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Highlights : Adventure, Apple Orchards, Heritage Attractions
Location : Various Valleys of Himachal Pradesh
Rural Destination : Paragpur, Naggar
Experience : Cultural Rural Heritage of Himachal Pradesh

Naggar Castle
Naggar Castle

Major Rural Destination : Paragpur, Naggar and Rukhala.
Best Time To Visit : Paragpur – March to October.
Naggar – May To October.
Rukhala – November to January.
Rural Charms : Gardens and Orchards, Mud Houses, People Engaged In Daily Chores, Local Handicrafts.
Naggar Attractions : Naggar Castle – Turned into a Palace Hotel.
Jagtipath, Gauri Shankar and Tripura Sundari – Temple Attraction.
Reorich Museum – Museum.
Fact : Paragpur in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh has Been Recognized as the First Heritage Village of India.
Must See : The Sir Jai Lal's 300-year-old Judge's Court, Which Now has been Converted Into a Heritage Resort.
Paragpur Attractions : Jai Singh Palace – Built in 1918 AD.
Don't Miss : Fishing for Trouts and Mahseer in the Tirthan near Larji, in the Sainj valley in Naggar, Rivers Giri and Chagaunti in Rukhala.
Adventure Options : Trekking, Fishing, Long and Short Walks.
Trekking Trails : Naggar – Trek to the Nearby Village of Nishala for Temple and Heritage Attraction.
Paragpur – 4 Km Long Trek from Paragpur to Garli.
Rukhala – 1 km Long Jungle Walk.
Rukhala Attractions : Apple and Plum Orchards.
Excursions to Chambi-Kuppar (40 km) and the ancient Kiari Temple (10 km) and the Deori Temple (12 km).
Museum Hopping : Roerich Museum – Managed by Himachal and Russian Government, Houses Paintings of the Famous Russian Painter Nikolai Reorich, Located in Naggar.
Must Enjoy : Savoring the Cuisine Delight of 'Sidcoo' in Rukhala. It is Local Dish Made of Wheat Cakes Stuffed with Mixture of Lentils, Opium Seed Paste and Spices.
Inside Tip : Village Tours in Himachal Pradesh is the Best Way to Get Closer to the Cultural Life of the People.

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Rural Charms in Himachal Pradesh

Rural Tourism in Himachal Pradesh comprises of the small villages that since ages due to their simplicity and aloofness, have been the favored destinations of all the tourist who wanted to enjoy an unconventional stay in Himachal Pradesh. The most illustrious villages that has won the accolades as heritage village is Paragpur - Garli, while Naggar and Rukhala among the other destinations that still need to be explored.

Come to Himachal Pradesh and discover the rural charms that lies in the remote villages and towns. They will not only give you a chance to enjoy rural life from proximity, but will help you understand better the cultural and religious beliefs of villagers, as well.

Naggar Tourism – Where Even Small is Beautiful

Naggar is a small village but has its charm that lies in the mystic aura spread by Deodars, untamed and blotched roads, razor like cascades and snow covered peaks. This has been the erstwhile capital of the Kullu state for about 1,400 years. At a height of 5,775 ft, Naggar has its attractions in the apple and plum orchards. The prime attractions of Naggar lies in its valleys and various heritage allurements that makes this rural village a favorite of the tourists. Take a Naggar tour in the month of March to October, when the area is swarmed with tourists. Travel to this small hamlet that has retained its sanity and solitude.

Reaching Naggar is not difficult due to its personage among the tourists. Located at a distance of 24 km from Manali, it is well connected with roadways to most of the places in north India. The nearest rail heads are Chandigarh and Pathankot.

A Scenic Rural Village in HP
The Scenic Garli Village in HP

Naggar Attractions – Standing Tall With Ethnicity

Take a Naggar tour to see the multitudinous attractions that are located in this village. The most important highlight of Naggar is the Naggar Castle that has been converted into a hotel by the government. This heritage hotel is the ideal destination for all those who want to experience a pinch of royalty. To arouse some weird interest that acts as a bait to lure the tourists to Paragpur, there is a close guarded secret related to the castle. It is is said that in this hotel there is a ghost of medieval queen who said to have jumped to death from here.

Temple attraction of the village comprise Jagtipath temple, that is located within the castle. This temple too has a very arresting legend attached to it. Other important temple in the village are Gauri Shankar temple and Tripura Sundari temple. For all the art buffs, there is a museum called Roerich Museum, which was earlier the home of Russian painter, Nikolai Reorich. Presently managed by Russian and Himachal government, this museum houses the paintings of the painter himself.

For adventure seekers, the ideal choice would be trekking to the nearby village of Nishala. This route is equivalent to walking on a cloud and as you will come inside the village, a small temple will be awaiting for your appraisal. Fishing is possible along the river Tirthan near Larji, in the Sainj valley.

