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Sanctity : Holiest Hindu Festival
Held : Every 12 years
Purpose : Taking the Holy Bath
Other Host : Haridwar, Nasik and Allahabad
Painted Storks at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Devotees Bathing at the Ganga in Kumbh Mela

Location : On the Bank of Shipra River in Ujjain.
Legend : Holy Nectar of God Spilt in the Four Pious Cities.
Important Rituals : Religious Bath, Devotional Singing, Mass Feeding of Holy Men Women and Poor, Religious Assemblies.
Activities : Cultural Programmes, Discussion Programmes, Yoga Classes, Therapeutic Healing Classes.
Indulge In : Religious Fervency, Taking a Pious Dip in Shipra River, Meditation on the Banks.
Most Famous Ashram : Siddhi Ashram.
Best Time For Aarti : Evening – At Dusk.
Best Time For Aarti : Spiritual Classes Held Inside the Ashram During the Festival.
Also Visit : The Ardh Kumbh Mela Held in Allahabad Every Six Years.
Staying Options : Hotel Ashray India, Hotel Grand Tower, Hotel Shipra, Hotel Yatri Niwas.
Getting There : Air - The nearest airport is at Indore, 55 km away and is connected by air to Bhopal, Bombay, Delhi and Gwalior.
Rail - Ujjain is an important railway station on the Western Railway network and connected with most of the major cities in India.
Road - Good motorable roads connect Ujjain with Ahmedabad (402 km), Bhopal ( km), Bombay (655 km), Delhi (774 km), Gwalior (451 km), Indore (53 km), Khajuraho (570 km), Mandu (158 km). Route from Delhi - NH 2 . Route from Jaipur - NH 11.

Ujjain - The Sacred Host of the Kumbha Mela

Ujjain, is not only famous for its heritage treasures or temples, one of the prime attraction that draws people toward it is the Kumbh Mela that happens here once in every twelve years. Kumbh ka Mela is the largest spiritual festival known to humanity.
Imagine if you get lost in Madhya Pradesh and in doldrums, land up in a place where you see thousands of bearded men clad in orange cloth and taking dips in the river early in the morning, then you must relax because you surely have reached Ujjain. This holy city in the heart of India is located at a distance of 55 kms from Indore and every 12 years it attracts around 10 million pilgrims for Kumbh ka Mela a grand fair.

Kumbh Mela - History and Legend

Kumbh Mela has a very absorbing legend associated with it. It is said the Indra (ruler of celestial bodies) was gifted a garland of flowers by the Durvasa, a renowned savant. But Indra, fortuitously passed it to his divine elephant under who's feet, it got crushed. Hurt by this gesture, Durvasa, out of rage cursed Indra of denudation of his powers and as a result, Indra was circumvented by Bali, a fiendish king. The gods then pleaded Vishnu for penance and he recommended divine nectar called Amrita, that helped in attaining immorality. To obtain this the oceans and 'asurs' stirred and the part of delight was distributed among the Brihaspati, (Jupiter) Surya,(Sun) Chandrama (Moon) and Shani (Saturn). This process took 12 days to get materialised, which is equivalent to 12 years on earth. During the process however, few drops of this Amrit fell on four regions of the earth namely  Allahabad, Ujjain, Nasik and Haridwar. Since then these places are revered and once in 12 years play host to the pious Mela.

Spirituality in Ujjain

The Kubh Mela in Ujjain was last held in the year 2004. River Shipra is the pious stream where the holy baths are taken. Sadhus, saints and clairvoyant from all over the country find their way to Ujjain during the fair. Want to see the unique sight of the ash  daubed priest, a farrago of sages and padlocked hands of the ardent devotees, come to Ujjain. The sight of spiritualism in the festival bliss is nonpareil. The howling sounds of the Sadhus, intermingling with those of the congregation of the sounds of elephants and the camels, will make you go short for words, if you try to pen down these experiences.
This Mela is held in Ujjain, when Jupiter enters the cosmic circle of Leo. In that there is a combination of the 10 Punyaprad Yog or various specified factors. Thus, this is the condition one should look for attending the Kumbh Mela in Ujjain.
The Siddhi Ashram in Ujjain plays host to several hundreds people who come to pay their homage on the eve of this important festival also a perfect place for your sojourn in Ujjain. There are a lot of cultural and spiritual activities that goes on here. So do not waste time. Get soppy in the next Kumbh Mela that will be organised in Ujjain in the year 2016. But there is another chance in the year 2010 when Ujjain will hold the Ardh Kumbh Mela. So do not wait make sure you are not left behind this time.

Sojourn of Devotees to World Famous Kumbh Mela
Sojourn of Devotees to World Famous Kumbh Mela

Spiritual Programmes

Being a Spectator is not the only thing well, want to know something more about the Indian culture and traditions, arrange for a stay at the Siddhi Ashram, where the amiable Sadhus will be keen and always ready to answer your queries. From all over the world spiritual leaders come here to preach and have elaborate discussions on the philosophy and history of their unique. You too can participate in these programmes wherein the audience get a chance to interact directly with these spiritual dignitaries.

Improve Your Health with the Therapies and Yoga

Looking for solace and peace. Come to the Kumbh Mela because it is not only a spiritual ground. Spiritual perspectives on the healing therapies of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Yagopathy (fire therapy), Acupressure, and meditation is provided. These methods are used in the cure of mental and physical illness.
Various spiritual practices are also taught in the ashram emphasizing the philosophy of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra. Classes for Yoga and meditation are also organised.

Enjoy the Cultural Programmes

This is not all. You can also enjoy the cultural programmes that are organised during the festival. These special programmes involving spiritual folk dance, stage plays of many deities, spiritual singing and chanting, as well as several special religious pujas, rituals, and fire ceremonies, are exclusive for the residents of the Siddhi ashram.
This festival is the celebration of divine panacea of life. There are thousands of tents bubbled up where countless men and women can be seen carrying out processions for their evening or morning rituals. People offering cash and gifts to the 'Sadhus' and 'togis lined up on the either side of the pedestrian, is a common sight. Do not get awestruck if you encounter ash-smeared 'Sadhus' stark naked. These are common sights that you will see. But this Kumbh Mela is the ideal time to understand the rich culture and traditional beliefs of the religious Madhya Pradeshis.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela Celebrations

Come to Learn the Great Beliefs of Indian Lives
Until and unless you visit this Ujjain during Kumbh Mela, you will never understand the true fervency of the Indian culture. It is believed, visiting Ujjain during this grandest fair and taking a holy dip in the holy waters of river Ganges will leads you to the path of salvation.

Therapies to Heal Your Soul
In the Siddhi ashram, you can get a chance to heal yourself of fatigue and restlessness by indulging into yoga and meditation. Sessions are held in the ashram emphasizing the philosophy of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra. Do not miss this chance to learn the right way of living.

Get Saturated in the pious River
The sight of people dipping in the water will surely entice you to jump in the water too. So do not wait and follow your heart. The water of the Shipra river is believed to be very pious and believes to extirpate all your sins.

Culture Programmes to Engage You
Your stay at the Siddhi Ashram will confront you with an experience unmatched. Discussion programmes by the revered spiritual teachers will widen your view on the religious subjects, while there are dance programmes that are held to bring people closer to the Indian erudition.

Best Way to Learn the Indian Culture
When you will visit Ujjain during the Kumbh Festival you will get to learn how the spiritual thoughts rule humanity. Visit the Kumbh Mela in Ujjain to understand the level of fervency that the people have for their religion as it will also broaden your horizon on the culture of India.

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