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Spiritual Sanctity : Holy Land for Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Sikhs
Most Important Destination : Manikaran, Shimla
Most Visited : Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Chamba
Architecture : Indian and Colonial Style

Hatkoti Temple in Kullu
Famous Hatkoti Temple in Kullu

Pilgrim Destinations : Manikaran, Rawalsar, Paonta Sahib, Shimla, Kullu and Chamba.
Famous Temples : Bajreshwari, Baijnath, Jwalamukhi, Chintpurni – Kangra Valley.
Chamunda Devi Temple – Dharamshala.
Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Chhatri – Chamba.
Raghunathji Temple – Kullu.
Naina Devi Temple – Bilaspur.
Ramchandra Temple – Manikaran.
Famous Monasteries : Tabo Monastery in Kaza, Key Monastery in Lahaul and Spiti.
Famous Churches : Christ Church and St. Michael's Church in Shimla, St. John's Church – Dharamshala, Christ Church of St. Francis in Kasauli.
Must See : The Various Paintings and Scriptures of Buddha and Other Goddesses in Key Monastery.
Sikh Pilgrimage : Gurudwara at Rewalsar, Manikarn and Paonta Sahib.
Amazing Fact : A 60 ft Staff Above the Bijli Mahadev Temple Attracts Divine Blessing in Form of Lightning and Breaks the Stone Linga in the Sanctum.
Must Visit : Manikaran – Which is a Holy Land for Hindus as Well as Sikhs.
Rewalsar – Auspicious For Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs.
Uniqueness : Five Marble Altars in St. Michael's Church in Shimla were Brought Especially from Italy.
Don't Miss : Visiting Paonta Sahib in the month of March When an Important Fair is Held, Wherein the Holy Granth Sahib is Taken out During Procession.

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Pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh – Melting Point of Religion

Take pilgrimage tours of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the religious entities that have made this land the holiest of all. This is the place where you can see the amalgamation of beauty and purity. Housing some of the world famous temple and monasteries, the various legends of the state are more aggrandized than you can ever imagine.

Take religious tours of Himachal Pradesh to see the various temple attractions along with many other religious hubs in Himachal Pradesh, which are called to be the melting point of various religions. The best time to enjoy the vibrancy of these embodiments of faith, are during the festivals when the whole ambiance is lit up with devotion.

Hindu Pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh – The Echoing of the Devotional Bhajans

The destinations for Hindu pilgrim in Himachal Pradesh are dotted all over the state. To have an exclusive temple experience you should begin your journey from the Kangra Valley which is the most pious valley in the state. Go to the Bajreshwari temple which was once known for its legendary wealth. 16 kms from Palampur is the Baijnath temple which is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple belongs to the 9th century and was built entirely of stone. Next in line is the Jwalamukhi temple distanced 25 kms from Kangra and Chamunda Devi temple 15 kms from Dharamshala.

To see the most important temple from archaeological point of view, go to Chamba and visit the Lakshmi Narayan temple. Being one of the oldest temple structure of Himachal Pradesh, this is a six stone temple dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu. The most important pilgrim destination in Himachal Pradesh will be the Raghunathji temple in Kullu. This is a very sacred temple and you should visit it during the month of October, when the Dussehra celebrations are at high. You should visit the Ramchandra Temple at Manikanran as well on your Himachal Pradesh vacation.

Travel to Himachal Pradesh to see other temples of equal importance. Bijli Mahadev temple in Kullu and Chintpurni temple in Kangra, Naina Devi temple in Bilaspur and Chhatri temples in Chamba.

Buddhist Monastery
Buddhist Pilgrimage - Kyelong Monastery

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Buddhist Pilgrimage in Himachal – Where the Wish Bell Rings

Buddhism is perhaps the most serene religion that is fervently practiced in Himachal Pradesh. They are very well presented in the form of the various monasteries that have earned great fame in the world. Some of the most important ones includes the Tabo monastery which is located at a distance of 50 kms from Kaza. You should know that this is one of the largest monastery in the world and its evolution goes back to 10th century. Another important monastery is Kye monastery which is the oldest and biggest monastery in the valley. Other monasteries include Kungri Gimpa, Kardang Monastery and Shashur Monastery.

Christianity Breathes Deep in the Churches of Himachal Pradesh

Take a church tour in Himachal Pradesh in order to see the remains of the British rule in India. Shimla, which was the most preferred summer capital during the reign of British has some of the most famous churches. Do not miss the famous Christ Church which is clearly visible from a distance of 8 kms. The highlight of this church in Shimla lies in the various memorials and stained glass windows that adorn the interiors of the church. While on a holiday in Shimla, you should see the first catholic edifice of Shimla, St. Michael's Church. Erected in the year 1850, you should notice the five marble altars that were brought especially from Italy.

Paonta Sahib Gurudwara
Inside View of Paonta Sahib Gurudwara in Himachal Pradesh

Kowtow in Respect at Sikh Pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is perhaps the only state in the country where such religious diversity is found. Go to Manikaran, where Guru Nanak is believed to have paid a visit. To commemorate him even a Gurudwara has been built. Then there is Paonta Sahib where a humongous Gurudwara can be found. This historic town was found by Guru Gobind Singh who lived here for 4 years. You should not miss seeing the museum inside that houses some of the pens and weapons of Guru himself.

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Top 5 Highlights of HP Pilgrimage

Prayer Lamp

Himachal is Truly the Land of Gods
Take up pilgrimage tours of Himachal Pradesh to see the potpourri of diverse culture that prevails with harmony in Himachal Pradesh. The various religious incarnation in forms of temples, churches, monasteries and Gurudwara are the epitome of the colorful culture of the state.

Hinduism is Eloquent Due to the Temple Attractions
Plan for a vacation in Kangra valley, which is the most pious place for Hindus. Visit the Chamunda Devi and Bajreshwari temple. You cannot miss the Lakshmi Narayan temple in Chamba and Raghunathji temple in Kullu. Visit during the month of October when various festivals adorn these temples.

Monasteries Epitomize the Aura of Buddhism
Due to the presence of Dalai Lama (the spiritual leader of Buddhists), a significant influence of Buddhism in form of monasteries can be seen in Himachal Pradesh. The main attractions of these monasteries are their location at great heights and the peace that you will feel when inside these monasteries.

Even Sikhs Have a Reason to be Proud in HP
The destinations of Manikaran, Rewalsar and Paonta Sahib are the pilgrimage places for Sikhs. These places have been associated with the various Gurus of Sikhism thus, making them important places to visit. Enjoy a stay in these religious destinations and enjoy the attractions of these Gurudwaras.

Christianity has been the Master of the State
The colonial churches in Himachal Pradesh are the most cherished gifts that India has got from the British. Take a church tour of Himachal Pradesh and stopover at Shimla to see some of the most exquisite churches. Notice the stone walls and the painted glasses. Some of them have been brought from Italy.

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