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Shubhyatra >> Madhya Pradesh Yatra >> Panna Diamond Mines


Location : 56 kms from Khajuraho
Known As : Diamond City of India
Most Famous Temple : Mahamati Prannathji Temple
Mostly Famous For : Panna National Park
Interiors of Diamond Mine
Interiors of Diamond Mine

Famous For : Diamond Mines, Panna National Park, Scenic Beauty, Temple Heritage.
Diamond Tour : You can Take a Tour of the Diamond Mines Which is Allowed On All Days, Except Sunday.
Major Attractions : Asia's Only Diamond Mine in Majhagaon  - 55 kms From Khajuraho.
Must Enjoy : One hour Boating in River Ken in the National Park. Best Way to Explore Aquatic Wildlife.
Other Attractions : Pandava Falls (12 kms), Ajay Garh Fort (36 kms).
Important Distances : Khajuraho - 56 kms, Jhansi - 176 kms, Madla - 24 kms, Mumbai - 986 kms, Delhi - 580 kms, Kolkata - 865 km
Don't Miss : Picnicking on the Top of the Famous Pandava Waterfall.
Most Famous Temples : Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Baldeoji Temple, Ram-Janki Temple.
Getting Around : Pandava Waterfalls  - 12 kms, Panna National Park  - 57 kms, Ajay Garh Fort  - 36 kms, Nachne  - 40 kms.
Inside Tip : While in Panna National Park, Jeeps are not Provided by the Jungle Authorities, So Make your Own Arrangements.
Must See : The Four Faced Colossal Lingam in Chaturmukha Mahadev temple 40 kms Away.
Getting There : Air - The nearest airport is Khajuraho (56 kms). Well Connected Form Major Airportsin Country and Regular Flights are Available.
Rail - Satna (90 kms) is the Nearest Railhead. Well Connected with Major Towns andCities of Madhya Pradesh.
Road - Good Network of Roads Connect Panna to Cities and Towns of the State.Madla (24 kms) is Nearest Transport Center. Regular Bus Service is Available.

Panna The Gem House of Madhya Pradesh

Panna is beautiful town located in Madhya Pradesh is the biggest center of diamond mining in India. Infact Panna in Madhya Pradesh has the biggest and only diamond mines of Asia. Moreover the Panna mines is being promoted by the MP government as a great tourism destination. Along with these diamond mines you can also check out other travel attractions like Ajay Garh fort, Pandava waterfall and Panna National Park. Enjoy the elephant safari at Panna wildlife sanctuary and boating in river Ken. The Mahamati Prannathji temple and Padmavati Devi temple are the most famous temples of Panna.

Welcome to Panna in Madhya Pradesh, the treasure land of Madhya Pradesh. The exploration and excavation on the diamond tour will provide you with the answer of the cliche question - Why Diamond Shines, Why They Are Best Friends of Humans, Why Are They Precious……the inquires are endless. A visit to the Diamond mines of Panna will magnify your inquisitive lust to Panna treasure trove.
Being the only Diamond City in India, Panna town drove attention from all over the world. This diamond city is one of the very few in the world and is renowned for its diamond mining industry. This unusual way to spend the holiday amidst the shinning treasures is sure to be a genial experience.The history of this royal sparks goes back to the times of Arthshastra and Mahabharata, who discovered these shiny stones that emits immense beams. Indian diamonds have also found a mention in the much-acclaimed stories of the Arabian Nights, a must read on your leisure voyage in the country.

The Most Glittering Tour With Diamonds

The tour to Panna will take you to those areas of the town that are the store houses of the diamond. These mines are laid across on an area of 80 km belt, starting from the Paharikhera North-East to Majhgawan South-West with breadth of around 30 kms. Following the Australian method, here too the diamonds occur in a pipe of olivine lamproite. The grade of the diamonds vary from 13 caret per thousand hectare to 6 caret per thousand hectare. Watching the diamonds being picked is a marvelous experience. The ores being crushed, screened and jiggled and then the concentrate being spread on the secure ground and then the diamonds are hand picked. This is indeed the simple way that produces the world's most expensive gem.

