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Main Tribes : Gond, Bhil, Biagas
Other Tribes : Abujhmar, Dhruvas, Banjaras
Comprise : 20% of the State Population
Main Occupation : Agriculture, Mining
Tribal Women of Madhya Pradesh
Tribal Women of Madhya Pradesh

Tribal Destinations : Gonds – Chhindwara district, Bhils – Dhar, Ratlam, East Nimar and Jhabua, Baigas – Mandla Dsitrict, Abujhmar – Narayanpur Tehsil.
Famous Tribes : Gond, Bhil, Biagas, Abujhmar, Dhruvas, Banjaras.
Don't Miss : Enjoying the Music in the Pradhan Community – renowned Musicians in the Tribal World.
Most Famous Dance : Madai – Gond Tribes.
Exotic Experience : Enjoying the Typical Music and Dance of the Banjara (Vagabond) Tribes. They are Harmonious People and Wear very Colorful Attires.
Famous Festivals : Bhagoria Haat – Bhils, Dussehra in Bastar, Karma in Korba Tribes, Malwa Festival in Indore.
Must See : Abujhmar Tribes Enjoying the not so Exotic dish of Red Ants and Rats.

The Indigent Yet Independent Population of Madhya Pradesh

The tribal population of Madhya Pradesh is the true representatives of the state. Tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh is marked by the composite detritus of the Dravidian and Scythians culture. The Sahariya, Gonds, Bhils, Oraons, Korkens, and Kols are the major tribes of Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, Abhujmarias, Korwas, Murias are other important tribes of the state. Clear distinctions can be seen in the different tribes. Culture, hereditary and lifestyle are not the only reason for this acumen, but linguist, economic structure and social structure too play a vital role in bridging the gap between these tribes in terms of. Their remoteness from the outside world has caused these tribes to remain undeveloped.

Gond - The Largest Tribe in MP

On the banks of Narmada river in Chhindwara district one can find the settlements of the Gond tribe, the largest tribe in central India. Poetry has been a passion for this tribe since times immemorial. Being the descendants of the rulers of the 14th century they have contributed at large to the heritage of the state. The onset of the 18th century however saw the besprinkling of the tribe. Today, their primary occupation is agriculture. They have a knack of making bamboo and cane products and metal crafts, which form an important place in the traditional handicrafts. The official language of the Gond tribe is Gondi, which is in relation to Tamil and other Dravidian languages. The sub tribe of this community is the Bastar community that has created a benchmark for itself in making traditional jewellery and ornaments for the tribes. Madai is their traditional dance.

Bhil - Descendants of Colonial Soldiers

This tribe is a world in its own. Speaking the Bhil language that is native of this region, they have been given the status of schedule tribe. Residing mainly in the districts of Dhar, Ratlam, East Nimar and Jhabua, the Bhil group comprise the Bhilala, the Mankar, the Patlia, the Barela, the Nihal or Naik and the Rathia. As they are a bailiwick of their topography, they were employed as hunters in the provincial India. In that age of history, they were also recruited in the armies of kings and served as Gurilla soldiers. This fact is well evident with the presence of the 'Mewar Bhil Corps'. The Ghoomar dance is the most popular dance of the tribe. Due to their certain anarchistic beliefs and legends they have divorced themselves from the conventional beliefs of Hinduism and are also illustrious to be 'outside Hindu Social system'. The Bhagorai Haat festival of this tribe is very famous.

Tribal Girls of Madhya Pradesh
Tribal Girls of Madhya Pradesh

Baigas - Symbolising the Priesthood

As the name suggests, these are that community of the Gonds who fall in the priest class. It implies that they indulge into magical activities and boast about being au courant about the evil spirits. Pre dominant in the Mandla, there is a special settlement in the small tract of Baiga Chak. Besides practicing agriculture they are ardent woodsman and hunter. Some of the other small sects that too fall in this category are the Pradhans, Korkus and Kols. Pradhsnas are primarily the musicians of the Gond and the Baiga tribes. However, in the absence of the Baigas priest the rights of performing the incumbent rituals are handed over to them. The Korkus tribe have support themselves by working in mines around the Chaindwara, while the Kols are the triblas that are into agricultural practice.

Abujhmar - Errant Food Habits

The west of Narayanpur Tehsil homes the Abujhmar tribes that are very primitive and wild in nature. As compared to the other tribes, they are extremely wild and eccentric. Women remain bare bosomed while men are known only to tie a loincloth around their waist. Festivals are perhaps the only time when they are seen to be a little less scantily dressed. Most of the areas where they reside is yet alienated due to extreme forest covering, and as a result not much can be said about their habits. One thing that will surely attract anyone is their achromatic food habits. They are not at all peculiar about their food habits as they can eat anything, Red Ant being their favourite dish. Rats too form a delectable serving.

Other Tribes

There is subsistence of many other small tribes who have yet not come too much in limelight. Some of the other tribes are the Banjaras, who are vagabonds and specialise in their own folklore with strong community sense. Mangetri Pradhans are the tribes whose main profession is singing and dancing. The Halbi are the typical Hindu tribes and have their own dialect for speaking. The Dhurvas, also known as the Parjas that settle in Dantewara and Konta are the third largest tribal community in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit MP Tribes

Tribal Shepherds of Madhya Pradesh

The Tribal Population
No where else on the map of India one can find such wide and diverse population of tribes. Bhils in Jhabua and Baigas in Madla the most famous rural folklore of Madhya Pradesh.These tribal communities hold perhaps 30 percent of the total population and the best part is that they are not obstinate or dangerous and are easily accessible.

The Priestly Tribes
The Baigas are the sub tribe of the Gond tribes that specialise in jobs of priesthood. Claim to be acquainted with the evil spirits, their main job is to avoid the trouble caused by evil spirits, by performing magical rites.

The Puzzling Jabber of the Tribes
The language spoken by these tribes vary in intonation and dialects. It is very difficult to understand something that perhaps sounds very gibberish. However, try to notice the distinct difference in the tribes of every region.

The Hunt for the Vagabonds
The Banjara tribe of the state are known for their special folklore and community sense. Clad in extremely bright and colourful attires, they can be found with ingenious musical instruments in their hands. They are known to be very harmonious people who love to sing and dance. Try to locate them and spend some gala time with them.

The Weirdness of the Abujhmar
The Abujhmar tribes in Narayanpur Tehsil are the most freakish of their kinds. With rugged and wild looks on their faces, their lifestyle is queer as well. The nouvelle cuisine on the menu card includes red ant and rats as well.

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