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Location : North Western Part of MP
Popular As : Capital City of Madhya Pradesh
Major Attraction : Taj – ul - Masajid
Established By : Raja Bhoj
Large Mosque of Bhopal
Taj-Ul-Masjid - Largest Mosque of Bhopal

To See : Museums, Palaces, Mosques, Temple.
Also Known As : City of Lakes.
Best Time : October to March.
Famous Mosques : Taj – ul – Masajid (Largest in Asia), Moti Masjid (Replica of Jama Masjid), Jama Masjid.
Most Famous Lakes : Upper Lake for Picnicking, Lower Lake for Sailing and Boating.
Must See : The Famous Colossal Statue of Lord Buddha in State Archaeological Museum.
Famous Palaces : Shaukat Mahal, Sadar Manzil and Gouhar Mahal.
Most Famous Temple : Lakshmi Narayan Temple - Also Called Birla Temple.
Getting Around : Chiklod Palace – 45 kms, Jain temples – 6 kms, Bhimbetka Caves – 46 kms, Bhojpur – 28 kms.
Must Enjoy : Boating and Sailing in the Lower Lake – Enjoy the Panoramic Vista.
Famous Museums : Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bharat Bhavan, Birla Museum, State Archaeological Museum.
Other Attractions : Aquarium for Various Breeds of Fishes, Van Vihar for Wildlife, Lake Princess for Enjoying a Boat Cruise.
Important Distances : Delhi – 705 kms, Mumbai – 837 kms, Indore – 186 kms, Gwalior – 388 kms, Ujjain – 188 kms, Jabalpur – 295 kms, Sanchi – 46 kms, Pachmarhi – 195 kms.
Must Visit : Manav Sangrahalaya – Town Holds Workshops, Folk Music and Dance, and Open-Air Plays in February and March.
Inside Tip : Most of the Shops are Closed on Mondays. So Plan your Day Accordingly.
Shop For : Tribal Handicrafts, Carpets and Dhurries, Bamboo Work, Metal Images, Sliver Jewelery, Leather Goods.
Shopping Destinations : Women’s Co-op Zari Centre, Pir Gate – Bags, Chiffon Sarees.
MP State Emporium – Chanderi Saris, Silk and Fabrics.
New Market and Chowk – Silver Jewelry, Bead Work, Embroidered Velvet Items and Leather
Goods Mrignayani Emporium – Tribal Paintings, Handicrafts.
Where to Eat : Hotel Lake Princess (M P Nagar), Angathi Restaurant (Shaml Rd), Amarpali Restaurant (New Market), Fantast Restaurant (New Market).
Don't Miss : A three-day Ijtima (Religious Congregation) is Held in the Precincts of the Taj-ul-Masjid.
Staying Options : Noor-Us-Sabah Palace Hotel, Jahan Nume Palace, Hotel Residency, Amar Placa, Lake View.
Getting There : Air - Has it own Airport 12 Kms From the Old City. Well Connected with Regular Flights.
Rail - Bhopal has a Rail Junction Well Connected with Various Parts of India.
Road - Buses run at regular intervals From Other Cities and Towns of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhopal – Come Home to the City of Lakes

Come to the city that has incorporated itself with every aspect. Be it heritage, culture, urbanisation, landscape beauty, pilgrimage of multitude religions, they all have been counterbalanced perfectly. Welcome to the city that is proud to be the capital and commercial city of India's heart. Bhopal, is thy name that is an amalgamation of the Hindu and Muslim culture. The panoramic beauty of Shamla and the Idgah Hills are best viewed from here. The sight of the capital from these hills, when seen during the after light, with the backdrop of the onion shaped dome and the obelisk of the enigmatic temples, is a sight to behold. The first city of Madhya Pradesh invites you all to be a part of the great legend it has in store for you.

History and Culture - One or Many

Bhopal, has a very interesting historical legend attached to it. This is is the only city in the country which was ruled entirely by women for a long duration of hundred years. It got its name from the great king Raja Bhoj, who is accredited to be the founder of this city. The lakes that surround the beautiful city were built by raja Bhoj by building a dam encompassing it. Originally called as Bhojpal, it was shortened to its present name much later in history. The present city of Bhopal was domiciled by the Afghan adventurer, Dost Mohammad Khan, who ruled over the city for practically for thirty years. Bhopal ha survived a barbaric Marathas onslaught. Sometimes also referred as the city of begums, who ruled for a period of hundred years and finally a peaceful treat resulted in the suzerainty of the bridle of Bhopal into the hands of the British. This city which was once a sleepy and comely town on the banks of a lake surrounded by atmosphere that gave a chance for requiescence to its people. Today, it is an antipode of the old.

Today Bhopal stands as a cocktail of various tastes that involves the architecture treasures, pilgrim destinations and comprehensive murals. Though there has not been a much influence of varied acculturations, but there are evidenced that prove Bhopal to be a culturally diverse land.

