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Location : District Buldhana, near Aurangabad City
Created By : Collision of Meteorite with earth 52,000 years ago.
Flora and Fauna : Peacock, Monitor lizards, Lack Drongo, Eucalyptus
Other Attractions : Saline Lake with 5,000 meter in diameter, 14 ancient temples.

Lonar Crater and Lake - A Dent on Earth

Lonar Crater Lake
Lonar Crater Lake

Discovered By : British officer, C J E Alexander in1823.
Popular As : World's Third Largest Lake Water Lake.
Major Attractions : Amber Lake – Known as Little Lonar Crater with a Diameter of 1,100 feet or 340 mts.
Flora Attractions : Custard Apple, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass, Bamboo, Teak.
Wildlife Attractions : Langoors, Snakes, Monitor Lizards, Mongoose, Fox and Deers, Hundreds of Pea Fowls.
Must Take Trekking Adventure : Trekking Down the Lake and Uphill, But be Cautious, You Might Step on a Snake.
Other Attractions : Vishnu Temple – Built in Hemadpanthi Style, Gomukh Temple– Having a Perennial Stream.
Inside Tip : This is One of the Five Largest Crater in the World. Make Sure You Include it in Your List of India Attractions.
Must See Temple: The Vishnu Temple Located in Vicinity – Notice the Architectural Style That Flaunts the Hemadpanthi Style, That is Without use of Cementing Agents.
Getting There : Air: Nearest Airport is Aurangabad(M.S.), 122 kms.
Rail : Nearest Railhead is Malkapur on the Mumbai-Bhusawal line, or Jalna 90 km.
Road: Mumbai-Aurangabad-Jalna-Lonar - 600 kms. Lonar-Buldhana - 95 kms. Lonar- Mehakar, 23 kms. Lonar-Aurangabad, 145 kms,Lonar is well Connected by Regular Bus Service from Malkapur, Khamgaon, Aurangabad, Ajanta, Buldhana, Jalgaon & Mumbai.

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On the world map Lonar Crater is slowing carving its mark, as a third largest crater on earth in the Buldhana District of Maharashtra. This crater is the worlds oldest meteorite crater in the world and only meteorite crater in basaltic rock. It may appear unimpressive from a distance but once you catch the view of its curve you will leave only exploring its nook and corner. A beautiful saline lake inside this crater and thick forests around is a real visual delight. Visit this crater and you will see how the meteorite has affected the surface of earth.

Legends Believe

A sculpture on one of the temples inside the crater tells about the formation of Lonar. A demon named Lavansur (in Sanskrit Lavansur means salt) caused trouble to mother earth and one day earth requested the Lord Vishnu to kill the demon. The Vishnu came in the form of child and killed demon with a little damage to earth. Demon went inside the earth and died there. After some time a salt lake formed on the spot and came to be known as Lonar, actually Lavanar in Sanskrit meaning Demon Lavansur. Within the slope of Lonar there are as many as 14 temples and oldest one is 1300 years old.

How the Crater Was Formed

The crater is believed to be formed by the sheer impact of the Meteorite weighing 2 million tones, 60 meters wide mass traveling at a speed of 90,000 kilometers per hour. This collision is said to have happened some 52,000 years ago creating a dent on earth at the sight of Lonar and is 1830 meters in diameter and 150 meters deep. To make such a crater 6 mega-tonne bombs are required. The imagination of the explosion is sufficient to chill your spine and crater is venerated as a goddess and is called goddess Lonar Devi.

Lake of Mysteries

Lonar Lake
Lonar Lake

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There is a mystery associated with the lake flowing inside the crater, nobody can say how it remains full through the year, a stream feeds this crater but up to this date no outlet was found. The other puzzle is that lake has two distinct regions that never mix, an outer neutral and an inner alkaline region. Both support different flora and fauna.

The trek down the lake is really difficult to negotiate and it is always advisable to be cautious before you step because there may be a snake. The uneven surface and the dangerously wet surface of the lake's shore makes the walking quite challenging - a good treat for a trekking expedition.

The best time to visit this crater is during winters and time management is necessary as you cannot get down the hill in the scorching sun neither you can trek uphill after the dark. Carry your food along loads of water as it is not available there and climbing back is always tougher.

You can also visit a mini crater lying nearby also known as Little Lonar Crater that houses Amber Lake. This crater is also thought to have originated from the impact of the small piece of Meteorite that split from the main body before hitting the ground. The diameter of this crater is 1,100 feet or 340 meters.

Flora and Fauna of Lonar

Peacock at the Lonar Crater
Peacock at the Lonar Crater

The crater is rich in Bio-Diversity housing diverse population of flora and fauna. Home to variety of animal species and birds, most found are peacock, black drongo, little green bee eater, shrike, pipit, crane, hooper, monitor lizards, rabbit, deer, langur monkeys and snakes. Among the fauna you can find custard apple, eucalyptus, lemon grass, bamboo, teak and many other trees can be seen. Go down the thick forest and you will see the colorful birds and listen to their chirping it will be a pleasant experience.

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How to Find Your Way

The Aurangabad is the closest city and in fact the base for visiting the wonder of Lonar Craters. The Airport, railway and roadways all have there transport service up to this city after that you can hire a taxi or roadways bus that takes you to this place. It is sure that after you listen and read about its beauty you will carve a fancy to reach there.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Lonar Creater and Lake

Lonar Creater and Lake

Lonar Crater - World's Oldest Crater
The Lonar crater is the world's oldest crater formed by the impact of a meteorite that hit the surface of earth some 52,000 years ago, forming much like the creator on the moon. Inters of the geographical features it is the worlds third largest Crater.

Saline Lake within the Crater
Saline Lake within the crater is one of the important attractions of Lonar Crater. This lake with the diameter of 5000 feet (1600) meter is rich in minerals and is known for healing a number of skin diseases by bathing in it.

Rich Flora and Fauna within Lonar
Tour the crater and spot many rear species of flora and fauna. The mixed deciduous forest growing in the crater is home to a variety of animals including hundreds of peacocks and langur monkeys. Monitor lizards and geckos are also be seen, and there are many species of waterbirds present including flamingoes in the winter.

Little Lonar Crater
The other attraction of Lonar is Little Lonar Creater, said to be formed by the impact of the part of meteorite that split from the main meteorite before it stroked the surface. This part of crater also contains a lake called Amber Lake and is little away from the Main Crater.

Crater a Place of Pilgrimage
The creator houses the 14 ancient temples in its vicinity making it famous as a pilgrimage site. Many temple ruins reverberates the splendid ancient architectural magic of more then 1,300 years.

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