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Location : Hills and Valleys in Himachal Pradesh
Camping Destinations : Chail, Tabo, Hatu and Sangla Valley
Best Time : April to October
Main Attractions : Monasteries, Orchards

Camping in Himachal
Camps Set Up in Mountains of Himachal

Adventure Tour of India

Camping Highlights : Rural Explorations, Scenic Views, Beautiful Orchards.
Major Camping Sites : Chail – Located at a Distance of 45 kms from Shimla.
Sangla Valley – 30 kms from Indo – Tibet Borders.
Tabo – 47 km from Kaza in Spiti Valley.
Hatu – Near Narkanda in Shimla District.
Other Camping Sites : Triund Camping, Beas Kund Camping Site and Pulga-Kheer Ganga Camp.
Must See : The World's Highest Cricket Pitch Located in "King George Royal Indian Military College" in Chail.
Village Attractions : Batseri and Rakcham – in Sangla Valley of Kinnuar.
Must Try : Trekking and Walking in the Famous Churdhar Peak While Camping at Hatu.
Camping Essentials : Water Proof Tents, Sleeping Mats, Sleeping Bag, Gas Stove and Others.
Don't Miss : Camping in Tabo Where You Will get a Chance to See World Famous Monasteries.
Other Attractions : Flora and Fauna, Short Walks and Treks.
Must Enjoy : Sunset and Sunrise Views from Hatu Peak in Shimla District.
Inside Tip : Camping Gears and Accommodations are Provided by the Himachal Tourism Government. You Need to Book in Advance.

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Camping in Himachal Pradesh – Reconnect With Nature

Enjoy camping tours of Himachal Pradesh that not only gives you a chance to enjoy this arresting adventure, but also help you escape the mundane bustle of polluted cities. Camping is the best way to understand the local culture of the area and enjoy proximity with nature. Take up camping in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the exotic wonders of Himachal and Himalayas. There are many camps that offers accommodation, catering and variety of activities like hiking, fishing, nature-tours and rafting. Through camping you get a unique chance to sit in the lap of nature, lie peacefully amidst the woods and enjoy the ear rattling jungle voices. Camping is the answer for those who want to hunt the jungle like Tarzan.

Adventure Tour of India

Camping Destinations in Himachal Pradesh – The Charming Hamlets

Take a tour of Chail which is supposed to be the most happening destination for camping in Himachal Pradesh. Located at a distance of 45 kms from Shimla, Chail has the capacity to make you forget the fast track of the busy city life. The main attractions of camping in Chail includes the plenty of apple orchards that seem to hover the nature lovers. While camping in Chail you should also see the world's highest cricket pitch.

Sangla Valley is the place where you cannot miss camping. Just 30 kms from Tibetan border, this is the ideal destination for those who want to wake up by the chirping of the birds. Quiet untouched by civilization this valley which is also known as Bapsa valley is the most favored camping site in Himachal Pradesh. While in this valley you should take a walk to the nearby villages of Batseri and Rakcham. Exploring the rural life of the inhabitants is perhaps the best part of camping in Sangla valley.

If you want to enjoy breath taking views of Himalayas that are dotted with monasteries, then camping at Tabo is the unparalleled idea. Located at a distance of 47 km from Kaza in Spiti valley, this is a camping destinations where you can savor the chance to see some of the best monasteries in the world. The best part of camping here is the peace that seems to transcend on the person.

Shimla is the mantra this holiday as here there is option of camping as well. The actual destination is Hatu located at a height of 10,500 ft. When the sun comes up, the whole area seems to have lit with a tint of read and yellow. Camping in Hatu will be a typical jungle experience with the grand flora and fauna.

Besides there there are Beas Kund, Malana-Pulga - Kheer Ganga and Triund, where camping is done with equal vigor.

Camping in Chail
Evening Views of Camping in Chail

Adventure Tour of India

Camping Essentials in Himachal Pradesh

Through camping you can enjoy the best of Himachal Pradesh along with the hospitable people. To make the person comfortable, various facilities are also provided at the tourists camps that provides excellent camping facilities. The basic accessories that one needs during camping is a tent, which can be sought in Himachal Pradesh as well.

Take a camping tour of Himachal Pradesh and enjoy the resplendence of the Himachal adventure options. Nature lovers do not have a better deal than spending their holidays, camping in Himachal Pradesh.

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Top 5 Reasons To Enjoy Camping

Keoladeo National Park

Camp Your Tents on Himachal's Green
Take up camping tour of Himachal Pradesh that will give you an ideal chance to experience nature from extremity. There are various camping destinations in Himachal Pradesh that have the capacity to bequest you with surreal.

Chail is Where Serenity Speaks
Do not forget to add Chail amongst your favorite camping sites in Himachal Pradesh. The apple orchards that seem to be engrossed in colloquy with the nature are the reasons that you should enjoy camping in Chail. The world's highest cricket ground is another attraction you should not miss.

Monasteries Give Delight While Camping in Tabo
Take an exclusive trip of Tabo to see the wonderfully placed monasteries that lies among the mammoth Himalayas. Located at a distance of 43 kms from Kaza in Spiti valley, experience calmness in this land that has been a pilgrimage for Buddhists.

In Hatu - Rise with the Sun
You cannot miss enjoying a sunrise view while camping in Hatu. Known to be having the best views in the state, here one can also enjoy a vast amount of flora and fauna. Enjoy a camp holiday in Hatu which is located quiet near Shimla.

Camping is the True Means For Explorations
Camping not only brings you closer to nature, but gives you a chance to see the authentic culture of the Himachal people. Travel to Himachal Pradesh and relish camping tours in the villages of Batseri and Rakcham. Grasp the local traditions and savor the cuisine as well.

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