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Location : Rajasthan
Famous Heritage Hotels : Lake Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, City Palace (Jaipur)
Known For : Exquisite Luxury and Royal Ambience
What To Do : Camel Safari, Horse Safari, Elephant Ride, Boat Cruise

City Palace Udaipur
City Palace , Udaipur

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

"Padharo Hukum, Mhare Dil Mein"- Welcome My Lord, In Our Hearts

The ebst way to enjoy a vacation in Rajasthan is to enjoy a royal experience at palaces in Rajasthan. Rajasthan was always an exotic land, a vibrant fantasy for the western world. A land dotted with colossal fortresses, incombatible castles and ambrosial palaces- a true abode of nobility where graciousness was a way of being. The legends that embrace these flamboyant regal heritages have now slipped into history-the utopian world of royal pleasure, tranquility and inertia. Take a royal heritage tour to see these parapets of history, brimming with memories, seats of maneuvers, of coronations, regal residences where darbars (courts) were once held, were forsaken with the passage of time as modern, independent India leaped ahead on the road to progress. The majestic palaces of Rajasthan, individually created over centuries, bedecked with the best paintings and furniture and endorsing different chapters of architectural history, lay almost abandoned, till a few audacious frontiers realized that, perhaps congruous reuse was the only way to maintain these historic homes. While history is always at hand, there have been twists and turns too, so that the palaces have been remodeled to meet the modern needs of today's international traveler. And a slice of history that would else ways have been irrecoverably lost, continues to survive. You too can now be a part of this royal retreat! "Padharo Hukum" to the land of chivalry and gallantry, where conviviality is a courtesy that naturally comes from the core of heart.

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Stay Royal

Of the 22 princely states and myriad seats of residence of the aristocracy, a small volume of them have been converted into heritage palace hotels in Rajasthan; arsenals of a regal lifestyle, a way of living that has all, but passed into the worlds of fantasy. As you will arrive, you might be greeted with a euphonic symphony played by a small group of bagpiper band, under the elegant archway at the grand entrance. Petrified to see colorfully dressed tall Rajput men with broad mustaches and lofty turbans, walking daintily across the spacious corridors, continually serving and escorting you? Well, then you need some time to adjust yourself to the regal ambiance of Rajasthan.

Savor famous royal retreats of Rajastha in these heritage palace hotels of Rajasthan. Check in to your own palace suite, festooned with satiny curtains and delicate silk tassels, all this, makes the stay incredibly stylish, of course. Chuck yourself on the complacent sofas and enjoy the gazing glance of the royal retreats, sprawled on every side. The colossal alcove with its high ceilings and antique furniture, and chandeliers lit by soft lamps at night, surely add to the delightful age-old opulence of the palace. These colossal mansions are often embellished with statuesque fountains, decorated corridors and lush green gardens. One can walk along the long intermingled corridors, and gaze at the alluringly carved walls and rooftops, which demonstrate everything from florals to animals to demons to enchantresses. Take a royal tour of Rajasthan and pay a visit to the sunrise view terrace, and look at the landscaped gardens overflowing with flowering shrubs and trees rarely seen in the region. Next morning you can wake up, as a king, to melodic bird calls, when dawn unfolds leisurely. Walk over the lush green grasses. Experience the warm regalia in the ambiance while taking a sip of the hot herbal Indian tea, served in elegant silver crockerys'. Luxuriate in one of the baronial suites, ordering chilled beers and chicken 'tikkas' while backstroking your holiday afternoon away with your loved ones. The accent is clearly on an enhanced experience, royal ambiance blended in the air, rather than in volumes, all set to make your heritage palace trip the most memorable one.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Cultural Evening Carousal

Royal Retreat at City Palace Jaipur
Get a Royal Retreat at City Palace Jaipur

While enjoying royal experience at Rajasthan palaces prepare yourself for merry. As the evening approaches, the guests prepare for a juxtaposed rocking-regal party. A well-stocked bar lifts the spirits and guests join in, to enjoy and celebrate with increased tempo of dance and music. A royal procession comprising of girls in Rajasthani attire, sprinkling rose petals and attar (fragrance), begins to form and the excitement grows. A spectacular display of firework begins...and the buffet is laid out for the extravagant evening. The heritage palace hotels has had a mesmeric and tranquil effect on most visitors for the last four centuries, twenty first century guests being no exception.

