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Highlight : Tribal Festivals
Major Festivals : Dussehra, Diwali, Id
Destinations : Gwalior, Murena district, Nimar and Jhabua
What To Do : Shopping, Merry Making
Festive Fervour During Ujjain Kumbh Mela
Festive Fervour During Ujjain Kumbh Mela

Famous Fairs : The Fair of Nagaji – Porsa in Munera, Tejajee Fair – Bhamawad in Guna, Rajjim Fair – Rajjim in Raipur, Pir Budhan – Shivpuri in Sanwra.
Religious Festivals : Dussehra in Bastar, Ramnaumi in Chitrakoot and Orchha. Diwali, Id, Christmas, Jain Festivals.
Tribal Festivals : Madai, Bhagoria - Jhabua, Karma in Korba Tribes, The Malwa Festival in Indore.
Festive Magic : Folk Dances – Sela, Kama and Bhagoriya, Folk Music, Colourful Attires, Funky Ornaments, Tinkling Bells and Ghunghroo.
Not To Miss : The Tansen Music Festival in Gwalior where Aura of Classical Music is Recreated Night Long.
Activities : Drinking, Merry Making, Cock Fighting.
Timings : Dussehra – September or October, Bhagoria – March, Madai – February, Tansen Music Festival - November or December, Khajuraho Festival – February or March, Karma – August.
Inside Tip : Festivals and Fairs are the best time to Visit the State as the Tribal Comes out Live During this Time.

Festivities of The People of Madhya Pradesh

The Adivasis (tribals) of MP are the dominant population of the state. They too have great zealot for life an during the festival season they are drenched in the religious fervor and cultural ambiance. Dresses in their typical attire comprising of paradigmatic ornaments and colorful costumes one can find the herds of tribes moving towards the site where a particular fair is held. Just like any other place in India Madhya Pradesh too has co existence of many religion and hence witness the celebration of varied festivals. There are religious as well as tribal festivals. Religious festivals include Dussehra, Diwali, Id, Jain Festivals and Christmas, while Tribal festivals comprise Madai, Bhagoriya, and Karba. The festivity in different tribes are carried out in their own manner. Some of the activities that people indulge in are cock fighting, drinking, carefree revelry , dancing and singing. The spirit of democracy and most importantly the respected status of women is well respected in the festivals celebrated in the state.

Bhagoria Haat

Celebrated mainly by the Bhils and the Bhilalas tribes it is a very colourful festival particularly in the west region of Nimar and Jhabua. Held in the month of March it is celebrated basically as a mass Swamvara (custom of choosing one's own groom), where the couple elope after choosing their partners and on return are acknowledged as husband and wife after performing the predetermined rituals. The boy shows his consent by applying Gulal (powdered colour) on the face of the girl and the girl responds in the similar fashion, if willing. They then elope. The name Bhagoria, which means Bhag (run), is the evidence of the fact. Sometimes the festival only acts as a institutionalised framework for proclamation of the already made alliance.

As far as the legend is concerned this festival was earlier considered to be an opportunity to settle old conflicts and was sometimes converted into a battleground. This practice has become obsolete with the coming of law and order in the state. It is a series event marked a week before the onset of Holi and fairs are held in many villages. This festival is also regarded as the harvest festival as the harvesting of crops is done during that time.


The land stretching from Mandla to Bastar regions of the state are the home to the festival of Madai. The uniqueness of the festival lies in the coming of the Gonda tribes from far off to this place in order to meet their consanguinean and also to purchase the grub for the corresponding year. Narayanpur in Bastar is the most popular destination for this festival. Goats are sacrificed by the devotees and carried around the whole village. Madia is the corroborator of various music and dance forms that are performed by the tribals. A lot of singing is done and the beating of the drum is an essential activity. This festival is celebrated in the third or fourth week of February.

