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Highlights : Monuments and Temples
Location : Interior Regions of Madhy Pradesh
Rural Destination : Orcha, Mandu
Experience : Cultural Rural Heritage of Madhya Pradesh
Houses in Villages of Madhya Pradesh
Houses in Villages of Madhya Pradesh

Rural Destinations : Orcha, Mandu, Dhar, Datia.
Rural Attractions : Art and Crafts, Village Lifestyle, Monumental Heritage, Pilgrimage Destinations.
Must Visit : The Phool Bagh at Orcha – Has a Beautiful Fountain and Houses Badgir Sawan Bhadon Towers.
Famous Monuments : Chhatris of Orchha, Rewa Kund, Roopmati's Pavilion - Mandu, Dhar Fort – Dhar.
Must Try : Shouting Your Lungs Out on the Echo Point and Lohani Caves in Mandu.
Most Famous Temples : Ram Raja temple – Orcha, Kalica Mata Mandir (Temple), Bada Ganpati Mandir – Dhar.
Pay Homage : Rama Raja Temple in Orcha – Only Temple Where Rama is Worshipped as King.
Famous Tombs : Darya Khan's Tomb and Hoshang's Tomb – Mandu.
Don't Miss : Visiting the Dhar Fort – A Mix of Indian, Afghan and Mughal Culture.
Most Famous Mosque : Jami Masjid – Mandu, Bhojshala Mosque - Dhar.
Famous Palaces : Dinman Hardaul's Palace – Orcha, Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal and Baz Bahadur's Palace – Mandu.

Primitive Rural Culture to Charm You

Watching the people in their natural habitat is the dream of every traveler. Visit the rural areas of Madhya Pradesh to have a real feel of the culture that is colorfully extant and even decorated on the walls of the houses. Rural tourism is the most upcoming destination in Madhya Pradesh. These are the places that have preserved themselves against the newfangled contraption effect. Tourist today are much more interested in visiting the calm and serene villages rather than strolling with the hustle and bustle of a city. They want to reach the roots of India and discover the culture of the people that live there. The roads to reach might be scabrous and bumpy, but their intentions to corroborate these store houses of culture and heritage, are rigid. Rich traditions, art and crafts are the tools that have made the villages of Madhya Pradesh the most emerging tourist attraction. The tourist who are gluttony in the matter of culture and traditions, the villages of Madhya Pradesh is an inevitable destination. The primitive way of living and the display of their beliefs on the walls, their hospitable attitude towards the tourists, will surely make you an aficionado for these places. There is uniqueness in every village thought they are only a few miles apart. However, some of the most popular rural destinations are Orcha, Datia and Mandu.

Orcha – Under the Marquee of the Chhatris

In the Tikamgarh District of Madhya Pradesh, lies a miniscule village of Orcha that has recently grown large not is terms of distance, but in terms of admiration and appreciation. Though the word Orrcha means 'hidden place', this treasured land has now been exposed to tourist for veneration. Major attarction of Orcha comprise the various forts, temples and Chhatris. This village is exclusively famous for its monumental heritage.
The Chhatris of Orchha are the most daunting remains of history. Grouped along the Kanchana ghat of river Betwa, these 14 Chhatris were built to commemorate the Orcha rulers. The boulders nearby or the narrow road bridge are the perfect stations from where oner can have a picturesque look of these Chhatris.
Dinman Hardaul's Palace, too stands on the banks on river Betwa, but has turned into a cadaverous remains. Legends have it that Dinman Hardaul, the second son of the king gave up his life to prove his chastity towards his brother. Since then he was hallowed and worship as a god. The platform like shrines in Bundelkhand are still worshipped in reverence of his martyrdom. The Phool Bagh in Orcha was also built to pay him respect and was used as a summer retreat for the kings.
Ram Raja temple here is also a very important tourist attraction. As far as the mythological fabrication is concerned, this palace was converted into a temple when Madhukar Shah, the then king saw Lord Rama in his dreams and followed his instructions, as per the dream. This temple is of the only kind, where Lord Rama is worshipped as a king.

Gwalior, which is 120 kms from Orcha is the nearest airport. However, Jhansi, the nearest railway halt is just 6 kms away.

