups of wild elephants rejoicing amidst the green patches, flirting with the strong aroma of tea.

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