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Location : North-eastern part of India
Capital City : Imphal
Major Attractions : Honeymoon Mountains, Sangai Dancing Deer, Ras Leela Dance
What Makes For A Holiday : Romantic Evenings, Jungle Safari, Adventure Sports

Add A Jewel of Northeast To Your Holiday Pendant

Traditional Raas Lila Performance By Children
Traditional Raas Lila Performance By Children

India was once a golden bird before foreign intruders broke her heart and pirated long fostered emotions. But still, if you respond to nature’s call, you will find emeralds and rubys strewn all over her picturesque demeanour. Spend a few days of your pleasure holiday amidst myriad jewels on the hills of Manipur, the ‘Jewel of Northeast’. The erstwhile princely state shares its borders with Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland and Myanmar (Burma). Manipur’s claim to fame include its historic role during Second World War, the hoisting of the flag of the Indian National Army at Moirang in 1944 by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, its classical dance form, its indigenous games, its textiles and being the home of the Sangai dancing deer. Interestingly, polo is believed to have originated in Manipur. It also flaunts of the ecologically rich Lake Loktak, the largest freshwater lake in the Northeast dotted with emerald green ‘fumdis’ (floating islands). It is also rich in culture dominated by the esoteric rites and rituals of the vaishnavite Meities, with significant contributions by other ethnic tribes. Can you overlook such a charm to learn so much about an alien land, a chance to turn the course of your holiday, a chance for a lifetime...

Imphal - Memoirs of The World War

Located almost in the middle of the state and perfectly in the hearts of the tourists, Imphal, the capital of Mizoram bustles with cultural and commercial revelry. Tucked in the middle of a oval-shaped scenic valley amidst picturesque surroundings, Imphal makes an excellent base to explore the attractions of this beautiful state. Lose yourself in the vibrant colours of Khwairamband Bazaar (Mother’s Market). This is one place you cannot forget! Pick up exquisite artifacts from beautiful women selling under roofs made of saree and embroidered clothes, in a market that is reigned only by women. Welcome to India’s largest women trader’s market at Imphal. You can also elevate your spirits with the eternal valour of WW II martyers caressed at the serene war cementary maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. If you still miss mother nature’s womb, trace your steps to Konghampat Orchidarium. The one of its kind in these pristine hills, a walk through the greens will include a rendezvous with over 120 species of exotic orchids and many rare plants. To dive deep into the rich cultural heritage of Manipur, spend a day at the Manipur State Museum. Affording an awesome memorabilia, the museum houses an opulent collection of traditional Manipuri costumes, war implements, historical documents and annals, and gives you a sample of the state's complex history.

It Is Because of These You Would Like To Return Again And Again

Brow Antlered Deer At Lamjao National Park, Manipur
Dancing Deer : Brow Antlered Deer At Lamjao National Park, Manipur

Unleash yourself in the deep forests of Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world's only 'floating sanctuary' sprawled over an area of 40 sq. km. Nestling on 1.5 m deep floating vegetation (called phumdi) on Lake Loktak, the park is a home to many exotic species of plants and animals. Trek amidst the woods and you can encounter Manipur's dancing deer, the endangered brow-antlered deer darting along the floating wetlands with a delicate gait. Look at the tree tops and you will be overwhelmed to see dancing Assamese and stump-tailed macaques, managing the upper level buisness. Keep an eye open for the notorious Rhesus monkey, found ubiquitously around the park. If lucky, you can also see some applauded members of the cat family. Get on a jeep safari and comb the jungle in early mornings to see the marbled cat and Temminck's golden cat quenching their thirst or licking salt behind the sinister bushes. The Himalayan black bear and the Malayan bear may also be seen foraging for food.

For a different taste of adrenaline, go for some hot-blooded action package on the high hills of Manipur. The tourism department is taking initiatives in establishing nodal agencies to promote different adventure sports as well as to impart training to novices. Register yourself at the Manipur Adventure and Allied Sports Institute or the Adventure Academy and spend your holidays on high air with paragliding above picturesque gorges and shimmering ribbons of rivulets that chase the finale of their fate upto the sea.

