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Location: Rajasthan
Famous Forts: Amber Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort
Famous Palaces: Lake Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, City Palace
Other Attractions: Jantar Mantar, Birla Temple

City Palace, Udaipur
City Palace, Udaipur

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Monumental Heritage of Rajasthan

The magical land set amidst the acheronian desert beauty...the land synonymous with romance and chivalry...immensely rich in culture, history, monuments architecture and natural beauty. That's Rajasthan, the Land of Royalty. Always teeming with color, bliss and conviviality that's unique to this part of the country. Take a famous monumental heritage tours of Rajasthan, where everything about Rajasthan fascinates- from miles of golden stretches of sand to the kaleidoscope of magnificent forts, opulent palaces and prodigious havelis, each a splendid architectural creation having a legend of its own. Its imperial forts and august palaces dotting the sandscape remind one of the mondaine lifestyles of the maharajahs and their flamboyant courts. From the lifelike frescoes and murals in the citadels to the impetuous festivity in the streets, the savor of royalty can be felt at every corner of the state.

Rajput Architecture - Reminder of Romance And Royalty

Kumbalgarh Fort
Kumbalgarh Fort

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Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Rajasthan monuments are an epitome of the Rajputs' highly evolved code of valiance and honor akin to that of the medieval European knights. They were inexorably liberated and renowned for their valor and pride, preferring, when defeat was imminent in battle, to die an honorable death rather than to commit to the enemy. Fiercely defending their motherland to death, the rajputs anchored themselves in this desolate desert land, building colossal forts such as those at Chittorgarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer- the last words in the poetry of opulence. The indomitable pride of Chittaur, the fort, a colossal structure with many gateways, eulogizes the legend of junoesque Padmini who immolated herself on a huge funeral pyre, instead of relenting in to the hands of Alauddin Khilji. The Amer fort in Jaipur, is a perfect amalgamation of Rajput and Mughal architecture; with its intricately carved Jali screens, delicate mirror and stucco work, emerges dramatically from the placid waters of the Maotha Lake. Rising from the heart of the Thar Desert like a golden mirage is the amber-hued Jaisalmer fort. Even the sun flirts with the yellow sandstone of the fort, redressing it in honey yellow at dawn, camel yellow in the morning and adding a tint of sand yellow during dusk. Take a monument tour of Rajasthan to see the famous monumental heritage as well as the architecture of these historical monuments.

Religious architecture is no less inspiring than secular architecture as is evident in the intricately carved temples monuments in Rajasthan. A chronic hallmark of these temples is a single shikhara or spire, and a sculpted mandapa or outer chamber, in front of the inner sanctum. Mordern architecture also engraves some majestic works of art on the sands of time; the most inspiring is the Birla Temple at Jaipur, which has a exquisitely sculpted frieze and a multi-tiered spire. Rajasthan also boasts of varied scientific architectures like the stone observatory, Jantar Mantar at Jaipur. Its labyrinthine instruments, whose settings and shape are scientifically designed, represent the acme of medieval Indian astronomy.

Architectural Conservation

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) is an autonomous organization that works to consecrate and restore Rajasthan's historic monuments. Visitors can help the trust by appreciating its initiatives and writing to the Rajasthan state government, chalking out the sectors which leaves a scope of improvement.

The monumental tour of Rajasthan is an holiday idea that enthralls its visitors with every little discovery that is made, because the more one discovers, the more is the appetite to stay on or come back.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Monuments of Rajasthan

Grand Monuments of Rajasthan

Tip Toe Across The Relics of Past
Put on your hat and sunglasses and embark on a walking tour of the magnificent heritage monuments in Rajasthan, where magnificent architectures built by the Rajputs, centuries ago, will greet you.

The Real Big Forts
Plan a holiday trip to Rajasthan and you can have the pleasure to visit some of the largest forts in the world. Stroll around the spacious alleyways, courtyards and terraces of the forts where you can see the monument architecture and open-heartedly provide a magnificent view of the cities sprawled around.

The Grand Leisure Palaces
Take up the famous monumental tours of Rajasthan The ambrosial palaces dotting the sandscape remind one of the mondaine lifestyles of the maharajahs and their flamboyant courts. Wander around the colossal palaces and see the awe-inspiring architecture that brings the long-forgotten romantic air to life, still today.

Where You Can Touch The Sky
If you are interested in astronomy, nothing can satisfy your knowing appetite other than the famous monument of Jaipur observatory. Often described as the most surreal and logical landscape in stone, this bewildering piece of art brings curves, corners, colors and the cosmos, all in one complex and is a must see for every tourist of Rajasthan.

The Heritage Monuments of Rajasthan
Many of the candid palaces have now been converted into magnificent heritage hotels. Enjoy staying at one of the heritage palaces, designed to meet every needs of an international traveller, while preserving the royal amibiance, that used to prevail in those bygone era. Stay close to the true royal residents, now dwelling in other halves of the heritage hotels.

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Taj Mahal , agra A memorable journey to the Monument of Love through the pristine sands and beautiful gateways of Rajasthan.
Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
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» Heritage Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan Welcome A journey to the heart of Rajasthan. Heritages that are equally antique and interesting will take you to the forgotten chapters of hisory.
Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
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» Wildlife Safari Tour

Wildlife - Rajasthan An exotic safari to the dark jungles of India, where you can have a spine-chilling experience of seeing tigers hunt before your peeled eyes!
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