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Location : Rural Hubs, Main Markets of Madhya Pradesh, Old Bazaars
World Famous For : Folk Paintings, Dhurries
Antique Items : Metal Craft, Silver Jewellery
Other Charms of Shopping : Tribal Shopping Thrill
Ornaments As Demonstated on Streets of Madhya Pradesh
Ornaments As Demonstated on Streets of Madhya Pradesh

Shopping Attractions : Bamboo Work, Metal and Iron Craft, Tribal Accessories, carpets and Dhurries, Dhokra, Silk, Maheshwari and Chanderi Saris, Pottery, Leathe Items, Beaded Purses and Fabrics.
Shopping Destinations : Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Panchmarhi, Sanchi, Orrcha, Jabalpur and Mandu.
World Renowned For : Colorful Carpets and Dhurries, Tribal Folk Paintings, Tribal Metal and Iron Artifacts.
Shop From : Bhopal : Mrignayani Emporium at Hamidia Road and Handicrafts Emporium for carpets and Dhurries, Chowk Bazaar for silver antiques and jewelery, TT Nagar – Traditional Handicrafts.
Indore : MT Market for Zari work, Jail Road and the Top Khana for Papier-Mâché Articles, Terracotta Pieces and Wood-Carved Objects
Ujjain : Outside Mahakal Temple for lacquer ware, and bead work.
Gwalior : Patankar Bazzar near Rajwara and Laskar for Handicrafts, Chowk at Bara for Saris.
Must to Do : Brush your Bargaining Skills and Check the Prices of the Items From the Locals Before Buying.
Must to Pick : Unconventional Tribal Jewellery, Terracotta Artifacts, Silk and Saris.

Treasure of the Past or Fluke of the Jackleg

The state that is a synthesis of culture and heritage, traditions and beliefs, monuments and wildlife, accueils its tourists with yet another choice to add their in their book of anamnesis. Shopping in the Bazaars of Madhya Pradesh will surely become the most memorable experience of your lives.
Madhya Pradesh of recent has become a great shopping destination of the country. Fetching a large number of tourist, the art and craft of the state is famous all over the world. A perfect blend of the geriatric and avant-garde, shopping for the handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh is a paradigmatic experience. The varied cultural influences is very well evident in the art and crafts of the state and it is this that has given Madhya Pradesh an edge over the other states. Being one of the best shopping destination, Madhya Pradesh will surely not allow you to come empty handed. In fact, even if you try to abstain yourself from indulging into fervent shopping, then it will be the worst decisions of your life.

Get Started For Your Shopping Excursion

The most important buy in Madhya Pradesh will surely be the traditional handicrafts made by the tribes. Muslins that are exclusively produced in Madhya Pradesh are another must buy. The metal and iron crafts of Madhya Pradesh are sure to gawk you, and your hands will twitch to glaum the beautiful dolls and the exquisite jewelery. The boisterous markets and Bazaars will offer you with varieties of shops selling practically everything. You pocket will fall short of pelfs, but still your heart would want you to go on and on.

Madhya Pradesh has ceaseless heterogeneity to offer its visitors. Be it home decoration, floorings, dress ware or even wall hangings, you will get it all here. Among the most popular buy are the tribal folk paintings, that are an exclusive item. The art and crafts in Madhya Pradesh have emerged successfully in retaining the essence of the bygone times. Stone carvings or the terracotta of Gwalior, are famous all over the world. Make sure you buy them. Madhya Pradesh is famous for its tribal jewelery. Though a little weird in appearance, they will surely be the most freakiest shopped item of your life. The textile weaving of the state are also cherished by the tourists. The Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees are an important item, while the silk of Raigarh and Champa are unavoidable. Leather items that comprises purses, bags and crafted diyas are best serve the purpose of mementos.
The Zari work of Madhya Pradesh will surely sweep you off your feet. Another foremost acquisition will be the products of Bamboo. The carpets and Dhurries produced in Madhya Pradesh match up to those produces in Kashmir and are enough to arrest your eyes. Flaunt the Beaded Batuas (purse) and the jute crafts produced in the state.

Bhopal – With All That It has in Store For You

Witnessing huge tourist footfalls every year, this is Bhopal, one of the most fascinating shopping destinations in the country. Amidst the temples and the mosques, the chowk Bazaar of Bhopal, is the main shopping centre. Looking for some silver antiques and jewelery or exquisite bead work, this is the place to be. Do not forget to buy the embroidered and bejeweled velvet purses and cushions. Explore the boulevard and the narrow alleys, because this is exactly the place where you will get the items that are idiosyncratic to these areas. To go for some carpets and Dhurries the best place is Mrignayani Emporium at Hamidia Road. If you are in love with the traditional handicrafts of the state then head your way to the modern, streamlines markets in TT Nagar. These shops will definitely entice you to buy something for everybody.