One can also take a tour to see the production of these gems in the diamond mines that are small scale in nature, in the various sites of Panna. But make sure you resist your temptations of picking one for yourself while taking the most expensive tour of your lifetime, a tour of the priceless diamonds, not in the terms of credit but definitely in aura. At present the area which is mines for diamonds is under the government control within tight security, mind it those eagle eyes are always hanging on your moves. You can take a half-day tour of the mines. Sunday being an exception these mines are open throughout the week from nine in the morning to one in the evening. You can take a half-day tour of the mines. Sunday being an exception these mines are open throughout the week from nine in the morning to one in the evening.

Workers At Panna Diamond Mine
Workers At Panna Diamond Mine

Panna The Path Replete With Jewels

History claims this town to have been the resting place of the Pandavas and the lush forest of Panna, also has been the hunting ground of the princes in the medieval times. If the dazzle of the diamonds in your eyes have subsided, then there is an array of options that Panna offers you to explore.
To begin with is the famous Panna National Park, located 57 kms from the Khajuraho, this national park is home to varieties of animals including the ferocious tiger. A lot of patience in required in case you want to spot a tiger. This national park is also famous for its Avian species. Jeep is not provided by the jungle authorities so it has to be arranged at travelers end. However, one can also enjoy the beast tour on an elephant. Enjoy the hourly boating that is the best way to explore the aquatic beasts.
The Pandava waterfall, 12 kms from Panna, on way to Khajuraho is located inside the Panna National park. This 100 ft high waterfall is a beautiful picnic spot enrich with green lush vegetation, ponds and variety of avian population. Make sure you spend some time here and enjoy the scenic beauty of the fall. Gatha Fall which is 300 ft high is another waterfall that is very impressive.
Nachne, a famous city of the Gupta times is situated at a distance of 40 kms from Panna. Watch the four faced humongous lingam enshrined in the Chaturmukha Mahadev temple.Ajay Garh Fort, is another highlight of Panna. Been the capital of Chandela dynasty, this fort is located 36 kms from the main town and is 688 m high.
Come to visit the temples of Panna, that are considered to be a mix of the Hindu and Muslim architecture. Dediacted to various Indian gods and goddess, there are a total of 314 temples alone in Panna. It is the most scared place for the followers of the Pranami sect, their most important temple being the Mahamati Prannathji Temple. A great Muslim architecture influence is visible in the architectural pattern of the temples. Visit this temple and it will remind you of Taj Mahal.
Padmavati Devi or Badi Devi Temple, located inside the town, is a very old temple, with legends revolving around the belief that Padmavati still resides in the temple and secures the prosperity of Panna. Visit this temple during the Nav-Durgotsava, when thousands of devotee gather here. Following the British style of architecture, the Baldeoji Temple, was built under the supervision of Mr. Manlt, an Italian adroit. Being the finest building in Panna, the statue of Shri Baldeoji, is worth a visit.
Some of the other paramount temples in the area are Ram-Janki Temple, Swamiji Temple, Sarang Temple, Baiji Temple and others.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Panna

Open Cast Diamond Mines

Welcome to Asia's Only Diamond Mine
Majhagaon, in Panna is the only active diamond mine in Asia. The Panna diamond tour without a jot of doubt will be the most effervescent tour of your life. Tread to these diamond beds deep into the earth crust where your dream spark lies. But make sure, you abstain yourself from getting too near as these grounds are in secure zone.

The Most Glittering Tour of your Life
Appreciate the abstruse efforts that are involved in the production of these pennyweight pearls. Besides, the jack men will also elucidate to you the different methods like cutting and clarifying that is the reason for the twinkling of these iridescent.

Come Here For Wildlife
The Panna National park, located 56 kms from Khajuraho, is a wildlife sanctuary that beguiles a lot of tourist attention. Enjoy the elephant safari and try spotting some tigers in the dense jungles. One can even enjoy boating inside the park.

Pilgrims too Find a Way Here
The temples of Panna, that are 314 in number, are also a major attractions of the town. The Mahamati Prannathji Temple, is an important pilgrim destination for the followers of the Pranami sect. Other temples too are famous for their respective deities. Visit the temples of Panna to enjoy the amalgamation of the Muslim and Hindu architecture.

Waterfalls For Picnicking
The Pandava waterfall that has historical importance, is also an ideal spot for picnicking. This 100 m high waterfall atop has a consummate place where one can indulge into some boisterous times with the family. The view of the town from this point is extremely magnificent.

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