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Location : Himachal Pradesh
Where To go : Bir, Billing, Dharamkot
Major Sport Activities : Para Gliding, Hang Gliding
Best Time : March to June and mid August to November

Para Gliding in Himachal
Fly Like a Bird Through Para Gliding

Para Gliding : Destinations – Bir and Billing, Bundla Dhar near Bilaspur, Intkali in the Pabbar valley. Peak
Time – May to June or September To October.
Time Involved – Will Take you to a Height of 20,000 ft for 20 to 30 Minutes.
Prerequisite – Should be More than 15 years and should weigh between 45 to 85 kgs.
Things To Be Carried– Pair of Warm Hand Gloves, Helmet and Running Shoes.
Must Enjoy : Para Gliding in the Solang Valley – Great for Nascent Adventurers.
Hang Gliding : Destinations – Billing (8,500 feet) and Dharamkot (11,800 feet) in Himachal Pradesh. Peak
Time – All the Year Round, Except Monsoon.
Prerequisite – One Shouldn't be Overweight and Should Not Suffer from High or Low Blood Pressure.
Things To Be Carried – Helmet, Light Ropes, Torch and a Radio.
Most Important Event : Himalayan Para Gliding Pre World Event Held in Bir and Billing Annually During the Month of November.
Other Events : 3 International and 5 National Championships.
Don't Miss : Enjoying Para Gliding in Bir and Billing – Para Gliding Capital of India.

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Aerosports in Himachal Pradesh – Your Means to Sail in the Sky

SeWant to get closer to the sky? Ride on the thermal currents and sail in the sky by taking up a gliding tour of Himachal Pradesh. Come to Bir and Billing in the Kangra Valley – the Indian capital for Aerosports. The most famous aerosport in Himachal Pradesh is para gliding where you can get a chance to speak to the birds of Himachal Pradesh. A mix of hang gliding and sky dicing, para gliding in Himachal Pradesh is expedient, an electrifying experience, and a safe medium to soar high in the air. Though there are certain norms to be followed before indulging in para gliding, but with a little effort anyone can be a part of this excitement.

Soar High With Para Gliding in Hot Spots of Himachal

Para gliding is the fundamental form of human flight and here in the essentials are on porous sail cloth with collapsible wing made of light wright space age material. While para gliding you can sail up to a height of 12 mts. The best time to enjoy this sport in Himachal Pradesh is when the Himalayan Para Gliding Open Championship is in its full swing.

The most celebrated destination for para gliding in Himachal is Bir and Billing, proudly known as the para gliding capital of India. The bald peaks of Billing and the Buddhist monastery at Bir in Kangra Valley are the host of three international and five national hang gliding rallies. Though this sport might be categorized as recent and nascent, but with due course of time it has gained huge recognition in the world. Due to the deep valleys this sports is possible all over the state. The other major spots that provides the options for this adventurous sport regularly are Bundla Dhar near Bilaspur, at Intkali in the Pabbar Valley near Rohu and in Kangra Valley. Other options for para gliding in Himachal Pradesh are In Kullu, you enjoy para gliding at hill tops like Bijli Mahadev, Rohtang Pass, Kothi and Solang Nallah. All the beginners should try their hands in Solang and Bijli Mahadev. Bilaspur is also one of the most favored destination for this sport.

Enjoying Para Gliding in Manali
Popular Destination for Para Gliding in Manali

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Hang Gliding in Himachal Pradesh – Dip and Wheel Over the Hills

You should acknowledge the climate and weather of Himachal Pradesh that makes it the ideal destination for gliding. Having excellent locations this aero sports is practiced when the wind currents help the hang glide towards the sky, without an engine back up. It is a relatively easy sport which is extensively practiced in Billing and Dharamkot.

Billing in one of the most illustrious destination for hang gliding. This small town is in Kangra Valley at a distance of 14 kns from Bir. You should enjoy this sport here especially during the duration of International Hang Gliding competition. Dharmakot is the place where you have to take up trekking before hang gliding. Situated at a height of 11,800 ft, this is located near Dharamshala from where you have to take a 2 hour trek to reach Dharamkot.

Adventure Tour of India

Essentials of Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is a risky game. The main gears for Himachal Pradesh are a glider, a harness, a safety helmet, a life jacket, a variometer, ankle support shoes and rough clothing. Proper training is required and as an answer to this, Himachal Pradesh Tourism department conduct various courses. All you need to do is to be fit physically as well as mentally.

The peak time of enjoying these sports are from the month of March to June and mid- August to November, when various courses are conducted. Take up an aerosports tour of Himachal Pradesh to get sandwiched between the blue skies and the green valleys. For all those who want to become human eagles, come to Himachal Pradesh and enjoy the various events held to honour this sport.

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Snow Gliding in Himachal Pradesh

Count the Clouds with Aerosports in Himachal
Aerosports tourism in Himachal Pradesh brings to you a chance to quench your desire of flying like a bird. Take up aerosports tours of Himachal Pradesh to soar high in the sky and ride among the thermal currents.

Glide With a Para to See the Highland Mountains
Take up a para gliding tour Himachal Pradesh. Go to the Billing in Kangra Valley, the para gliding capital of India, to enjoy floating amidst the cumbrous peaks and do not miss vising the sacred monastery here.

Fly Like an Eagle with Hang Gliding
Get into some airy action by indulging in Hang gliding in the Dharamkot and Bir areas of Himachal Pradesh. A hang gliding tour in Himachal Pradesh will give you a better chance to enjoy the scenic endowment of Himachal Pradesh.

Events to Make the Experience Eccentric
The are 3 international and 5 national events that are associated with gliding in Himachal. Take up a gliding tour of Himachal Pradesh during the months of March to June and mid August to November, when besides the celebrated events, various courses for learning this sport are also conducted.

Gear up For Himachal Pradesh Aerosports
Being fit – physically and mentally are the only requisites of enjoying this sport. If you are an acrophobic then you have another reason to try this sport, as this is perhaps the only time in you life when you will get a chance to shrug off your fears.

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