Bhopal Attractions to Attract You

You must visit this treasure cove of India as it offers its visitors with the gift of enjoying the two exquisite lakes and the Afghani architecture heritage in the much acclaimed mosques of the city. Besides the mosques and the lakes there are also museums and palaces to win your heart.

Mosques to Offer your Homage

The most exquisite attractions in Bhopal are its mosques. Due to the rule of Muslims in the city, it is needless to connote that these are definitely the paragon of the chef d'oeuvre. The adjudication of being the prime mosque will without any ambiguity slip toward the Taj – ul – Masajid, which is the largest mosque of not only Bhopal bu of Asia. You must see the qibla (place of worship) inside the mosque that has 11 concaved intricately carved arches. This mosque was built by the Nawab Shahjehan begum and has a grand entrance that is decorated with 4 sunken archways and 9 baronial cuspidal multifoiled openings in the main prayer hall. There is also a huge water tank placed in the center of the mosque. You must visit this mosque during one of the three Ijtima congregation that is held annually and draws a lot of gathering. Some of the other highlights of the mosque are the 18 storey high octagonal minars, onion-shaped marble domes and the ethereal screens of latticework in the prayer hall.
Moti Masjid is another important mosque one should visit. Also known as the pearl mosque, this was built by Sikander Jahan Begum. This mosque in red sandstone is kindred to the the Jama Masjid in Delhi. This mosque is smaller in size and has two dark-red minarets crowned by golden spikes. Try to find the various traces of history that is rudiment in the bricks of the mosque. Easily accessible it is an example of the mainstream style of Islamic architecture.
One more mosque that you should definitely visit is the Jama Masjid. Khudsiya begum in the year 1837 had built this mosque that has golden stilettos on its crown. You should notice the much acclaimed interiors and archaeological features of the mosque. There is a small pond inside and is the best place to enjoy peace and calmness.

Mahal and Haveli – Depicting Royal Absolutism

Enjoy the royal grandeur by vising the various haveli and palaces that were earlier the home of the begums of Bhopal. Sharing hostility with the typical Muslim architecture, the Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil in Bhopal are an example of the European style of architecture and are located at the entrance of the Chowk area of the capital. Designed by a Frenchman from a descendant of an offshoot of the Bourbon Kings of France, this palace was the result of the amalgamation of the oriental and occidental architectural styles. These two mahals are in juxtaposition and create a very charming effect. The Sadar Mahal served the purpose of being an audience hall in earlier times. Reminiscent of the Renaissance and Gothic essence, you must visit this idiosyncratic piece of architecture that will remain in your memories, for a very long time.
Behind the Moti Mahal on the banks of the upper lake, is the Gouhar Mahal, was built in the year 1820 by the Kudsia begum. Hence, it is sometimes, also referred as the Gouhar begum. An example of the Hindu and Muslim architectural patterns, this palace is a must visit.

Rowing At Lakes of Bhopal During Sunset
Rowing At Lakes of Bhopal During Sunset

The Sprawling Lakes and Gardens of Bhopal

The lakes that surround the city is two in number and offer a picturesque and stunning view. The Upper lake was created in 11th century by raja Bhoj, the founder of Bhopal. This man made lake will elaborate the intricate planning and strategy that was exploited rulers of not at all modern India. With its clarion waters it the best way you can relax and experience the tranquility of nature. Scenic beauty is not all. You cam also indulge in various water sports that includes trips by sail, paddle and motorboats. Want to enjoy a frantic day amidst nature after a frenzied one, then come to the upper lake. It is used as a common picnic spot by the locals.
The Lower lake on the other hand is best to enjoy some sailing and boating. Positioned in the heart of the city, this lake is ideal if you wan to have a closer look of the city. Take a stroll around the lake or just sit and enjoy the vista, it is enigmatic.

Bhopal Museums – A Bite of History

There are more museums in Bhopal, than there are monuments. Can be rightly called as the museum city of Madhya Pradesh. When you are in Bhopal do not forget to sneak into the museums that are renowned for their historic treasures. Start your visit from the Birla Museum, is the most popular one and displays the rich culture of Madhya Pradesh. Here resides the tools from the palaeolithic and neolithic age along with the stone sculptures that have travelled the vast distance of 12 centuries. Terracotta and old coins are the other attraction of the museum.
The State Archaeological Museum is another place where you can see the history with your own eyes. This museum houses a rich accumulation of sculptures and paintings. A colossal statue of Buddha and other Hindu gods and goddesses also find their place here. Open from 10 to 5 everyday except Monday, this museum is a store house of tribal handicrafts and historic bronze images. You must see the he fine sculpture of the Khajuraho amorous couple.
Want to know about the Indian art forms, come to the Bharat Bhavan, the museum that is wholly and solely dedicated to arts of India. Comprising four sections there are four halls that are devoted to four major arts. There is the Rang mahal for theater movements. You should see the house for classical music that is known as Vagarth. There are more than 7,000 books here and also has a special collection on poetry. There is also an open air auditorium inside the premises. The hall for Indian art and sculpture is called as the Roopankar, where you will find amazing collections of tribal and art folk. Do not miss visiting Anhad, the library of Classical and Folk Music and Ashram which is the residence for the guest artists.
Visit the national museum of mankind, better known as the Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya that is located on the Shamala hills. The location of this museum on the site of pre historic ground itself makes it an inevitable junction. The major highlights of this museum is that it is only museum worldwide to have numerous pre historic painted rock shelters. This museum is in possession of a well stocked library, audio-visual compendium, cybernated documentations and a wide collection of anthropological specimens, which are among the best collections worldwide