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Villages of Paragpur and Garli – First Heritage Village of India

In the west of Shimla, when the roads become narrow and the avenues takes brief dips and indolent curves, comes the sleepy village of Paragpur and Garli, located at a distance of 4 kms from each other in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Paragpur is a first ever government recognized heritage village that will introduce you to the rural mystiques of Kangra. Take a walk around the village and see the mud houses with sloping roofed ceilings, that have been made from the sun baked bricks. Watching people engrossed in their everyday activity of carrying water on heads and farmers busy working on their field, is splendid. This village is one of its kind in Himachal Pradesh, which has been acclaimed for its natural panorama.

The heritage attraction of Paragpur lies in the Courtyard Heaven that is a manor built by Justice Jai Lal in 1918. Encompassing this manor house are orchards of exotic fruits and gardens. Experience some leisure time in Garli, that lies on the banks of river Beas. Having several places of religious interest, here the charm of rural Himachal is well preserved. When in Garli, options of fishing can also be savored.

The joint village of Paragpur and Garli act as gateways to several remote villages that cradle the rich culture of Himachal Pradesh. Travel to Paragpur and Garli and see the orchards and pastoral perfections that will instantly bring a warm and beautiful smile to your face. Paragpur is just a four-hour drive from Chandigarh via Ropar and Anandpur Sahib. It can also be approached by train from Pathankot.

The Heritage Route to the Heritage Village

Paragpur and Garli are located at a distance of 77 kms from Shimla, which serves as the airport. Una is the nearest railhead and is around 60 kms away. Various roads and highways also connect Paragpur and Garli to the major areas of the state as well as the country.

Rural Life
Women Performing Daily Chores in Rukhala

Rukhala – Where the Apple Seeds Bloom

Rukhala tourism in Himachal Pradesh will take you closer to the green and reds of the apples and gardens. Come to enjoy a village that has the perfect combination of scenery, culture and hospitality. This will be a popular adventure hill retreat, an ideal place for those who are seeking solitudinous bliss from the hustle and bustle of the ever crowded cities. Every season floods the village with its own fervor. Come in the months of December and January when the apple trees laden with fruit, seem to bend down in order to touch you. This crossroad is no more than a fairytale village which is adorned with farmhouses where you will feel spreading your limbs and relax forever.

Besides the gardens and orchards, one thing you cannot miss eating is 'Sidcoo'. This is a local dish made of wheat cakes stuffed with a mixture of lentils, opium seed paste and spices. After enjoying this delight go out and enjoy oodles of fresh air, that will revitalize your souls.

But all those who are looking for some action, do not get disheartened. Take up 1 km long jungle walk that will take you through the forest, and will be a pleasure. Furthermore, anglers can move towards the concourse of rivers Giri and Chagaunti, where the water babies can enjoy some fishing delights. From Rukhala, it is fun to take an extended excursion to Chambi-Kuppar (40 km) and the ancient Kiari Temple (10 km) and the Deori Temple (12 km).

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Rural Suburbs of Himachal – On Every Nook and Corner of Himachal Pradesh

Think of touring Naggar, Pragpur and Rukhala – These are not the only villages meant to be explored! The list of rural charm that are located in the various parts of Himachal Pradesh are not confined to the most celebrated names, rather the true experience can only be sought in the quaint areas that you should traverse. There are many tiny hamlets that are located in the extreme roots of the state. There are the villages that seem to have frozen with time, and spending time with the locals is an experience you cannot bask anywhere else in the world.

Take an exclusive Village tour of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the beautiful heritage and culture of the people, who on the superficial level do not seem to exist. So get your gears ready, for you need to dig deep for the treasure of Himachal Pradesh.

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Top 5 Reasons To See Rural Charms

Himachal Village Temple

Village Tourism – Cherished Experience in HP
The cities and town are always flooded with people of various ethnicities, but a village tour of Himachal Pradesh will be the most eccentric experience of your life. The village attractions of the state are great. Its like a new world that you ought to explore.

Sojourn in the Village Like No Other - Paragpur
Paragpur has been declared as the first heritage village of its kind in the country. Come here to see a rare rural life and attractions that are the day to day chores of the locals. The twin villages of Paragpur and Garli are places where adventure options of trekking and angling are also possible.

Live a King's Life in Naggar
Tourists should take a tour of Naggar to see and enjoy a Maharaja stay in the much acclaimed Naggar castle that has been converted into a palace hotel. There are various temple attractions as well that you cannot miss. But the most indispensable allurement is the historic museum that displays great paintings of the famous Russian painter Nikolai Reorich.

Romance the Apples in Rukhala
Want to see Orchards of apples and plum, farmhouses with sloping roofs and pastoral fields – Come to Rukhala. This is the most upcoming village in Himachal Pradesh, where you can enjoy adventure by taking up excursion of the nearby areas to see the various temple attraction.

Adventure Babies Rejuvenate Among Rural Charms
Besides giving lifetime experiences of eying the heritage and temple attractions, the villages in Himachal Pradesh also have tremendous adventure options. Trekking and angling are possible due to the various mountains and streams that forms the spine of Himachal culture. Take up trekking tours to explore the villages of HP and understand the culture of Himachal Pradesh.

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