Mandu – Celebration in Stones

This fort capital of the Malwa rulers, is at an altitude of 2000 feet. This hilltop fortress is a finest example of the Afghan architecture. Though there are many palaces and temples and ghats that made this town earn the title of being a 'town on stone'. The 45 km long buttress of the walls allow entering the fort through 12 gateways, each impeccable in their architecture.
The Jahaz Mahal, also called as the 'ship palce' is 120 m long and is built medially, the two artificial lakes of Kapur Talao and Munj Talao. The stiletto shaped domes and the terrace lounge provide the best scenery on full moon nights. The Hindola Mahal in the palace are the ornamental frontage that are evident of the innovative techniques and modern concepts that were employed in its construction. The Jami Masjid, that was inspired by the great mosque of Damascus is also a very important tourist destination. Some of the important tombs of the town are Darya Khan's Tomb and Hoshang's Tomb. Baz Bahadur's Palace built in 16th century is famous for its spacious courtyards and splendor view of the countryside. Rewa Kund is a reservoir and the lake surrounding it is regarded as a pious spot. Roopmati's Pavilion was a special retreat for the queen to view th Narmada and the king's palace. Some of the other monuments are the Hathi Mahal, Dai ka Mahal, Dai ki Chhotti Behan Ka Mahal, Malik Mughit's Mosque and Jali Mahal.
Reaching Mandu is not a tedious process. Indore is the nearest air head and is connected to the major cities of the country. Ratlam and Indore are the nearest railhead. Buses services are available from Mandu, Indore, Dhar, Mhow, Ratlam, Ujjain and Bhopal.

Village Life of Madhya Pradesh
Village Life of Madhya Pradesh

Dhar – On the Way to Mandu

Dhar is a small town on the way to Mandu. Make sure you stopover to enjoy the monumental heritage and scenic beauty of the village. The main attraction perhaps is the place 3 km away where Kalidas is believed to have meditated. In this small medieval time is the Bhojshala Mosque. Believed to have been constructed by Raja Bhoj, this mosque primarily was temple. A large number of motifs, hindi symbols and Sanskrit verses are evident of the fact. The architectural structure of the temple cum mosque is worth watching. Dhar Fort too is a main attraction which is 3 km form the main town. Built in red sandstone it stands on a hill and is a mix of Hindu, Afghan and Mughal style of architecture. This fort is also extolled to have been under the possession of the Indian freedon fighters for a period of four months, during the first mutiny in 1857. Kalica Mata Mandir (Temple), Bada Ganpati Mandir, Man-Tung-Giri (Jain Tirtha) and Ladh Masjid are other attractions. Maheshwar is 33 kms away while Mandu is 35 kms and Indore is 64 kms away. Nearest airport is Indore, and it also serves as the nearest rail junction.

One should come to these rural areas that provide an option to excavate the treasures of real Madhya Pradesh. Besides glancing at the heritage and architectural marvels, one can get a fair chance of experiencing the rural life of the people. These amiable people practice art and crafts at their own home and the chance of witnessing them work is a very uncommon experience. Explore these gems of Madhya Pradesh will sweeten your mouth and minds.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Rural Charms

Village Cart

Cumulative Rural Culture
Visiting is the best way you can explore the most bona fide way to understand the authentic primitive culture that through times unknown has survived despite the modern blow of the world. The art and crafts displayed in the very houses of the villagers will make you a lover of the true Indian wherewithal.

Rama – The Lord, The King
The Rama Raja temple in Orcha is the only temple in the country where Rama was worshipped as a king. This is also unique because of the fact that it was initially a palace that was converted into a temple due to the occurrence of Lord Rama in the dreams of the then king.

The Mahals of Mandu
The palaces in Mandu are reflective of the real Afghan influence. These Mahals in the fort offer a splendid look when seen on a moonlit night. The artificial lakes are also the perfect place to enjoy some solace. Come to Mandu and enjoy a special retreat.

Be at Ease Under the Orcha Chhatris
The 14 chhatris at Orcha on the rivers of river Betwa bestows the visitor with eye – catching ruins that were built to commemorate the Orcha rulers. Visit these remains and pay homage to the rulers that were the reasons for these much cherished memorials of history.

Perambulate through the Villages
Though the roads of the village maybe jerky or corrugated, but the real fun lies in promenading the narrow lanes of these hamlets. Talk to them and try to lean more about their culture and their crafts. They are friendly people who will welcome you with open hearts. Remember you are on the land where guests are considered to be a reflection of god.

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