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Heritage Palace Retreats - Celestials That Create Memories

If you want yourself to be overwhelmed by history, unfolding before your eyes, plan a holiday vacation in Udaipur at the Lake Palace, one of the most picturesque palaces of Rajasthan, is now converted into a magnificent heritage hotel. Located at 3 km from the railway station, is efficiently managed by the eminent Taj Group of Hotels, this palace hotel promises you with a heritage experience in the royal palace. This stunning palace, afloat on Lake Pichola , decorated by portraits of robust maharajahs and ambrosial maharanis, wholeheartedly preserving the authentic decor of historical heritage, is a pleasure paradise for international guests. Some of these magnificent constructions also house a wide array of archaic artifacts and discreet memorabilia. Have a look at the grand collection of arms and armors, radiant costumes and ambrosial cologne bedecking the beautifully carved shelves of the palace; a confluence of royalty and chivalry, generally open from 10 am till 4 pm. You can also walk along the voluminous corridors and see the variety of artistic expressions, from pietra dura to miniature styles to religious sketches to English landscapes, all carved on the rippleless walls.

Take a heritage tour of Umaid Bhawan Palace, 3 km from Jodhpur airport, is one of the largest heritage hotels in the world. Designed by eminent Edwardian architect Henry Lanchester, this grand palace is a superb blend of eastern and western architectural influences. Each suite is different, with subtle underlying themes of a favorite color or princely passion, elegant interiors with gilt furniture and exquisite artwork which follow the Art Deco style. Rajasthan has so much to offer to its guests, the list is endless.

Stay at the City Palace royal retreat, located at the city center of Jaipur, the world famous heritage hotel of India. Bedecked with exquisite carvings and well maintained lush green gardens, the palace displays a superb array of vintage carts and two silver vessels, said to be the largest in the world and featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. These heritage palace hotels are athe places where you can enjoy the famous royal retreats of Rajasthan.

Heritage Journey to the Land of Maharajas - Rajasthan

Colorful Sightseeing Around White Palaces

The heritage palace attractions are beyond words. If you are staying at the Lake Palace hotel, don't forget to take a boat cruise amidst the shimmering blue waters of the lake in the evening,. Discover how beautiful it looks, the white marble palace in contrast to the emerald water, with a cobalt blue sky in the back drop. See the magical shadow it casts on the ! A life time experience indeed. One can also plan for a sight-seeing tour, as Rajasthan is inevitably dotted with majestic forts all over the arid landscape. These defensive castles provide a rich cultural legacy of influences on architecture that begins with the Hindu-Rajput, shows assimilation of the Mughal and late, the British, resulting in a sense of opulence blended with every carved stone. Travel to Jaisalmer to be congruous with the pristine sands of the Thar. Stay at the Mandir Palace and enjoy the vibrant play of colors on the walls of the golden fort during dusk and dawn . The trip by the Heritage Group of Hotels is a must, which offers a true romantic dinner, amidst the Sam Sand Dunes , where delicacies are served in a traditional seating arrangement and where folk musicians sing and dance their hearts out. Shift your gears and turn your wheels towards Laxmi Vilas Palace, Bharatpur which has original furniture and objects d'art still in use. Take a trip of Rajasthan heritage royal palaces that promise retreats inexplicable. Visit the nearby sanctuaries during the day, and explore the secrets of the jungle through jeep and horse safaris, arranged by the palace hotels. Swarms of birds can be seen taking flight and disappearing into the horizon. Trained guides, employed by the hotel authorities make the safaris an experience to remember.

Tips To Remember

While enjoying a palace tour in Rajasthan don't forget to reciprocate to the enticing "Namaste" as the Indian families say, welcoming you into their homes and hearts. Book your reservations well in advance, especially during the festive seasons, that are a part of a way of being in one of the oldest civilizations of the world. A stay at any of these heritage palaces is a life-time experience indeed. Travel to any of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan and you will have enough options to enjoy a grand regalia.

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Top 5 Reasons To Stay In Royal Retreats

Lake Palace - Jaipur

The Heritage Palaces of Rajasthan
When on a holiday trip to Rajasthan, enjoy staying at one of the heritage palace hotels, designed to meet every needs of an international traveller, while preserving the royal amibiance, that used to prevail in those bygone era.

Palace Hotels of Rajasthan
Enjoy a stay in these famous royal retreats of Rajasthan now turned into magnificent suites, be close to the true royal residents, now dwelling in other halves of the heritage hotels.

Aristocratic Habitats
Enjoy a perfect holiday vacation in these ambrosial palaces, ordering finest delicacies at par your taste, backstroking afternoons away with chilled martinis and savouring the royal elegance scattered at every corner of the palaces, the royal experience at palaces in Rajasthan is endless.

Outdoor Activities Encouraged by the Heritage Hotels
Build memories of your heritage holiday in Rajasthan, with awe-inspiring boat cruises at the Lake Palace and, camel safaris and camping amidst the sand dunes at Jaisalmer. BEsides enjoying the royal palace attractions one can also hire a horse and trek around the wildlife reserves, looking for ancient rocks and varied fauna culture, dotting particular landscapes.

Royal Treasure of Memories
Don't forget to pay a visit to the grand museums located inside the famous palaces cum hotels, housing some beautiful, some petrifying and some uncanny memories of the mighty maharajahs of Rajasthan.

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