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Mumbai Nightlife

Famous Night : Spots Rock Bottom, Squeeze, Insomnia, Enigma, Zenzi and Aaziano
Night life Activities : Driving, Strolling on Beaches, Eating at Road Side Dhabas
Hanging Out Zones : Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Nariman Point and Fort Road
Time Line : 10 PM to 04 AM

Mumbai Nights – A Way To Rock

Mumbai the city of dreams has a rocking nightlife that allure the tourists from different parts of the world. As the city is famous for its film industry so is the nightlife in Mumbai is also star studded. Plan a visit the famous discotheques, nightclubs, bars on Mumbai beaches, street coffeehouses and street hangout joints of Mumbai to have a look at the galmour for which Amachi Mumbai is know for.

Night Clubs in Mumbai

Girls at Mumbai Disco
Girls at Mumbai Disco

Famous Discotheque : Fire N Ice
Highlights – Biggest Night Club in Mumbai as well as India. Holds 1000 – 1200 People and Have in House Studio.
Timings – 9 pm Onwards.

Highlights – European Bar Serving French Food.
Timings – 10 pm Owards.

Highlights – The most Happening of all Night Clubs in Mumbai, Spread Over 5000 Square feet of Floor Space.
Timings - 9 pm Onwards.

Highlights – The Ice Bar and Lotus seating sections.
Timings – 9.00 pm – 1.30 am.

Famous Rock Discotheque : Not Just Jazz by the Bay – Open Seven Days a Week From 6 pm to 2 am.
Must Visit Exhibition Pub: The Zenzi Pub of Bandra Where Along with Dancing You can View the Photographs in its Exhibition.
Most Famous Evening Hangouts : Nariman Point and Juhu Chowpatty – For Eating, Bandra's Band Stand for Enjoying Culinary Delights.
Don't Miss Evening Delicacies Spicy Vada-pau, Bhelpuri, Pani-Puri and Munching the Roasted Peanuts from the street Vendors or on the Beaches.
Must Try : Tea at Nariman Point, Chicken and Paneer Rolls From Bade Mia – a Stall Behind Taj Hotel.
Night Hunting : Late Evening Shopping at Linking Road for Cheap Yet Fair Products.
Inside Tip : Most of the Discotheque have Special Ladies Night. Some of the Discos are Closed on Specific Days and Require Reservations in Advance .

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A high energy sessions where the people sweat shaking their bodies to the high watt music and unwinding with the drink is no place other than pubs and bars where the nocturnal animals rock. Nightlife in Mumbai is famous for no one sleeps. It will not also be wrong to say that every lane and every by lane leads you to the den of night spots where the pyre – tech laser beams flaunt the soothing ambiance of these clubs. Be it a beach, night club, bar or a late night party all serve the same purpose, the urbanites chill at these places after the hectic days work. The music and the drink is there to enhance your steps and sweat the extra calories till the wee hours. Hence Mumbai is ranked the best night out city in India. This is the place where you can find the Chaiwalla open till early hours of morning and mutton and paneer rolls available through the night.

It Is The Time To Disco

As the sun goes down, anybody and everybody - old and young, rich and poor, find some thing to do in their own style and taste. The happening nightclubs of Mumbai City offers the best choice to spend your nights awakening and enjoying. The clubs, bars and lounges are scattered all around the city from Colaba to Andheri and suit most pockets and age groups. But the youngsters remain on move from club to club to find music that suites their taste and sooths their soul. Hunting for the celebrities is also passion of some people but spotting a celebrity really adds glamour to the night out.

The Places That Suits You the Best

Mumbai Pub
Mumbai Pub

Places where you can go to with the surety that your night out will be all thrilling are the pubs. The Insomnia of Taj Mahal Hotel is one places where you can dance with the richest people of the city who enjoy drinking without too much movement but once they are drunk there is no looking back and it is all madness. Zenzi of Bandra is the other Mumbai night club where apart from dancing you can view the photographs in its exhibition and is famous for theme based special nights for instance Lipstick Ladies Night where women can have lots of fun with the melodious tunes played by DJ. Friday nights are double decker nights where by two DJ's lift the soul to the zenith. Some of the Mumbai nightclubs restrict entry and only by invitation can a person attend a night magic. One of such clubs is Colaba's Prive.

If you are young and look for loads of fun, there is no place other than Aaziano, its RGB laser system producing a million colors is the only one in the Mumbai city. 24 hours bar and DJ Asher spinning his magic on Turbo sound system are the other attractions of this Lower Pearl Club. The other Mumbai nightclubs where you can loose yourself in the lights and sounds are Squeeze, Rock Bottom and Red Light all are famous for one or the other reason, some where you can find the famous DJ's playing the famous music and at other places it is the crowd that arrests your attention. After all what ever the reason may be Mumbai is the best city with the amazing night life.

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Night Life Beyond Clubs and Bars

Take a Long Drive along Nariman Point
Take a Long Drive along Nariman Point

Apart from nightclubs in Mumbai and other Mumbai clubs, the other exciting night activities that you can indulge in Mumbai are, taking a long drive along the Mumbai Coast line, have a tea at Nariman point, visit the Bade Mia - a stall behind Taj Hotel that has chicken and paneer rolls available till the early morning hours. Try pizzas, juices, ice creams at the Bachelor's juice center opposite chowpatty and don't miss the Bandra's Band Stand - the most happening place that buzzes at night. Most of the people also prefer to sit with their friends on the sea beaches, under the star studded sky and enjoy the spicy delicacies of vara-pau, bhelpuri, pani-puri while munching the roasted peanuts. Yet another thrilling way to enjoy and experience the fascinating Mumbai Night Life choose the corner table of a coffee shop in the busiest area and just watch the street life, the people, the sellers, the traffic, you will believe it yourself that ‘Mumbai Never Sleeps’.

Experience the Mumbai Night

For a discerning traveler, Mumbai is a place no different than any metropolis in western country where one can spend the whole night partying and dancing. The elegant night clubs, discotheque, bars and lounges are all the places where you would love to spend night in the completely lively atmosphere. The music, dance and drinks and most of all the people who visit these nightspots makes them special. Don't mind if you are away from your home you can still dance on some famous English numbers, so it is the time to rock, rock and go gala.

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Top 5 Highlights of Mumbai Nightlife

Chowpatty Beach at Night

Mumbai – Heaven of Night Clubs
Mumbai is famous all over the world for its magnificent nightlife. There is merriment at every corner of the city, people chatting over a cup of tea, traffic is on, sellers busy in their selling, its hard to believe its 12 in night. Then this is Mumbai where night never sleeps. Experience it yourself.

Lifeline of Mumbai Night Clubs
The night clubs in Mumbai have the state of art laser lighting and the music systems. Adding to its features are the country's famous D J's who work with their magical wheels to keep the crowd alive and thrilling their spirits high.

Spotting Celebrities
Mumbai is home to world famous Hindi film industry Bollywood. If you are in one of the famous night clubs of this city don't forget to look around there may be a famous Bollywood star shaking his legs besides you.

Theme Based Special Nights
Some night clubs in Mumbai offer the special theme nights where the music of particular genre is played. Some of the famous special theme nights are Lipstick Ladies Night and Friday Nights when the two D J's rock the soul of participants with the ocean of sounds.

Night Life That Rocks With Jazz
After the hectic days work it is the favorite spot of the Mumbites to chill in the night clubs where thy dance, drink and refresh them selves with the rocking music. Visit one of the night clubs in Mumbai you will see how the people shake their body vigorously while pointing towards D J's with their raised hands.

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