Add a cherry to your holiday cake by beholding a mesmerising dance performance at the Manipur State Kala Academy. Remember to see Ras Leela, a classical dance form known its graceful movements in enacting scenes from the life of Lord Krishna. See how feelings augment with every inch of movement that calls for a photograph. Details of daily schedules of cultural programmes are available with the tourist information offices.

Moments of Merriment

Portraying The Love Story of Radha And Sri Krishna In Manipuri Dance
Portraying The Love Story of Radha And Sri Krishna In Manipuri Dance

The tranquil ambience that floats with the mist on the virgin hills of Manipur, often echoes the euphony of drums and chimbals. If one fine morning, you wake up with a bustling procession chucking bubbles of colours in the air, you know that it’s time to party! Or a time to celebrate the premier Yaoshang Festival. Celebrated for five days in a go, the festival dawns on the full moon day of Phalguna (February/March). The whole state reverberates with the beats of ‘Thabal Chongba’, a Manipuri folk dance when young boys and girls in colourful and vibrant costumes, hold hands and dance in a circle. It is an amazing thing to behold when they visit house to house to collect donations for a social gathering. Visit during November, and be a part of the Ningol Chakouba Festival. The festival is known for its immense attraction that attracts people from all across the world to come back to their home and spend some golden moments with loved ones.

Check Your Entry

Indian tourists require an Inner Line Permit for travelling by road from Dimapur to pass through Nagaland. These permits can be obtained from liason officers of the Govt. of Nagaland at New Delhi/Kolkata/Guwahati/Shillong and the sub-division officer (civil) at Dimapur. The Deputy Commissioner of Imphal can issue permits to travellers from Imphal from Dimapur.

Foreign visitors require RAP issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, South Block, New Delhi. These permits can also be obtained Indian missions abroad. In Manipur, the areas that can be visited include Imphal city, Loktak lake, INA Memorial (Moirang), Sendra, Waithou Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park and Khongjom War Memorial.

Drive Your Way

Indian Airlines/Alliance Air and Jet Airways connect Imphal with Delhi (3 hrs 45 min), Kolkata (1 hour), Guwahati (50 min) and Silchar (30 min). The airport is 7 km from the city centre, and tourist taxis and autorickshaws are available for transfer to the city. The nearest rail station is Dimapur, on the North East Frontier Railway (NEFR), 215 km in Nagaland. However, travelling to this paradise is best via road which offers the beauty of nature in its true colours. Imphal is well connected to all major cities and even the virgin pads of Northeast. If you are coming from Assam, drive on NH 53 from Silchar to cover the 250 km to reach Imphal. The whole route is fringed with picturesque scenes that doesn’t allow tourists to enjoy boredom. From the other side, when coming from Dimapur in Nagaland, cover 200 km on NH 39.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Manipur

Manipur Lake

Manipur - Take A Jewel With You
Manipur, or the Land of Jewels, is a former princely state, nestling on the banks of Lake Loktak, the largest freshwater lake in the Northeast. The linguistically rich region enjoys a great ethnic diversity with a distinct culture and customs that entices every tourist to this state.

Imphal - Its Here That History Comes To Life
Lying in an oval-shaped valley intersected by narrow rivers, Imphal is a place that surely calls for a holiday. Lose yourself in the vibrant colours of Khwairamband Bazaar (Mother’s Market) and shop for something special from beautiful native women. There are orchids to roam around, monuments to gaze at and pristine time to spend some time with yourself.

Wild Wild West At Lamjao
Make your holiday memorable with a walk amidst the greens of Keibul Lamjao National Park. Occupying an area of 25 sq km, the park flaunts to be a floating one, unique of its kind in India. The most curious thing about these wild patches is the abundance of 'thamin', the endangered brow-antlered deer.

A Celebration of Fun
Be a part of the famous Yaoshang Festival, celebrated for five days during the full moon day of Phalguna (February/March). The whole state reverberates with the beats of ‘Thabal Chongba’, a Manipuri folk dance when young boys and girls in colourful and vibrant costumes, hold hands and dance in a circle.

Dancing On the Tunes of Krishna
When in Manipur for a holiday, remember to behold the magical dance drama, known as Raas Leela locally, a classical dance form known its graceful movements in enacting scenes from the life of Lord Krishna.

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