Temples for Your Courtship

While in Bhopal, you cannot afford to miss the expedition of the Lakshmi Narayan temple, dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. There are many idols in side of which the idol of goddess Laxmi and Narayana along with a magnificent idol of Shiva with his wife Parvati, is the most revered. Built by the Birla family, this temple is often called as the Birla temple. Visit this temple of the sandy yellowish colour and notice the entranceway and is surrounded by profuse abundant gardens. There is also a museum near it which is also called as the Birla temple.

Other Attractions That Makes Bhopal Appreciable

Besides the most popular attractions there are also numerous minute paces that may not have been penned down but definitely have created their own niche in the hearts of the tourists. There is fish Aquarium facing the lower lake that breeds various species of fishes. Lake Princess is a boat cruise which you can hire for personal functions and gatherings. Bhopal like other cities too posses a wildlife sanctuary called the Van Vihar. Covering and area of 445 hectares, you can sight various species of wild and avian lives. The timings of the park are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM from April to September and 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. from October to March.

Shopping in Bhopal – A Fanciful Entrada

Bhopal is a shopper's destination. Being the capital of the city, it is considered to be full of options and choices by default. The important markets sell practically everything that you will be looking for. There are superfluity of shops that offer products at very economical prices. The markest in Bhopal are very colourful and display the local culture of the city. The new market and Chowk are the best places to look for silver jewelry, bead work, embroidered velvet items and leather goods. The narrow allies of the Chowk are an ideal place to hunt for the traditional handicrafts of the region. Do not miss buying the beaded cushions.
There are government emporiums also that sell unique handicrafts of the state. Mrignayani Emporium and Handicrafts Emporium are the places for souvenirs and they also have a good collection of local handicrafts. Looking for silk, go to MP State Emporium in TT Nagar. Bhopal too has multi storeyed shopping malls from where tourist can buy all kinds of luxury items.

Approaching the City of Lakes

This city of lakes is very well connected with the major airports of the world. Being the capital of India's heart, it is an accepted fact that reaching this city via air is the most convenient way. The airport is situated at a distance of 12 kms from the old city. Regular flights connect Bhopal to the rest of the state as well the country.
Good rail roads do connect Bhopal from the rest of the country. If you are in Delhi then Shatabadi express directly links Bhopal to Delhi. It is also connected with the Mumbai major trains going from Bombay to Delhi via Itarsi and Jhansi also go through Bhopal railway line. If you are in anywhere in Madhya Pradesh then there are regular bus services that connect Bhopal with other areas of the town.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bhopal

Mosque At Bhopal

City of Lakes Invites you
Due to its location among the two splendid lakes, Bhopal has earned the title of being a city of lakes. This culturally and heritage rich capital of Madhya Pradesh invites all the tourist to be a part of the varies yet harmonious conventions of the city.

Taj – ul – Masjid – Pride of Bhopal
You must see the Taj – ul – Masajid located in Bhopal, which means 'crown of mosques'. Being the largest mosque in Asia, it completely lives up to the expectations of the tourists. Watch from close the intricate carved walls of the mosque and do not miss enjoying some peaceful time at the pond located inside the mosque.

The Lakes to Sensitize Your Nerves
The Upper and lower lakes are the two man made lakes that will tell you about the advancements of planning and strategy that was present even during the 11th century. Enjoy water sports on the upper lakes and tranquil boating in the lower one. There is also a wildlife near the lakes that you should visit.

Sneak Peek in the Museums
The museums of the city are one of the most cherished attractions among the tourists. There are museums that cover the cultural aspect of the capital. You can also go to Birla museum that showcases some historic sculptures. Do not miss Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, a unique museum located near the pre historic rock paintings.

Shopping in the Old and the New
Shopping in Bhopal is the ultimate delight of every tourist. There are old bazaars that sell excellent tribal artifacts. Looking for some handicrafts, there are government emporiums that will provide you with you choice at convenient prices. Visit the chowk and new market for silver jewelry, bead work, embroidered velvet items and leather goods.

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