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Location : North-eastern part of India
Capital City : Kohima
Major Attractions : WW II Cementery, Bara Basti, Intaki Wildlife Sanctuary
What Makes For A Holiday : Rich Tribal Heritage and Adventure Sports

Nagaland - The Tribal Heart of India

Ceremonial Procession By Nagaland Tribes
Ceremonial Procession During Nazo Festival By Nagaland Tribes

When you go home,
Tell them of us and say,
For your tomorrow
we gave our today...

--Inscription at WW II Cemetary

The culture has already carved a niche in Hollywood. Arcane armours, natural costumes and an opulent jungle culture that thrives on a strong bond that connects this wild part of northeast to the rest of India. A narrow strip of mountain territory, Nagaland is a home to numerous Tibeto-Burmese tribes, the race is said to have existed 10 centuries before Christ. Each tribe is different from the other - in customs, traditions, beliefs and even in dialects - and each has its signature shawl. Gift your vacations a new life amidst picturesque locations adorned in white and red rhododendrons, shimmering rivulets that make their way through the hearts of holidayers, and cascading silvery waterfalls that rejuvenates tourists en masse. The virgin history of Nagaland came into international limelight during world war 2, because it was here that the Japanese advance was halted by British and Indian troops. Lingering on the essence of annals of independence, Nagaland enchants travellers with an impeccable matrix of rich tradition woven in the hearts of the denizens, very different from what you have seen, heard or even experienced. Come feel the difference.

Kohima - The Enchanting Valley of Kew Hi

Nestling on the mist clad hills at an height of 1495 m above sea level in the southern part of the state, Kohima amazes everyone with humungous photography options strewned all over the domain. Kohima derives its name from ‘Kew Hi’, the name of a plant grown on the mountainside. ‘Kew Hi Ma’ means "the men of the land where the flower Kew Hi grows". Isn’t the interpretation beautiful? And so are the people. Kohima does not have stately monuments, impressive monasteries or religious trails to offer by way to stock tourist attraction. However the unhurried pace of life, calm and serene environs and fresh, unpolluted air makes a welcome change for a weary city dweller.

The whole topography is reigned by the glory of WW II, that incarnates in colonial architecture and patriot parks. It was here that the Japanese thirst for invasion was quenched. Visit the WW II cementery, where the martyers are buried. The monument standing majestic amid lush manicured garden surely enchants everyone. Drive to Japtu Peak, situated at 15 km from the downtown. It is a fun to trek upto the summit from where you will be overwhelmed to see a panoramic view of Kohima and the snowclad peaks of Himalaya. Don’t miss the traditional Naga ceremonial gateway at Bara Basti. Adorned with colourful motifs of guns, warriors and symbols of prosperity at the entrance to the village, this special attraction is a must see for every tourist. Wander around the traditional Naga houses built here and you will be amazed to see how close they stay to nature. The mansions had crossed 'horns' on the gables, carved heads to signify the status of the family, a huge basket to hold the grain in front of the house and many more things to attract attention of an international traveller.

Kohima Valley - It Is How It Amazes
Kohima Valley - It Is How It Amazes

Make An Adventure Holiday

Beside offering a memorable heritage tour, the pristine heart of Nagaland also affords mindblowing adventure options, ready to bloom on its high hills. If you are holidaying in February-March, don’t miss a trek on the Dzukou Valley, 25 km from the city centre. Perched at a height of 2462 m, the Valley turns into a paradise with exotic wild flowers, pink and white rhododendrons beautifying her. Put your hunting bags and prepare to enjoy a sizzling adventure course at the Intaki Wildlife Sanctuary, nestling at 111 km from the state capital at Kohima. This green paradise with its lanky bamboo groves is a home to the Hoolock Baboon, the only species of gibbon found in India. Get into a memorable safari to encounter wild elephants trespassing your way, barking deers’ alerts and colouful birds chirping on tree tops.

The Real And The Raw Charm of Tribal Festivals

A tradition so rich would undoubtedly caress feasts and festivals that would add colours to their nomadic lives. And they are immensely beautiful to behold. Most of the festivals are connected with agricultural activities such as reaping, sowing and harvesting, and the rest roosting on religious credo. By appearance, the Nagas are of sub-medium height, with a low facial index, the hair is generally straight, and the skin is brownish yellow. Interestingly, the eyes significantly do not show Mongolian form. By heart, they are straight forward, honest, hardworking, sturdy and with a high standard of integrity that binds their hearts. Collectively, called as Naga, they are truly the children of mother nature.

Be a part of the grand Nazu festival, the most merrymaking festival celebrated for 10 days in the month February by the Pochury tribes. Lose yourself in the traditional glitter and gaiety and let the ambience swell with every beats of Khupielilie dance. The dance is a thing that should not be missed, that is more entertaining and competitive than ritualistic in form. Remember to pick up exquisite memories from this tribal land. Go for weaving, a traditional art that resurrects with myriad designs and colours unique to particular tribes. Shop for beautiful woolen shawls and other Naga handicrafts from Nagaland’s Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation, situated opposite to the State Transport Bus Station. Tourists can also visit the bustling market, near the Supermarket, a delightful place where beautiful village womenin tribal costumes sell alluring rural products.

Colourful Nazo Festival, Nagaland
Colourful Nazo Festival, Nagaland

Entry Formalities

All foreign visitors require a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit Nagaland. The permit, valid for a maximum period of 10 days, is granted to foreign tourists travelling in a group of four or more persons. The restricted area permit can be obtained from Indian missions abroad or the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi or foreigner’s regional registration offices. Indian tourists require an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to visit the home of Nagas. The Permit can be obtained from deputy resident commissioner of Nagaland, Nagaland house, New Delhi/Kolkata or additional deputy commissioner at Dimapur.

Drive Your Way To Heaven on Earth

Dimapur is the only airport, connected to Kolkata, and is 74 km from the state capital at Kohima. By road it takes around 3-4 hours through a mindblowing circuit. Drive on NH 39 from Dimapur to reach Kohima. Tourists can also get into state transport buses that connect the two destinations in every half-an-hour. The capital is also linked to Imphal, situated at 145 km by road.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nagaland

Tribes of Nagaland

A Holiday In the Land of Nagas
Plan your holiday at Nagaland, the land of honeymoon hills, adventure gorges and cascading waterfalls together with a rich bouquet of tribal heritage who is said to have existed 10 centuries before Christ.

Kohima - A Diary of WW II
Situated at an altitude of 1,495 m above sea level, Kohima is a picturesque place. Visit the well maintained War Cementery that is of special significance to the kinof those who lost their lives in the Last War around Kohima.

Pick Up All You Can
The traditional costumes at the Handloom and Handicrafts development Corporation is a must buy for every tourist. These simple but curious objects of purchase portray a well caressed traditional art that have descended through generations..

A Celebration of Fun
The Nagas flaunt of a number of folk and community dances that swells during the cultural festivals that are celebrated round the year. Remember to be a part of the colourful Summer Festival held in May. The 10 day festival has a flower show, archery competition and cultural events, martial art display and other events of tourist interest.

Go Wild At Intaki Sanctuary
Put on your hunting boots and move on to explore the dense patches of Intaki Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the Hoolock Baboon, the only gibbon in India. Scale the steep precipitous hills and go down with deep valleys, jump to cross the ripping rivulets that comes in your way, and enjoy a few moments of solitary stay beside the natural salts licks.

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