People As Seen in Markets of Madhya Pradesh
People As Seen in Markets of Madhya Pradesh

Welcome to the Shopper's Glee

Indore, is popularly known as the shopper's delight. The handicraft emporium located on MG road, markets, and Bazaars of the city will make you go crazy with options. There are more variety that you can count. Buy the fabrics from MT Market, which is definite to even melt a princess's heart. Look out for the elaborate yet sophisticated Zari work. Old tribal accessories and useful papier-mâché articles, terracotta pieces and wood-carved objects have acquired a special place in the markets of Jail Road and the Top Khana. Those who brood over jewelery and accessories should take a stroll on the Bara Sarafa and the Chotta Sarafa. For traditional fabrics go to old market at Rajwara. What Indore is famous for is the glass bangles and leather toys. Available at minimal price you will not have a chance to ponder.

There is A Whole World Out There to Acquire

Well these are not the only destinations for shopping lovers. Perhaps, Madhya Pradesh is one state, where every nook and corner has something cliquish to offer. Beautifully carved products can be given as gifts and mementos can be brought from Ujjain. Shops outside the Mahakal Temple sell beautiful lacquer ware, and bead work. The handicrafts sold in Ujjain are exclusively made by the tribal. For all those who love to collect the tribal metal wares, bamboo articles, pottery, this is the place for you. If you are successful in reaching the right shopping place in Khajuraho than life would not seem to be better. If you are a traditional enthusiast and have an adroitness for bargaining, then this is the place for you. Buy metal wares, dhokra pieces of art, jewelry, bamboo articles and artifacts, no other place is more appropriate. When in Khajuraho visit the market that is held on the occasion of Khajuraho Dance Festival and display local art and crafts.
Looking for the typical tribal art, Orchha offers products made specially in the Bastar region of Madhya Pradesh. From the local costermongers you can buy metal works of Dokra, objects of wrought iron you can buy Bargain and buy should be your mantra while shopping in Orrcha. The muslins and leather work on Jooties (shoes) and Zardozi work are some things you should look for while hunting the streets of Sanchi. Some of the best handicrafts can be bought at the Patankar Bazzar near Rajwara and Laskar in Gwalior. Aspire to buy some leather work, then this the right junction for you and don't be a fool to miss the colourful carpets available in Gwalior. When you are around the Bhedaghat marble rocks then buy the handicrafts from Jabalpur (23 kms). The government emporiums are the place to go for them. When in Mandu or Panchmarhi, look out for the local shops that sell tribal handicrafts in Mandu. On the other hand Panchmarhi provides an araor of choices. Bamboo work articles are famous tribal crafts and you can also buy from agricultural implements, fishing traps, hunting tools to baskets at local weekly markets. One cannot find the presence of glitzy shopping malls but it is rich in tribal art collection. Metalwork of the Gadhavs of Bastar, traditional paintings are the must buy.
The most important tips to remember by is that once you are on the shopping expedition, brush up your bargaining skills.

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Top 5 Reasons to Indulge in Shopping

Shopping Items Kept At Display

Shopping A Requisite Desire
There is so much of skill residing in every corner of Madhya Pradesh, that even if you go to the remotest of place it will bewilder you. There will be something unique in every district of the state and this is the reason that you will not stop buying the memories in from of these artifacts. The inter mix of culture has given this region a uniqueness that is explicit in its art and culture and what's more important is that you can take them home with you. So get started.

Shop Now or You Won't Get Another Chance
Take a pen and paper along while going for shopping. You will fall short of paper but the array will not end. This is Madhya Pradesh, with tremendous opportunities for shopping. There is silk, sarees, bamboo, pottery, carpets, sliver jewellery, metal images, folk painting and the list is endless. Come to Madhya Pradesh to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Handlooms for your Floor and Walls
Buy the traditional handicrafts especially the enchanting carpets and Dhurries from the government emporiums spread all across the state. Thanks to Madhya Pradesh, you need not require a carpet tour of Kashmir. The carpets and handloom of the state are equivocal to those of international standard.

The Other Side of Freakishness
Buy the unconventional tribal jewelery and accessories from Jail Road and the Top Khana in Indore. However, the best way to explore the real treasures of the state one must take the rural and tribal tour so that authenticity is maintained.

Metal and Iron – Tools of the New Man
Buy the beautiful and arresting metal and iron artifacts from the markets of Ujjain. Exclusively made by the tribesmen, one can also buy extraordinary beaded items and various option for gifts are also available.

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