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Shubhyatra >> Jammu and Kashmir >> Amarnath Yatra


Location : On A Height of 3888 mts
Mythology : The Sacred 'Lingam' of Lord Shiva
Destination : 46 km From Pahalgam And 117 From Srinagar
The Route : Through Pahalgam, Through Baltal
Amarnath Cave
Pilgrim Near Amarnath Lingam

Purpose : It is a Revered Pilgrim Destination of the Hindus all Ove the World. Visit These Shrines and Pay homage to Shiv Shankar and Maa Parvati.
Also Known As : The Holy Cave.
When to Visit : During the Month of July and August. Open from Dawn till Dusk.
Attractions : The Ice 'Lingam' of The Amarnath Cave.
Pilgrim Tour : Srinagar - Pahalgam - Chandanwari - Sheshnag - Panchtarni - Amarnath - Sheshnag - Pahalgam - Srinagar - Jammu.
Main Puja: Before Begining the Journey, a Puja is Performed at Shankaracharya temple in Srinagar. A Mace, 'Chhari Mubarak' is Carried to the Shrine by the Pilgrims.
Must Try : Trekking On The Hills of Zojila Pass. Also Enjoy Trekking form Chandanwari - Sheshnag 5 Hours, and Sheshnag - Panchtarni for 5½ Hours.
Don't Miss : The Pony Ride On The Way To The Shrine.
A Different Yatra : You can also take a Helicopter Ride to the Holy Cave.
Must See : The Sheshnag Mountain And The Gorges.
Inside Tip : Leave Early As There Is A Long Queue Of People for the 'Shiva 'Darshan'.

Incredible Journey to See Kashmir

Amarnath Yatra – The Walk To The Holy Abode

Pilgrims on Their Way to Amarnath Cave
Pilgrims on Their Way to Amarnath Cave

The reverence of Lord Shiva – the purifier of good and the destroyer of evil, has been evident since the time Rigveda was written. Shiva is a living God, who can be found mentioned in the verses of the holy books as well. The Amarnath Cave in Kashmir has a special significance. According to the legends, this cave was chosen by Shiva aka 'Bhole Shankar', who here, revealed to Maa Parvati, the secrets to immorality and the creation of the world. However, a pair of mating pigeons overheard their conversation, and they too became immortal. Thus, they are born again and again and many tourist claim to have seen them on their journey to the shrine.

The Discovery of The Sacred Cave

The mythology behind the discovery of this cave is very interesting. It was believed that a 'Sadhu' gave a Gujaar shepherd, Buta Mailk, a sack full of coal. When the shepherd went back and opened the sack, he found that it was filled with gold coins. He rushed back to thank the 'Sadhu', but instead found the holy cave and the sacred 'Lingam'. He propagated this incident among the villagers and since then, this cave as regarded as the holy shrine of Lord Shiva.

The Route To Amarnath

There are two ways that can lead you to to the holy cave. One is through Pahalgam and the other is through Baltal.

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Way of Amarnath Yatra Pahalgam
Way to Amarnath Yatra in Pahalgam

Amarnath, situated at 3888 mts and 46 km away from Pahalgam and 117 km from Srinagar, is positioned in a narrow gorge, at the end of Lidder valley. Though the route for the pilgrimage originally was from Srinagar, but however, now people take a shorter route via Chandanwari. The only way to reach the top is through trekking, and the trek from Chandanwari to the cave is of venerable importance. The trek will pass striking areas of the God's country and on the way you will come across Sheshnag, a mountain that has seven peaks, resembling the head of the mythological snake. The glaciers and lakes overlooking this mountain is breathtakingly beautiful. The trek to Mahagunas Pass at 4600 mtr is a 12 km route which then pitch down to the grasslands of Panchtarni, which is the last camp en routing the cave.

Since there is a long braid of people aspiring to visit the cave, so it is important that you leave early. The distance from Panchtarni to Amarnath is 6 km, so an early start is recommended. It it possible to return to Panhtarni by lunch time, after the 'darshan', and by night can reach Sheshnag. This journey to the holy shrine is fruitful for those who have immense faith in their hearts.


For all those who do not want to travel with the crowd, there is a comparatively desolate area which will take you to Amarnath through Sonamarg via Baltal. Baltal, lies 15 km futher from Sonamarg an is a very delectable village, lying in the foothills of Zojila Pass. One needs to be cautious while trekking on this route because the route from here is very steep. The scared shrine is just a day away from here and various tea stalls as well as Langars ( community kitchens) are available at Brarimarg and Sangam top and Domail. At sangam top the road meets Pahalgam route. The routes through Baltal are very steep and tends to become very slippery during the monsoons. You can even enjoy the journey on a pony and potters, available at the government approved rates.

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Top 5 Reasons to Take up Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Yatra

The Devotional Destination
To visit this ideal holy destination is the perfect way to spend this holiday. Come and visit the most sacred epitome of the Hindu Culture. It is the pilgrimage centre that Hindus from all over the world dream of visiting once at the least.

Come – The Trek Lovers
If you love trekking then the route to Amarnath Cave is sure to lure you to visit this holy cave. The steep slopes makes it the loved terminus of the trek lovers. The trek route on the hills of the Zojila Pass is the ideal destination for this adventure.

Enjoy The Ride On The Pony
The rout to Amarnath from Balatal, gives you a tremendous opportunity to enjoy the ride to the cave on a pony assisted by a porter. These peonies as well as porters are available at the rates that have been approved by the government.

The Scenic Landscapes
The mountains and the gorges that you will cross on your way to the shrine will truly spellbind you. The hills and the ideal picturesque passes that one will encounter on the way will surely make you a devotee of this place.

Pay Your Homage
To visit places of such holistic reverence is the path to bring you closer to the real culture of India. It is the perfect journey to know the people of India in a much better manner.

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