Diwali As Celebrated in Madhya Pradesh
Diwali As Celebrated in Madhya Pradesh


elebrated by the Hindus all over the world and the aura of this festival in the village of Jagdalpur is an experience in itself. The celebration of Dussehra is unique and unconventional in its significance. Celebrated in remembrance of Rama's victory over Ravana, this festival falls on the tenth Day of Navratara in September or October. The important feature of this festival is the affinity between the people irrespective of the caste, creed that is prevalent. Though this festival is devoted exclusively to Goddess Durga, various other deities are also acknowledges and worshipped. There is a dash of local version into the mythology of the festival in the Bastar community. Here the chief of the tribe is symbolically abducted by the Murias to the Muria settlement of the village Kunharbokra. In the evening the king on a charriot is taken back with due respect by the armed mens of the tribe. The chariot for this purpose is specially constructed by the Saoras. The nails used are made by blacksmiths and the responsibility of making the ropes is given to the Parja tribe.
Each tribal community have their own contrivance of this festival. The Bastar community celebrate by offering a nine year old girl who is a weavers daughter is augustly married to the priest of the temple of the shrine and is then sent into a daze and asked to grant a safe conduct of the conviviality. The Halba tribe coronate itself in the darbar hall. On 19th day of Navratra, Dussehra Rath (chariot) is radically pulled by the Maria and Dhruva tribal and a Puja is held wherein 9 girls are worshipped along with Brahamins who are fed and clothed. The religious, cultural and tribal influence on this Hindu festival is extremely evident in their rituals and customs.

Khajuraho Dance Festival

Drawing the best dancers from all over the country and is held against the background of the beautifully lit temples. Held during the month of February or march this festival celebrates the rich classic dancing traditions of the country. Varied dance forms of the country are presented by adroit dancers. This stage acts as a stage for the display of dancing talents of the country. This seven day aficionado is a famous festival all over the world.

Tansen Music Festival

Gwalior in the month of November or December plays host to the annual Indian Classical festival. Tansen's (one of the nine jewels of Akbar;s court and a great singer) tomb which forms part of the living cultural and musical heritage of the country in the venue of the event. Classical singers form all over the land treat people with their night long sessions of classical ragas and music. Madhya Pradesh has its music monopoly than any other region in the history of the country. Tansen who is considered to be a pillar of Hindustani Classic music has his memorial built on this land. Some of the famous participants belong to the Gwalior gharana of music. Dhrupad singers of Raja Mansingh's patronage are also famous.

The Fair of Nagaji

Nearly 400 years ago the land of Madhya Pradesh borne a saint called as Nagaji. The fair of Nagaji is held to commemorate and pay respect to him. Every winter (November or December) the Porsa village in Murena district hold this fair and thousands of tribal attend this fair. The joviality of this fair continues for about a month and domestic animals are sold.


This is a religious festival that is celebrated in the month of August and is carried out by the Korba tribals of Madhya Pradesh. A huge celebration goes on and devotees fast for a full day (24 hours). The branch of the Karma tree is rooted at the center of an open ground and people sing and dance around it.

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Top 5 Reasons to See MP Festivals

Kumbhmela of Ujjain

Get Drenched In the Festive Mood
The state of Madhya Pradesh provides through its festivals a perfect chance to explore the real culture and tradition of the state. The events and activities like cock fighting, carefree revelry and merry making will mesmerise you to become an ardent follower of the tribal culture.

Run with your Beloved in Bhagoria Haat
The Bhils and the Bhilal tribes of the state hold a Swayamvar (custom of choosing one's own groom) where couples after approving their partner elope an on returning get married. This tradition is practiced with full vigour and experiencing this with one's own eyes is remarkable.

Male Chauvinism Bystanding
Tribes of Madhya Pradesh are perhaps the only of their kind who give such ardent respect to the womenfolk. This is very well represented in their festivals where women are worshipped. The girls too have the right to choose their life partners on their own.

Get Classic in the Music Festival
The Tansen musical festival in Gwalior not only gives a chance to the artists to display heir talent but also the audience to enjoy a night long event of ecstasy. Named after the music gem of India, Tansen who was a courtier in Akbar's court, this festival is held in the month of November and December.

Unconventional Dussehra
The tribes of the state have their own local version of the Dussehra festival. No where you can find the same celebrations that involves chariots, chiefs portraying as kings and the mutual effort that is pooled in by the different tribes to make this festival a memorable one.

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