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Main Tribe : Bhil, the most unique among them
Other Tribes : Garasiya, Mina, Gaduliya Lohars
Comprises : 12% Of State Population
Major Festival : Baneswar Fair
Tribal People in Rajasthan

Tribal People in Rajasthan

The Tribal Community - An Outlook of Aboriginal Lifestyle

Travel to Rajasthan, the land of robust maharajahs and ambrosial maharanis, also houses a divergent colony of traditional tribes, who constitute around 12 % of the state's population, roughly double the country's average. The main tribal communities comprises of the Bhils and the Minas, aborigines of the terrain now known as Rajasthan. But, eventually, due to the Aryan invasion, they were cornered into the Aravalli Range, where they reside today with their own social system and customs. The famous tribes in Rajasthan India share common characteristics, which seem to articulate their past together, but it is the idiosyncrasy in their costumes and jewellery, fairs and festivals that set them apart from one another. As all members of the clan are believed to be related to one another, marriages are generally arranged outside the community. With a very low literacy rate, many of these destitute folks have religion and victuals, closely related to Hindu customs.

Bhils - The Skilled Archers

Take up Rajasthan tribal tours to see the tribal attractions in Rajasthan. The Bhils are one of the eminent tribal groups, traditionally inhabited in the south-eastern pockets of Rajasthan, although they are mostly concentrated in the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh. Annexed from the Tamil word for bow, vil, the Bhil bowmen are corroborated as dexterous archers in the history. The legend of Eklavya, a Bhil who outshined the skill of Arjuna only to be restrained by the command of his guru, Dronacharya, is mentioned in the Mahabharata epic. The Ramayana talks of Ratnakara, the Bhil bandit who ameliorated with the blessings of Lord Narad, to become Valmiki, the renowned poet sage. They were immensely esteemed as warriors, and the Rajput rulers relied on them to impede the invading Marathas and Mughals. Even now, the accepted arch of all the Rajput clan of Rajasthan, the Maharana of Udaipur is crowned by smearing his forehead with blood drawn from the thumb of a Bhil chieftain, endorsing the coherence and loyalty of his tribe towards the master.

Travel to Rajasthan and see the famous Baneswar Fair, a Bhil festival held near the near the confluence of Mahi and Som rivers in Dungarpur during the month of January/February every year. Enjoy Rajasthan tourism as this is the time to see the most famous tribal attractions in Rajasthan. Hundreds of Bhils cluster for several days and the festival echoes with singing, dancing and worship. You can even witness spine-chilling withcraft and magic shows, deeply rooted aspects of Bhil culture, organized inside colorful canopies during the gaiety.

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Minas - The Fishy Clan

Tribal women  in Rajasthan

Tribal Women of Rajasthan

Enjoy a holiday among the Minas tribes that are not only the second largest tribal community in Rajasthan, but are also the most widely spread, from the eastern terrain to the northern regions of Shekhawati. Scholars still disagree as to whether the Minas are an indigenous tribe or whether they are the proto-dravidians, the original inhabitants of the pre-historic Indus valley civilization. The name Mina is derived from the Sanskrit word meena (fish) and claim to descent from the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a fish. The Vedas condemn them as the enemies of the Aryans and the Mahabharata traces their glory in the kingdom of Matsyaraja, where the mighty Pandavas took shelter during their one year of concealment. It was the Kachhawaha clan of Rajputs who finally diluted their power, banishing them to forest and hill hide outs in the Aravalis. After independence, their ignominious status as a criminal tribe was dispersed and they took to agriculture. However, their culture was by this time more or less discouraged, and they have been given protection as a Scheduled Tribe. This is one of the most famous tribes in India, who worships Lord Shiva. the Minas have erected many exquisite temples, which represent their highly dexterous skill of stone carving and is a must see for every visitor of Rajasthan.

The Phoenix of Culture

Take a tribal tours of Rajasthan as the government of Rajasthan is taking initiatives to promote the archaic culture and traditions of the tribal community, which has preserved the old vigor for years. Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) conducts holiday tours which includes meeting and mixing with the tribes, knowing their discreet lifestyles, customs and traditions, thus highlighting the tribals attractions in Rajasthan. You may even witness the awe-strucking display of armour skills and the dexterity with which the tribal clan uses their bedecked arms. It is best to visit these destinations during October-November, as the state rejoices into colorful gaiety during fairs and festivals, where the tribes also participate enthusiastically and perform a wide array of music and dance.

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Top 5 Reasons About Meeting Tribes

Tribes Involved In Fun

The Colour of Aborigines
Plan a Rajasthan tribal tours and you will be amazed to see ancient tribal communities dwelling amidst the tracks of modernity, efficiently preserving their age-old culture, tradition and beliefs.

Bhils - An Art With The Arches
The most famous tribes in Rajasthan are the Bhills that comprise the lion's share of the tribal population in Rajasthan. With their name annexed from the Tamil word 'vow' or bow, these ebony coloured people trace their origins to the ancient times of ramayana and Mahabharata.

Minas - Don't Mess With Their Fish
The Minas are not only the second largest tribal community, but are also the most widely spread in Rajasthan. Worshippers of Lord Shiva, the Minas have erected many exquisite temples, which represent their highly dexterous skill of stone carving and is a must see for every visitor of Rajasthan.

Take A Tour
Take a memorable tour with the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) which includes a close rendezvous and mixing with the tribes, knowing their discreet lifestyles, customs and traditions. They will introduce you to the tribal attractions in Rajasthan.

The Unique Fair of Antiquity
PLacn a tour of Rajasthan in January/February, remember to visit the Baneswar Fair, a Bhil festival held near the near the confluence of Mahi and Som rivers in Dungarpur. In Rajasthan tourism you can see a huge amount of mind-blowing performances by the tribal community including withcraft and magic shows.

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